Why Your Brand Needs a Custom & Unique Logo?

During the branding process, you’re framing emotions, relationships and everything else that gives you brand personality. Your ultimate goal is to stand out with your unique brand identity. It’s not just a website, a color, a name or a logo, it’s the overall style that counts. What else could communicate that style and show off that unique identity than a unique custom logo?

Investing into one will be an investment made towards how your customers view your brand and how trustworthy they find it on a subconscious level. For a business or brand, your logo is the hearth of its identity. A well-crafted logo design is a pure visual representation of your business. A unique logo that can win the trust of your customers in the long term is what will make the forefront of your brand truly powerful. It will steadily build your brand’s image and enhance its growth.

We associate a brand with a product or service or a company. But these two only become a brand when they have their own unique „personality”. A brand’s personality is made up of people’s thoughts, feelings, emotions and perceptions among other things. These help people identify a brand’s personality in a way that sticks with them.

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The logo of your brand is its core visual identifier. It is a corporate image that communicates what your company does and what it provides. Even though the colors, the language, the website and your message is important, a logo will be the element that creates your brand image. Which is why your logo is one of the things you should look at when you’re not reaching customers in a way that you were expecting. You should look at whether it is professionally created or not and does it represent your company’s values the right way.

When we say custom and unique logo, we mean that the designer has took a thorough look at your business. He gave it enough thought and came up with the right design elements that communicate what your business stands for. Professional designers use such fonts and colors that communicate your brand image just the right way. For example, the color blue represents communication and intelligence, green represents health and nature, and purple represents royalty and luxury. A professional designer has to be aware of such elements and implement it to your logo design appropriately.

Think of huge companies like Red Bull, Google and McDonald’s. All three of these companies’ logos have already popped into your mind. Other less successful companies aren’t this memorable and don’t have such great identities. This shows on their annual sales as well.

When you know what kind of customers you’re looking to target and appeal to, what your business has to offer them, a designer has something to work with. If you’re trying to find out whether you should reach out to a logo designer or not, what you find in this article will help you. Below you’ll find all the numerous reasons for hiring a designer to make a custom and unique logo for your brand.

You Stand Out Of The Crowd

Designing the visuals of your brand is always about making it unique enough so that it gets noticed even on a crowded market. This gives a competitive edge in your market among other companies that have a less attractive look. So, it’s important that you ask your designer to take a thorough look at your competitor’s logos and make something better.

You Can Better Target Your Audience

The guiding principle of a successful marketing campaign is to concentrate your time, energy and finances to appeal to a specific group of customers. So it’s important that you create some memorable marketing materials such as business cards, a website, a social media site, a promotional video and so on.

Having a logo is irreplaceable in any of these materials. It will have to be there no matter what kind of marketing material you produce, so that people are able to associate it with your brand. A logo is the most important piece of graphic designs when it comes to targeting your audience.

The Benefit of an Uncommon Corporate Identity

As I already mentioned, having an identity is the key for a successful brand. A corporate identity is essential for your company to consistently grow. The process of making that happen is correctly positioning your brand within your target market. One of the most important elements that represent your company is its logo. It will be the face and the most basic tool that will earn recognition and be familiar among your perspective customers. So the process of creating your logo should always happen with your target audience’s demographics and preferences in mind.

It Sends a Message

You can get your message through powerfully with a thought through logo design. Your perspective customers will make their buying decision based on the signals they get from you. Having a colorful and artsy representation of your business already sends a message that you value creativity and uniqueness which then becomes a part of your overall brand image. A professionally crafted logo will create your message with the fonts, colors, icon and layout it uses.

It Shows What Your Core Values Are

Your logo sends a visual signals to your perspective customers. As I mentioned, colors convey specific messages and are associated with certain emotions in people’s mind. Red can convey feelings of love, passion or anger, which would work well for a dating site, a martial arts training club or anything else that has something to do with physical exercise. Green is associated with health and nature, which works really well with pharmaceutical products or products made out of natural ingredients.

What To Know Before You Pay For a Custom Logo

Even though a professional designer knows what he’s doing, you should as well. You’ll have to have a few expectations to fulfill and make sure that what you get is the perfect logo for your brand. In my opinion, if you don’t have any professional logo design skills, hiring a professional or a freelancer is your best option. But only if you can create a clear guideline for him to follow, so that he can make a logo that sends your brand’s message perfectly.  So, in this section, I’ll be sharing a few essential tips to ensure that you get every penny’s worth you spend on your fresh logo design.

Know Your Brand and What You Want

Once you have decided upon hiring pros to make your logo for you, your most important job is to know exactly what you want. What are the unique traits of your company that set it apart from the rest of the competition? Are your employees more personable? Does your product have unique features? What problem does it solve? What kind of values does your organization have? Anything that could give the logo more character will be valuable. Start with the most important traits and work your way down. The most effective logos aren’t just unique, they are a perfect representation of what the company stands for.

Your logo should embrace the key characteristics of your brand. If the color red represents your business’ industry than incorporate it within your logo. If a specific image or shape stands for your industry and/or business, make that a part of it as well. Brand consistency is what you should aim for.

The Most Common Types of Logos

You won’t find anything new under the sun even when it comes to logo design. There are three main logo types. You can have a logo based on an illustration or a graphic. You can have a purely font-based logo with your company’s name. Finally, there are symbol-based logos like Adidas’. You can also make a combination of any of these. But it’s good to consider which one you think would work best for your brand.

Simplicity is Priority

Less is more when you’re designing logos. The simplicity of your design enables your brand massage to be clearer. Your logo shouldn’t have too many details because it could create confusion. If people have to think too much to understand its message then something is wrong with it. Take Apple’s or Microsoft’s Logo for example. They are logos that people recognize instantly, thanks to their simplicity.

Versatility Is Important

Your logo should be flexible and versatile enough so that you can place it on just about any kind of marketing material. It should be able to look good even if you scale it up to be placed on a massive billboard. Your logo should easily be able to become the part of the billboard design. If you keep it simple this part won’t be a problem at all.

Avoid a Stereotypical Design

One of the biggest mistakes a business or a brand can make in logo design is making it stereotypical. For example if you run a garage or sell car parts, a wrench would be the most stereotypical element you could use. If you running a coffee shop, a mug or a coffee bean is also insanely stereotypical. With elements like this you’re not only blending in with the rest of your competition, but you give the feeling that you’re just more of the same. With stereotypical designs, there isn’t anything different or special about your brand.

Take a look at Starbucks for example. Their logo doesn’t necessarily carry the association that it’s a coffee shop, yet it’s incredibly successful. The logo they use captures the history of coffee and Seattle’s strong seaport roots. Not to mention that it is very unique. It has also become a logo that’s recognized as a status symbol.

You Get What You Pay For

If you’re hiring a professional from the internet, it would be best to do it with a $100+ budget. It’s very much likely that you won’t be satisfied with a $20 logo you got from fiverr. You also won’t get many revisions that way either. If you want to have a real pro design your logo for you, then you’ll have to invest some. But in return, you’ll get what you wanted with the least amount of frustration and worry. Also, cheap logos end up costing you way more in the end.

You Don’t Have To Follow Popular Logo Design Trends

It might seem like following a design trend will instantly help your logo gain more traction and it might be true in the fashion world. Yet it isn’t true in the design world because it strips your design from its uniqueness. Following a trend means that you’re blending into the crowd. That’s the first thing you would want to avoid with a unique logo design, isn’t it? It’s smart to check out logo trends for inspiration and especially for not mistakenly using one of them.

Have Patience

Logos take a lot of time to design because rarely does anyone get them right at first. They require a lot of revisions if you’re picky and the designers are running out of ideas with every new revision they make. Just know that revisions and new ideas take time to produce, even for a professional.

Create a Logo Yourself

If you’re really on a tight budget, you can try to create a logo yourself. It might not be as professional, but if you flex your creative muscles, you might just come up with an awesome logo that supports your brand. For that, there are few simple logo design tools you can use to create your own custom logo. Here they are:


With the appropriate colors, typeface, layout and other elements, your logo will be one of the most powerful elements in your brand. It will be able to communicate the message perfectly and target the right audience, while attracting people to do business with you.


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