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dudamobile com review

DudaMobile.com Review

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DudaMobile.com is a leading DIY website builder that focuses on helping individuals and professionals build natively responsive websites and mobile-only sites. This website builder tool also allows you to create an ultra-personalized website that changes based on triggers such as time of day, type of device, and location.

Despite its primary focus on mobile site-building, as you will see in our DudaMobile.com Review, this service also offers an all-in-one responsive website builder that comes with an impressive set of eCommerce features, which make Duda a web store builder in its own right.

DudaMobile.com Overview

Launched in 2010 by Itai Sadan and Amir Glatt, Duda sprang from the desire to help small- and medium-sized businesses to keep up with the emergence of mobile technologies that demanded better mobile browsing experiences.

While large companies with resources and technical know-how were able to quickly meet these changing demands, SMBs were lagging behind. The creators of DudaMobile recognized this and created a service that could level the playing field.

Based in Palo Alto, California, Duda prides itself with hosting over 5 million websites and winning over 10 awards in the last year.

DubaMobile Plans & Pricing

dudamobile plans pricing

Duda offers 3 pricing layers depending on the sub-service you opt for – Responsive Website Builder (an all-in-one responsive website builder), Mobile-Only Website Builder or Duda’s Reseller plan.

Free Plan

Both the responsive site builder and the mobile site builder feature a Free plan that allows you to enjoy all the basic features of Duda. These free plans include hosting on Amazon Cloud, possibility to build a natively responsive website or a mobile site, analytics and tracking tools, Duda domain (mysite.dudaone.com) or mobile-only domain (mobile.dudamobile.com/site/mysite), community support, and Duda ads.

In addition to these features, the responsive website Free version also supports eCommerce capabilities like the creation of a 10-product store, 2 product categories, order and customer management tools, as well as integration of  PayPal, Stripe, and Global Gateway Payment Providers.

Responsive Website Plans

dudamobile responsive websites

Apart from the Free version, there are two other plans in this category – the Business + and the Business + eCommerce plan.

Both plans include the basic features you would get with the Free version – except you can add a custom domain with these plans – and include secure connection through HTTPS, site backup, Chrome push notifications, Developer Mode, and Multi-Language Website.

The Business + plan comes with the same eCommerce capabilities that are included in the Free version, while the Business + eCommerce plan allows you to create a product store with up to 2500 products, unlimited product categories, 30+ payment providers, product reviews integrated with Facebook, and includes several management, SEO, marketing, tracking and reporting tools.

Duda charges $14.25/mo (annual plan) or $19/month-to-month for the Business+ plan, with the option to get a site for life at the flat rate of $299. The Business + eCommerce plan costs $22.50/mo (annual plan) or $29/month-to-month for a 100-product store, and $36.75/mo (annual plan)
or $46/month-to-month for the 2500-product store.

Mobile-Only Website Plans

dudamobile mobile only websites

The Free plan is this category is topped by the Premium plan, which sells at $7.20/mo (annual plan)
or $9.99/month-to-month, or a one-time fee of $159 to get a mobile-only premium site for life.

This plan comes with email support, custom domain, Chrome push notifications, and premium features like click-to-call.

Duda Pro Reseller Plan

dudapro reseller plans

Duda’s website reseller program costs $249/year, and resellers have access to up to 40% discounts on all Duda websites and to a comprehensive suite of tools designed to maximize business efficiency and profits. Those interested in the Duda Pro plan can test the service with a 30-day trial period.

DudaMobile Features

dudamobile features

DudaMobile plans come with features that ensure fast load times for your website, flexibility and ultra-customizability in design, powerful marketing and eCommerce tools, and reliable hosting. In a nutshell, here are the features that make DudaMobile a leading service in building a strong online presence:

  • Google Preferred Website Builder: DudaMobile websites are automatically optimized for Google PageSpeed and fully aligned with Google’s best practices;
  • Flexible Design Control: you can choose from an ever-extending gallery of gorgeous natively responsive templates, customize them in Developer Mode, edit elements by device, and customize everything including fonts, images, videos, website text links, etc.;
  • Ultra-Personalization Tool: make use of pre-made personalization rules, create your own personalization rules, and use time, location, number of visits, URL and device type triggers to create an ultra-personal browsing experience;
  • One-Click Import: Duda lets you import all your existing images, text, social information from an existing site or Facebook, with a single click;
  • Online Store Creation: build a powerful eCommerce store with Duda’s in-built eCommerce solution that allows you to create a fully responsive online shop, whether you’re selling physical of digital goods. Enable automatic tax calculation, generate coupons, organize products into categories, display discounts, shipping options, shipping rates and place tracking codes;
  • Reliable Website Architecture: Amazon Web Services hosting, SSL certificates, Global CDN, site backups, and dynamic serving are only some of the features that make Duda websites secure, stable, speedy and reliable;
  • Multi-Language Feature: this feature enables you to make your website available in 55+ languages;
  • Handy Platform Integrations: extend your website’s functionality with useful marketing (e.g. MailChimp), social media (Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, TripAdvisor, etc.), eCommerce (e.g. PayPal), and other integrations;
  • Duda White Label Editor: place Duda’s platform under your brand with the White Label Editor feature.

Customer Support at DudaMobile

duda customer support

Duda’s customer support includes self-guided help, live chat support and 18 hours a day phone support for DudaPro customers. With Free version plans only community support is available, while other plans (non-DudaPro plans) feature email support.

Pros and Cons of DudaMobile

DudaMobile is a veritable all-in-one website builder tool that allows extensive customization powers and white labelling. Duda’s website builder service has a lot of benefits and only a few disadvantages.


  • Free responsive site version with online store features;
  • Strong mobile site building tools;
  • Unique ultra-personalization tool;
  • Lifetime plans for one-time flat fee;
  • Google preferred site builder.


  • Limited customer support options;
  • No possibility to export site and move to another host.

DudaMobile Review Conclusion

DudaMobile’s services are fine-tuned to meet SMB demands. Be it that they want to create a one pager, a blog, a business website or an eCommerce site, Duda makes sure that all sites created with their tool are responsive across all devices. If you are still debating whether to join Duda, sign up for the Free version and decide for yourself if DudaMobile is the tool you see yourself using to build your responsive or mobile-only site.

DudaMobile.com Review

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