How to Create a Travel Agency Website with WordPress?

WordPress is by far the biggest platform on the Internet that allows users, professionals and enthusiasts to create and operate blogs, websites, pages and posts. The entire work is done through a very user-friendly and easy to use interface that is suitable for beginners and doesn’t require any web coding skills or experience. We will be looking at some basics when it comes to understanding how WordPress and websites in general tend to function.

An important differentiation needs to be made when talking about pages and posts and how they are handled by WordPress. The main difference is that pages are permanent and posts can be temporary. Posts are mostly used for updateable content and pages like the homepage, ‘About’ page and archive pages are permanent. This is why pages are designed for timeless content that is essential to any website or blog.

One important thing to note about posts on a website is that they are displayed in a chronologically reversed order. This means that new post publications will appear first, while the older ones will get pushed back in the order. You will have the freedom of choosing exactly how many posts you would like to display on one page, but this also depends on their length and whether they include large images or embed videos or other media.

What makes WordPress stand out as a leading platform in this field is the huge number of add-ons, plugins and tools available at your disposal. You can even use some of the many available free and premium themes as a template for your website or blog. All of these tools not only provide you with a large number of options, settings and features that can enrich your website content, but also simplify the process of setting up and maintaining a successful website or blog.

Steps to Build a Travel Agency Website

Following the next few steps, you will be able to setup a travel agency website in

1. WordPress Hosting

One of the most important aspects of any successful website, especially a business website for a travel agency, is definitely a good hosting plan. Good hosting can not only guarantee that your website will be constantly up and running for your customers to browse, but can also provide tools and options to increase your search engine rankings through search engine optimization methods and thus increase your website traffic and sales.

There are many different types of hosting plans available for users, there are free but limited hosting plans, Shared, Virtual Private Servers as well as Dedicated premium hosting plans. They all have their flaws and advantages but we will be focusing on a few hosting providers that we handpicked specially for you, based on their reliability and the plethora of options and plans they have to offer.

InMotion Hosting

inmotion hosting create travel agency websiteInMotion is another great hosting provider that offers several monthly and annual packages for customers. This hosting service provides shared hosting for small businesses as well as dedicated servers for larger and more advanced companies. It also features advanced protection against DDoS, smart routing as well as premium bandwidth providers.

Apart from business hosting, the InMotion hosting provider has solutions for those that need a virtual private server (VPS), dedicated servers as well as the ability to resell hosting.  This provider comes with lots of different plugins and tools to help any website creator start up their business. The most important of all is the BoldGrid website builder that helps you create your perfect WordPress website easily and quickly. InMotion also provides special packages with a big discount, especially for WordPress hosting, which is very useful.


bluehost create travel agency websiteOne of the hosting providers that we will recommend for you is BlueHost. This is a hosting provider that offers annual plans at some very sizeable discounts. The longer your commitment is to the services that BlueHost provides, the higher the discounts you will be able to get.

Even the starter package of the BlueHost service is quite attractive. You will get a free domain name that is completely yours as long as you use this hosting provider, as well as a free domain transfer in case you need it. All hosting packages provide unlimited monthly data transfers as well as very large storage capacities, starting from 100 GB and more. The advanced and premium packages include some very useful features such as anti-spam tools and protection, mailboxes and even unlimited storage.


hostgator create travel agency websiteHostGator is one of the largest and most trusted hosting providers on the entire Internet. It offers cheap and very reliable hosting with many different packages that are developed and fine-tuned based on different hosting necessities. The packages we will be focusing on are the WordPress hosting packages that HostGator offers.

Doe to great features such as low density servers, content delivery networks as well as the many caching layers, the HostGator hosting provider is able to offer load times that are up to 3 times faster than other hosting providers. The WordPress hosting packages also come with the invaluable cloud interface and the user-friendly WordPress admin control panel that allows for full customization as well as auto backups.

2. Choose a Suitable Theme

After you have bought hosting for your WordPress travel agency website, it’s time to set your website up. We strongly recommend all users, beginners or experts to use a premium WordPress theme due to the large number of features, tools and solutions they provide for a successful WordPress business.


altair travel agency wordpress theme

The Altair tour and travel agency theme is one of the best WordPress themes available on the market when it comes to travel agency websites. It has over a hundred thousand customers over the span of 7 years.

This theme has several different templates for content pages that can be equipped with both fixed width as well as fullwidth page layouts. This allows you to create beautiful pages for your tour offers and tour packages and enrich them with small or extensive detail. The Altair travel agency theme also comes with its own unique booking form that is sure to impress all of your potential customers.

Additional features that this theme provides are the advanced search options for tours and destinations, the special parallax for pages consisting of travel destinations and the dedicated and professional customer support team.

Trendy Travel

trendy travel agency wordpress theme

Trendy Travel is another great premium WordPress theme designed for travel and tour agency websites and businesses. It is a multi-purposed theme that can fit the needs of all kinds of travel and tourism related niches such as hotel directories, travel blogs, travel agencies, package tours, resorts, retreats and many more.

The design of the Trendy Travel theme is fully responsive and retina ready. It features powerful tools and options like the Mega Menu, many short code options, unlimited layout options and more. All of these and many more features that you can find in this great WordPress theme provide you with all the tools necessary to allow you to build and maintain the perfect travel agency website for your business.

Love Travel

love travel agency wordpress theme

The third and final premium WordPress travel agency theme that we have decided to recommend to you is the great Love Travel WordPress creative theme. This particular theme has multi-lingual support integrated into it and has full support for the WooCommerce travel services.

You will be able to completely personalize your website by using some of more than a hundred components available to you through the Love Travel WordPress theme.  There are travel filter components for the search feature, there’s support and integration of the important Contact Form 7 plugin as well as the Revolution Slider plugin that allows you to create beautiful and engaging sliders for your website, and many more components and features.

3. Upload Content

In the competitive world of travel agency websites, content is king. Uploading rich and eye catching content is a necessity in order to keep your website and business attractive to your potential customers. Simply having high traffic is often not enough in order to ensure that your website drives sales.

There are many different forms of content that you can use for your travel agency website. You can embed videos of the travel destinations that your website offers. You can create and publish beautiful and attractive galleries of the exotic places and hotel resorts.

Additional forms of content include promotional offers, limited time deals and seasonal travel destinations only available at certain times of the year. This type of content not only enriched your website, but can also help you promote your website and increase your audience.

4. Website Promotion

Promoting your website is often the key factor to a very successful travel agency business. You can have the best offers available, the most beautiful and professional website and the richest content there is it will all be rendered useless unless you successfully promote your website and drive traffic towards your travel agency business.

If you have chosen to use a premium theme for your WordPress travel agency website, and we highly recommend that you do use one, you will have several promotional tools and options available at your disposal. One of the most important ways of promoting your website and business is of course social media.

Social media presence is an absolute necessity in the modern world of web promotion. Being present and active in the social media sphere of the Internet can help you reach out to a huge audience that might be interested in what your website has to offer. Having a Facebook page for your website or an active Twitter and Instagram account can prove to be very useful.

The built-in social media options in WordPress should also not be ignored. An engaging and active comment section on each one of your pages and posts can encourage potential customers to tell you what they think. Having a review page where you publish some of the best reviews that your website has accumulated is also a good way of promoting your travel agency website. Testimonials and positive comments can also be showcased on your website.

Another key aspect of website promotion is definitely SEO. By keeping your travel agency website fully optimized for search engines can help you rank your website much higher than usual and drive huge amounts of traffic towards your business. Being one of the highest-ranking websites in your niche can help your business become huge. The premium WordPress themes that we recommended for you include some search engine optimization tools and options that can help you start on your journey towards promoting your website to the best of your abilities.

5. Keep Your Content Fresh

Nobody will be interested in your website if your content is outdated and stale. This is why it is absolutely necessary to keep the content on your travel agency website constantly updated and renewed. This will also help you rank your pages and posts higher on search engines and make your content more attractive to your potential customers.

Apart from posting new travel destination and new offers and deals on your travel agency website, you can also freshen up your content with an adventurous and engaging travel blog. You could also do weekly or even daily posts in which you highlight some of the beautiful places, resorts and destinations that your travel agency has to offer. Just make sure that you do your updates in a timely and regular fashion.


Travel agency is a competitive and saturated niche on the Internet, so starting off on your adventure towards a successful travel agency website can be a difficult and complicated task. However, if you follow our instructions and recommendations, we guarantee that you will have a successful travel agency website in no time.

To recap, the very first step is to choose a reliable and trusted hosting provider for your WordPress website. This ensures that your website will be up and running all the time and that your website will be able to handle even very high amounts of traffic without crashing. The hosting providers that we recommended for you also include important security features and tools for DDoS protection and more.

The second step, and the most important one, is choosing a suitable WordPress theme that will handle your needs. We highly recommend using one of the three premium WordPress themes that we handpicked for you. A great theme will provide you with all the tools necessary to create a beautiful and eye-catching WordPress travel agency website and also equip you with lots of customization options as well as promotional tools.

After that, you should upload content on your website regularly, promote your website as much as possible and you will have all the tools necessary to make your WordPress travel agency website very successful.

Start Your Travel Agency Website Now

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