Is FastComet Good for Hosting WordPress Websites?

WordPress is now the most popular Content Management System on the globe. Millions of websites are using it as a base for their system, and the number grows by the day. Because WordPress is so widely used, it’s no surprise that a special hosting service was created to be used by these websites.

In this article we will talk about this hosting service and how it works. Also, later I will cover the hosting plans that FastComet offers for hosting WordPress websites. This way you’ll know if FastComet is good for hosting WordPress websites.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting Service?


About Managed WordPress Hosting

The first thing we need to talk about, is how a WordPress website must be hosted by a company. The best and most efficient service is called managed WordPress hosting. Let’s see what this is all about.

The name suggests that the service is different than a simple web hosting plan. Obviously, this service was created specifically for WordPress websites. But is there any other difference?

Such a hosting plan will do more than just host your website. Because you’re using WordPress, the support team behind your chosen hosting plan will take care of everything needed to run WordPress.

Basically, the whole back-end work is handled by them, so you don’t have to worry if a problem comes up, or there’s a new update for WordPress. All these kinds of issues are handled by the support team.

Let me give you an example, from which you can tell you’re dealing with a managed WordPress hosting plan. Most companies who offer managed WP hosting, will make sure that the CMS is easily installed on your website’s server. This is to be expected, since you’re using a service specially crafted for WordPress.

How are they managing this? There are at least 2 methods to handle the installation. If any of these is present in the package, you’ll know that the plan is at least partially a managed hosting service.

The first method is the 1-click installation process. What does this mean? The host will let you install many apps and web programs for free with the need of only 1 click. In this case, you have to find WordPress in the list of programs, and just click install. The rest is done by the host.

The second way to simply install WordPress is even more basic. You have nothing to do at all. You just sign up for a hosting package like you’d do normally, and then the host will automatically install WordPress on your chosen domain name.

So, is there anything left for you to be done? The customization and content creation are still your job. Keep in mind that everything related to running WordPress is handled by the host, but the website itself is your job to manage.

Now, let’s move on and see what FatComet is offering as a WordPress hosting service.

FastComet WordPress Hosting


FastComet – Optimized WordPress Hosting

FastComet is an American web hosting business founded in late 2013. Since then, they became a worldwidely known hosting provider. More than 45,000 customers in 83 countries have found their service at this company.

FastComet offers all kinds of hosting services. For example, on the official website you can find all the following ones: shared hosting, VPS cloud hosting, dedicated servers, WordPress hosting, Joomla hosting and even ecommerce hosting (for OpenCart).

Like you expect, we will take a look at the WordPress hosting service they make available.

This service is split up into 3 different plans, to offer more personalized features for every client. The plans are these right below:

  1. StartSmart: $2.95/month
  2. ScaleRight: $5.95/month
  3. SpeedUp: $9.95/month

I’ll talk about each plan separately, but before that, let’s see what you get as standard, no matter your chosen package:

  • Free website transfer (depending on your chosen package the number of sites can vary)
  • SSD drives for better performance (even 20x faster than a traditional HDD)
  • Free CloudFlare CDN: meant to speed up your site for every visitor
  • cPanel for site management: this is the industry standard control panel
  • Free daily and weekly backups for your websites. Huge pro, because most companies charge separately for this service.
  • 45-days money back guarantee.

Now it’s time to talk about the 3 separate plans I listed above:


This plan was crafted for those who are just starting out with a new WordPress website. It’s reasonably priced, so you won’t overpay the hosting service. But what is it that it offers you besides the standard features?

For instance, the plan includes a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt. This is big deal, because most companies charge quite a bit for an SSL certificate. It’s important that you have one installed. The SSL will protect your website, thus making it safe for people to access it.

Being a managed WordPress hosting package, they include an easy way to install WordPress. The 1-click installer is present in the package. And of course, many other apps are also added besides WordPress.

If you own a website, you should also have a professional email account set up, right? Fortunately, FastComet lets you create an unlimited number of email accounts. Yes, in the cheapest plan. This way, when a visitor contacts you, will see that you’re serious about what you’re doing.

For your site to work at its peak performance, the plan comes with 15GB of storage space and unmetered traffic. This is great, because you don’t have a limit to how many people can visit your website at the same time.


As the second plan, it comes with all the features from the previous plan, plus some additions as well. For example, the storage is up to 25GB of SSD space, and they let you host multiple websites in a single plan. The first one only supports one website.

Also, there’s a pack called Advance Features. This consists in the following bonuses:

  • 2x more processing power (CPU cores and RAM)
  • Unlimited add-on domain names
  • 3 website transfers for free
  • Free dynamic SSL seal and GlobalSign SSL
  • 1-click Restore Manager
  • Google PageSpeed

This plan is best for those who own (or plan to) a growing website that is likely to get more visitors every day. All these features will help you manage the site, when it gets bigger and more popular.


As the third and final WordPress hosting plan, it is naturally the most expensive. Even so, it is significantly cheaper than what the competitors have to offer. You should know that this plan is the best for people who own a site that is currently gaining a lot of attention.

If you have thousands of daily visitors, you’ll need the resources of this plan. The previous one could work too, but it won’t give the performance your site needs.

Like you’d expect, the perks from the previous plans are all present in this package. Yes, there are some additions too. These bonuses are here to make your site be as fast as possible, even if thousands of people are accessing it at the same time:

  • 3x more CPU and RAM for processing power.
  • 30 daily backups made regularly.
  • 3x fewer clients per server (big improvement compared to the other plans)
  • Memcached (to load content way quicker)
  • LiteSpeed LSAPI

Now that I introduced all 3 WordPress hosting packages, you need to know about another perk that comes with any plan from above: 24×7 support.

When it comes to customer support, you have to consider 2 aspects: speed and reliability (efficiency).

It’s pretty obvious why speed is necessary. When there’s a glitch with your hosting service, you want it fixed as soon as possible. No surprise there. So, the support team has to be as quick as possible at answering your request.

Luckily, the customer support at FastComet is top notch. You’ll get an answer within minutes. And you know what’s best about it? That they are also efficient. You won’t sit around talking about your problem, without receiving a solution to it.

No matter what type of problem you may come across, it will be resolved by this great support team at FastComet.


Let’s sum up what we talked about in this article.

First, I mentioned that a WordPress website needs a certain type of hosting service, other than traditional web hosting: managed WordPress hosting.

Next, we saw what managed WordPress hosting really is, and how different companies help you getting started with WordPress. The company we talked about, FastComet uses the 1-click installation process.

Lastly, I covered every managed WordPress hosting package that you can find at FastComet and the great customer support they give you.

All in all, the choice is yours to take. About what? If you find that FastComet is what you were looking for, you have to decide which hosting plan you sign up for.

To do that, just think about your site’s needs. How big is it? What it is about? How many visitors you get?

Doing this, you’ll be able to make the right decision and sign up for a reliable hosting package that will help you make the most of your WordPress website.


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