How to Edit Text on Wix

Have you been wondering how to edit text on your Wix websites? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Editing text elements on Wix is a great way to customize web pages and add engaging content for visitors.

In this guide, we’ll break down the different steps involved in editing text elements on a Wix website. This includes how to:

  • Create a new text element
  • Customize the formatting of existing text elements
  • Rearrange existing text elements
  • Add hover-over effects to existing or new text elements.

Creating a Text Element

Adding new text elements can be done from the Wix editor page. When adding new page elements, simply click on “Add” and select “Text” from the available options. Here you can create custom texts by adjusting font size, type, and color as well as aligning and wrapping words into different shapes.

Customizing Text Formatting on Wix

When customizing your new text element you can use numerous options such as fonts, styles, colors, and background colors in order to give it the desired look and feel.

Additionally, you can tweak font sizes by simply clicking on the element and dragging it up or down (or left or right) depending on its current size or positioning.

Editing Existing Text Elements

If you want to change existing texts without creating a new element from scratch, start by selecting the specific text that needs editing by highlighting it with your cursor. You can now adjust its font size/style/color using the visible menu above.

Alternatively, if there are more complex changes such as adding images or links within the text element you can access this by clicking “More” then “Edit HTML” which will open up an editor window where all changes of font styling/size/color etc will be visible when saved.

Resizing & Repositioning Text Elements on Wix

To resize existing texts simply hover over them with your mouse until a resize icon appears in one of its corners (the direction depends on which way you want it to get bigger). Once clicked drag inwards or outwards depending on need before release.

Similarly for repositioning either drag an entire text box around or click into it then select “Position” from the top menu bar in order to move it around (though bear in mind some themes may not allow this feature).

Adding a Hover-Over Effect to Text Element on Wix

Adding hover-over effects is another great way of making website content more interactive – especially if visitors are likely to have questions related to what they are looking at. This feature is great when used with CTA buttons as it allows visitors more control over what information they consume when navigating through webpages.

However, there is also potential for creative effects making use of gradients and overlays depending on how much time is put into customizing each webpage with unique design features.

To add this effect start by selecting “Hover Effects” from the top menu bar then choose one of five options (overlay color/gradient overlay etc). From here customize formatting further before saving changes by clicking apply – it’s that easy!


As we’ve just seen editing texts using Wix websites is relatively straightforward thanks to its powerful design tools which allow users full control over how content looks without needing any coding skills at all.

Whether users are looking for ways of creating basic or more sophisticated web pages – anything involving texts and formatting commands should be achievable within minutes!


David Cross

David is the chief editor at WebHostingMedia right from the beginning. He has a great passion for building and managing websites and creating helpful content. He is also interested in programming - currently learning python.