Benefits of Using Dedicated Server Hosting for Your Business

A good server hosting is a quintessential element for any online business, which is why most businesses will spend some time in choosing the best hosting service for the job. When it comes to availability, security and performance any server hosting will not do. A respectable online store will always choose the hosting that can meet the performance and security requirements imposed by industry standards or by the guidelines of the online business itself.

A shared hosting is usually the rule in hosting, but a shared hosting cannot top the reliability, security and uptime that comes with a dedicated server hosting. To understand why a dedicated server hosting is a superior choice for your business, let’s see which are the benefits of using a dedicated server hosting for your business:

1. Exclusivity of Server Resources

Not sharing server resources with others means that you have complete control over how resources are distributed, and you don’t have to worry about the activity of others limiting your bandwidth usage and slowing down your server. With a dedicated server you decide which applications, scripts or programs run on the server, which also translates into a better security for your online business.

2. Better security

The far greater level of security offered by dedicated server hosting, as opposed to VPS or shared hosting, is one of the greatest benefits of choosing this type of hosting. Given that there is no risk of you sharing space with spammers or malicious websites, you don’t have to worry about being trapped in a “bad neighborhood”. The enhanced security offered by dedicated server hosting is all the more important for companies that are handling sensitive information. Shared hosting environments are not PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant, which is a requirement for merchants that accept credit card payments. Dedicated server hosting is also known to offer one of the highest levels of security against malware and adware.

3. Reliability & Performance

The reliability offered by dedicated hosting is also a benefit that stems from the fact that server resources don’t need to be shared by more websites. With unrestricted access to server resources, server downtimes will no longer be a frequent occurrence, which means an increased availability for your website. Businesses that choose a managed dedicated server, won’t even have to take on the burden of managing their servers themselves as the hosting provider will do that for them.

Performance wise, a dedicated hosting is also the best option for websites that draw a lot of traffic, which a shared hosting may not be able to handle.

4. Scalability

As your business grows and your website expands, you’ll inevitably need more space and resources. Dedicated hosting allows you to get additional space much more easily, without you having to migrate to a new server or even to a new hosting provider. This type of hosting has the advantage of providing you the opportunity to scale up with a minimum amount of fuss.

5. Customizability

Clients that opt for dedicated server hosting also do so because this type of hosting has the advantage of allowing them to configure the server in terms of CPU, RAM, disk space, platform or software. A shared hosting forces customers to work with the server environment already loaded on the server, therefore eliminating the possibility for customizability.

6. Dedicated IP address

A dedicated server hosting also comes with a dedicated IP address. This means that you won’t be sharing the same IP with other users, their actions won’t reflect badly on your business’s reputation, and you won’t have to worry about your IP being blacklisted because of problems caused by other users. Sharing your IP with an adult site or a site that engages in spamming will not only tarnish your reputation, but it can negatively influence your search engine rankings too. Having a dedicated IP is also important for eCommerce businesses that process credit card payments, and that require SSL for this purpose.

7. Technical Assistance and Server Management

Apart from some limitations (e.g. spamming), the way you use your dedicated server is your prerogative. You can run the applications you want and even implement special server security measures required by the types of programs or applications you run. The advanced control panel that these types of hosting come with also make it more convenient for you to manage your website and access features. And if you get stuck or encounter some technical difficulties, you can always rely on round-the-clock technical assistance to overcome any technical issues that you are faced with.

Should you invest in a Dedicated Server?

Undoubtedly, shared server hosting is cheaper than dedicated hosting, and as a new business you may wonder whether buying a dedicated server hosting is worth the investment. The answer to this question depends on what your plans are with your website. If you have a simple blog or website that you don’t plan on extending anytime soon or which won’t draw many visitors in the foreseeable future, then a shared hosting or a VPS will do just fine. If, however, you’re launching an eCommerce website, which will draw significant traffic to your web shop, a dedicated server is a must if not from an availability perspective, then at least from a payment processing security standpoint. Also, if you need increased server power and specific software configuration, a dedicated server can make that happen, and you’ll find that it’s worth the investment.


Businesses planning to generate revenue through their online presence should definitely consider to switch to a dedicated server hosting if they haven’t already done that. Only a dedicated hosting can provide you with the type of full control over important aspects of managing your online store.

Whether it’s control over the allocation of server resources, control over server configuration or control over business reputation and security, a dedicated server will offer you more leeway in customizing your server environment to the specific needs of your business. Not to mention the bullets dodged thanks to the fact that the availability of your online store will be ensured by stronger server uptime guarantees.

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