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FastComet Review

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If you are looking for an in-depth FastComet Review, you are at the right place. It is one of the highly praised hosting companies right now on the Internet thanks to the friendly customer support and reliable service. We can say that FastComet has a bigger customer base than most of the other big names in the industry right now, and we will also explain why. They are striving to provide the highest possible performance for your money, so it’s no wonder they got so popular with their generosity.

Of course, you can’t find a perfect web hosting provider. Every one of them has its flaws, especially if you consider that you need to choose according to your needs. By comparing FastComet to other popular companies, it turns out that they have indeed put that extra effort into their services, exceeding the expectations of their customers. Next up, we are going to talk about all the reasons why this provider is such a great choice when it comes to web hosting.

SSD Hosting at FastComet

FastComet started providing system administration services around 2010 and slowly evolved into a hosting provider, making their cloud hosting services public in 2013. They use strictly SSD hard drives in their servers, serving over 12,000 customers from all around the World. FastComet is one of the few companies that allow you to host adult websites as long as you follow the rules. If you want to start a website, you will need a web hosting plan and a domain name for it as well.

The cool thing is that by signing up to a FastComet hosting plan, you can also register a domain at the same place. It will be an additional step as you set up your hosting plan, saving you some precious time. Besides offering the typical web hosting plans, they are highly focused on providing specific hosting packages for Joomla, WordPress, SocialEngine and OpenCart. There are one-click install scripts available for each of them that you can use once you get access to the server.

FastComet Data Center Locations

If you want to establish a reliable connection with a server, you need to be able to choose a location that is as close to you as possible. FastComet did a great job by covering more than 70 countries from all around the World with 8 data centers. From these, 3 are available in Europe, 3 in the USA and 2 in Asia. By establishing these data centers on strategical points, they made their services available at high speed for most people in the World.

The hardware is protected by military level security. Thanks to the power backup, the servers will be up and running even if some sort of power failure occurs. And what’s also important is that there is top-notch cooling system and fire protection installed in all of the data centers. With all these precautions and the top-notch hardware, FastComet is ready to provide a powerful web hosting service for your website while keeping your data safe.

Security, Backup and Monitoring

By signing up to a FastComet hosting plan, your data will be always secured thanks to their weekly backup routine. These automatic backups make sure that every user’s website data, emails, databases and basically everything can be restored even after the worst failure. This service is completely free and the software they use for backup is called JetBackUp, a highly popular backup solution for cPanel.

In addition, FastComet also allows you to create snapshots whenever needed. The backups created in cPanel are available for a full month before the provider deletes them, so you can choose to restore even the 30-day old version of your website if necessary. Their servers are protected against malware and there is a firewall application installed for every Magento, Joomla and WordPress user on each of them. You can rest assured that your data is protected against every possible threat.

This became essential especially in the past few years when cyber-attacks became more frequent, targeting some of the newfound vulnerabilities of operating systems. FastComet was one of the many providers that quickly reacted to this call and greatly improved its security features.

Plans and Pricing at FastComet

At FastComet, everyone can find a decent hosting plan including bloggers, businesses and individuals who just want a wedding, portfolio website or a small online shop. You can opt for their WordPress hosting packages or choose an OpenCart, Joomla or Social Engine hosting plan in case you prefer those platforms. No matter which one you choose, there is no significant difference between the features and prices.

Since their most popular plans are focused on the mentioned platforms, we are going to review only the WordPress hosting plans just to give you an idea about the overall prices and features you should expect from FastComet. Then, by reading our opinion, you can choose one of the four available platforms. Now let’s see what we have here!

WordPress Optimized Plans by FastComet

If WordPress is the preferred platform for your project, then you will be able to choose from three different plans. These are the following: StartSmart, ScaleRight and SpeedUp. With the first one, you will be able to set up a website with its traffic limited to 25,000 each month for only $2.95 per month. But this is not as bad as it sounds, since the provider won’t count your returning visitors, only the new ones. The StartSmart plan is mostly recommended for personal website owners who want to kickstart their project.

Furthermore, you will get 15GB of SSD where you can store your website data. Once your website starts growing, you can easily run out of the resources provided by the StartSmart plan. In that case, the ScaleRight plan will be more than ideal for you and it costs only $5.95 per month. With this one, your website can welcome 50,000 unique visitors. When it comes to performance, it will provide you with 4 CPU cores, 25GB storage space and 3GB of RAM.

If you are ready to make a bigger investment, the SpeedUp plan is there for you to provide your website with even more resources for the price of $9.95 per month. It doubles the amount of unique visitors that your website can welcome, making it a whopping 100,000 users. This is an even stronger plan with 6 CPU cores, 35GB of SSD storage and 6GB of RAM. With ScaleRight and SpeedUp, you are allowed to run numerous websites on the same plan.

All these plans give you a free website transfer, free domain and unlimited FTP accounts, databases, sub domains, PHP versions, Let’s Encrypt SSL and daily backups. If you opt for the SpeedUp plan, you get a free GlobalSign private SSL as well.

Extra FastComet Features

FastComet hosting plans also give you access to over 150 useful applications that can be installed with a single click. If you need any additional modules for your blog, the service gives you the access to install them on the server. In addition, you will be able to install a wide range of themes for all the platforms supported by the company. When you choose a hosting plan for a particular platform, you will get automatic updates for that platform as well. You can rest assured that your server will experience no downtime at all in the update process.

By choosing FastComet as your hosting provider, it will not only provide you with powerful resources, but there will be also plenty of helpful tools and features that can help you improve your site. What you get from this company is a top-notch hosting package for an affordable price. Just imagine how much money it would cost to buy all the features separately and it will become clear that you are actually saving a lot of money that you can invest elsewhere.

FastComet Server Uptime

FastComet is quite serious about the uptime of their servers, consistently keeping them up and running 99.99% of the time. If you add up all the factors, including the staff working on the servers, the hardware, the software and the infrastructure of the datacenters, it turns out that there are plenty of problems lurking around the servers that can cause a failure. On average, FastComet servers experience 4 minutes of downtime every year.

The sad truth is that most web hosting providers can’t ensure such a reliable service. They are promising a similar uptime rate and once you sign up, it usually turns out that failures occur much more frequently than they should. According to the FastComet customer reviews and the company itself, the 99.99% is not a lie. In fact, the uptime ratio is what makes the company truly stand out in the competition.

FastComet Customer Support

FastComet offers a lively support with their team of experts. You can contact them through various different channels, including email, phone, live chat and their ticket system. Once you stated your issue, you only need to wait a few minutes until they reply. At FastComet, no one can become part of the tech support team until they finished a 3-month training program.

What they learn there enables them to solve even the most unusual problems. You can also reach them if you have a simple question to ask or need a little guidance. In any case, they are happy to help. As we mentioned, FastComet offers free website transfer as well. If you just switched from a different provider, you can ask the customer support team to transfer your website data from the previous server to the new one.

FastComet Review

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