Drupal – The Secret of a Successful Health Care Business

There was a time when the entire health care industry revolved around the doctors. These doctors set the appointments to the patients when they were available, also depending on what treatments were available. Patients had to spend long hours waiting for the doctors and it was a similar case with the doctors as well who were struggling to catch up on their work. I still remember those long queues in the hospitals, patients waiting to get a health-checkup done.

However, with time, the health care industry has changed its approach to take innovative steps in research and innovation to empower the patients (who have turned into consumers now) and help them with the care they need.

Now this doesn’t mean that a patient can just barge in and say “Hey doc, can you just prescribe a few medicines for me?” That would be absurd and awkward and everything else!!

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With the rise in digital platforms, the revolution in the health care industry has resulted in patients looking for more personalized care where they are treated as individual patients, with the doctor patiently listening to their questions and answering them to make them feel better.

Consumers now have realized that they have a number of options in hand and they do not have to settle for long waiting hours, poor service, or the “oh so confusing” bills! From apps, to websites and other health services, people do not find the need anymore to go to a doctor automatically when they are sick. Instead, they make it perfectly clear that if a health care service provider cannot offer a personalized experience, they are going to switch to another one. This has triggered fierce competition between the health care service providers to bring in more patients.

So where does Drupal fit into all this???

While the customer experience is the major area of focus for the myriad of health care service providers, it is a well known fact that the health care industry still lags when it comes technical innovations in the web technology.

But we do have a solution, don’t we?

For those of you who are new to Drupal, it is an open source CMS which powers millions of websites and web applications around the world. Developed and supported by a strong web community of its own, Drupal is well known for its features that allow customizations at any levels.

Interesting eh? So why do you think Drupal is the best choice for health care?

Because it is OPEN SOURCE!

I’m sure you guys know why the fuss about Open Source. Right? In case of Drupal, the drupal web community itself has thousands of developers working constantly to improve the source code which allows for the efficient record sharing! And this is a blessing for the health care industry with multiple hundred thousand patients and doctor records in different organizations!!

Take a look at this site for example:

the bmj drupal

They are one of the oldest medical journals with over 4 million articles and still counting. One of the reasons why they build their site on Drupal was because it is a CMS with one of the biggest open source communities used widely by journals, newspapers and major media sites around the globe. Drupal just fit perfectly for their ideology. And the fact that they recently migrated their entire site (they are huge!!) to the latest version of Drupal without any hassles is something that tells a lot about the CMS.

How About Security?

When I first started working on Open Source, I always had a very big concern at the back of my mind. How do open source platforms maintain data privacy? Only to find out that data privacy or preventing security breach is a top concern in the Open Source World.

With Drupal, security should be the last thing on one’s mind. Some of the most secure websites in the world are built on Drupal CMS. Take a look at these two sites:

nasa drupal

whitehouse drupal

With the amount of traffic they get and the security measures they require, it is not an easy job to handle these websites. The Drupal community, constantly working for the betterment of the CMS do a great work in identifying and fixing any security breaches.

One of the stand-out properties of the Drupal CMS is its flexible nature which enables organizations to incorporate new features and functionalities with ease. This is a huge advantage in the health care domain as it allows organizations to easily handle any levels of complexity.

An award winning children’s hospital in Los Angeles – CHLA were looking for a CMS for their website and Drupal was their first choice mainly because of its flexibility. They were looking to improve the responsiveness of their website, make improvements in their user experience and have a complete control over their website content.

childrens hospital los angeles drupal

With Drupal, they found that managing their site and the enormous content was much easier and the communications team did not have to entirely depend on the IT department to make the necessary changes. They were able to incorporate modern features, and other complex templates and functionalities without any hassles.


Health care Industry has always held its historical reputation for its sheer negligence towards customer experiences.However, the curious shift in mentality has resulted in the increase in transparency by the health care providers. With the consumers demanding clear communication, a faithful connection and a more personalised approach towards their health care needs, the industry has become more competitive.

While customer experience is right at the center of these changes involved in the industry, the revolution was due to the rise of digital platforms and the easy access that these platforms provided to people looking out for heath care information. And when customer experience turns out to be the deciding factor for where people in need of health care services decide to go, it is time to connect right with the patients.

Drupal makes it simple by providing a scalable and robust system to improve the user experience, patient engagement and engagements of patients, physicians and health-care professionals. Equipped with all the features a health care service provider needs, the feature-rich and yet cost-effective Drupal solution should definitely be on your radar.

Shefali is a content writer, author and an avid reader of tech blogs. She loves adventures and is always up for an interesting convo about beautiful cities in the world.
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