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eHost is out of business, so this comparison between eHost and iPage is void! If you are looking for cheap and good hosting, we recommend iPage!

In this article will compare two popular hosting providers: iPage and eHost. Let’s find out which is the best provider for your needs. Here is a quick comparison of the two companies:
Promo Price $2.75 $1.99
Control Panel cPanel vDeck
Free Domain Yes Yes
“Unlimited” Hosting Yes Yes
One-click Install Yes Yes
WordPress Yes Yes
Site Builder Yes Yes (limited)
Marketing Credits $200 $200
Money Back 45 Days 30 Days
Support phone, chat, tickets phone, chat, tickets
Promo Link eHost Promo iPage Promo

At the first look both companies looks very similar, but there might be some minor differences that you might want to consider and might be affect which company to choose. Before we go further I suggest reading the following reviews to have a complete view on both companies:

These detailed reviews cover more details on each hosting company. Now let’s take a look how they compare.

Promo and Renewal Prices

It is obvious that iPage is cheaper than eHost at the start. But let’s take a look to renewal prices as well. If you decide to sign up for a 3 years period, with iPage’s introduction price you will be paying $71.64, while with eHost for the same period you will have to pay $99. When renewing your account, iPage will charge you $364.20 for another 36 months period (that is $10.95 per month), while at eHost you will be charged $215.28 (this results in $5.98 per month).

So for a six year period of hosting, you will pay $435.84 at iPage and $314.28 at eHost.

In this case eHost is the winner!

Favorite Control Panel – cPanel or vDeck?

There is not much difference between the two control panels. Both look very similar, are easy to use and includes all the necessary features that are needed to manage your websites, emails and files. If you have already used another cPanel hosting provider, you might want to stick with it, so you will probably want to choose Ehost.

One-click Installation and WordPress

Both, iPage and eHost offers one click installation tool. At iPage you will be able to install your favorite script trough MojoMarket place, while with eHost will go directly from your control panel. Both hosting companies allows to install and host WordPress sites. A medium sized WordPress blog or website will perform pretty good with both companies. The average response time of a WordPress site hosted on eHost is 655 ms, while on iPage is 720 ms. The results are very close, so both companies are good for hosting a small WordPress blog.

Create your Website with a Site Builder

With both hosting companies you are able to make your website using the website builder tool that is available in the control panel. The only difference is that with iPage you are limited to publish up to 6 pages, while at eHost you don’t have this kind of limitation.

So eHost wins again!

Use of Marketing Credits

Both companies offer $200 free marketing credits on Google Adwords, Yahoo and Bing Ad platforms. If you are interested in promoting your website through these advertising platforms you can claim these credits. As eHost and iPage offers the same amount of advertising credits, this might not be a factor of decision.

24/7 Support

Ehost as well iPage offer 24/7 online support through multiple channels: toll free phone support, live chat and technical support via email tickets. On average you will have to wait 3 to 5 minutes if calling eHost, while with iPage your call will be answered in 2-3 minutes. The reaction time on the live chat support is 2 minutes on average for both companies. Emails will be answered from 15 minutes to up to one hour an average, at both providers, depending on the complexity of your request.

Money Back Guarantee

This is straight forward: here eHost is the winner with 45 days over iPage who only offer 30 day money back guarantee.

Conclusion and Recommendation

If you are looking to buy web hosting for a shorter period (one to three years), iPage will be a cheaper option. However if you are looking for a long term solution, and prefer to make your website using a site-builder software, than eHost is the hosting company you should choose.


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