How To Create Engaging Corporate Blog Content?

Having a company website, where you share who you are and what you do, along with your contact information and maybe even a few work samples and images, just doesn’t cut it on the internet these days. In order to drive a successful and powerful web presence, you have to have a lively webpage and a company blog that produces content on a regular basis.

Nothing’s more saddening to see, than a company blog, where you invite your visitors to share your thoughts with them, only to have them see that it hasn’t been updated for the past few months. It drives dissatisfaction and that’s no good for your business. You have to let your visitors know, that your company is composed of a lively group of people, who are willing to help and share information with them. Trust is the most important factor of any business agreement, and establishing it with your potential customers is crucial to your business’ success.

This is why, you have already figured out that you have to better engage the visitors of your blog and give them something of value before you would get down to business. Not only that, but having an up to date blog is also crucial for your website’s SEO. So you need to be pushing out a steady stream of high quality content, to get the highest possible ranking.

To help you put your company’s blog in a much better position, to get it more visitors and to engage those visitors as much as possible, we have composed the following list of tips we use in our content as well!

So, let’s see how you can create the best content!

Create Content With a Specific Goal

It shouldn’t take you the whole day to write a good piece of content, but the more attention you give it, the better it will be, naturally. But making good, useful content shouldn’t be your only goal. You have a business to run, so produce content that will help you achieve your business goals.

What is it that you want to achieve with your blog? Get more leads? Build trust with your customers? Or just create a positive image of your company? Write your content in such a way, that it helps you meet this goal or any other goal you have set out for yourself.

Your blog is one of the main ways you can communicate with your audience and your potential customers and business partners, so use it to its fullest!

Be The Resource Your Readers Actually Need

Your company blog isn’t just a place where you talk about what happens at the office and what’s the next step for your business. It isn’t about your business at all, it’s about your customers and your readers. It is a place where you go to share your opinion and provide people with useful information that helps them solve their problems.

The more your content is focused on solving specific problems your users have, the more it will attract readers and help you lead them down your sales funnel and make a sale at the end.

Know the exact keywords that drive the questions your visitors ask and build your content around them.

Make your readers go to your blog, because you give them answers. Keep in mind that the main function of a search engine is providing users with answers for their questions.

Use the Best On-Page SEO Practices

If you’re working with a content management system, most of this is already set. But if you or your company has a website that was developed from scratch, then it’s a different story. Either way, it’s good to know and implement the best SEO practices, so that it’s easier for searchers to find some of your helpful content. These tactics won’t get you straight to the top of the search engine ranking page, but it sure helps the job of search engines.

Use the following:

  • SEO friendly URLs
  • Include your keywords within the first three words of the heading.
  • Include your keywords within the first 100 words.
  • Put your keywords into the used image file name and it’s alt description.
  • Write long, well-written content (about 2000 words) because Google and also users likes it more.

Aim For Originality

Writing good content is one of the main ways you get noticed on the internet. We all heard the phrase „Content is King“ for a reason. Search engines are tools for content discovery and they prioritize websites that have loads of relevant content over websites that have little or no content to show. So having loads of content on your blog is an important ranking factor, but be sure not to exploit it, because you’ll end up getting penalized.

By exploitation, I mean the habit of some webmasters who aim to just get something out there. They use tactics like article flipping (switching the words of an article with synonyms and such), copying content, reposting other people’s posts or paying pennies for slave work and have low quality content written for their site. Just forget about any clever idea that would help you mass produce low quality filler content, because it’s pointless and harmful. You also won’t get much guest posts if you talk about over used topics and copy too much of other people’s ideas.

So by originality, I do mean original concepts and ideas. Write about anything useful and unique you have in mind. If you don’t have anything useful to say to your readers, that it isn’t worth saying.

Write Good Stories

Humans have been using stories to make their point ever since language was born. Stories are one of the main ways we get a point through and they are also one of the things that keep our minds occupied the most.

A good story makes anything more entertaining that will entangle the reader. Lead him or her down the rabbit hole and use your story to get your point across. If you do this right, your readers will not only be a lot more engaged, but they will also learn a lot easily.

Use Powerful Headlines

The headline is the first thing people read and the first thing they use to judge whether it’s worth viewing your content or not. The headline is just as important as your content itself. The few most important sentences you write to your audience and you have to create it in a way that speaks directly to them. You’ll have to spark their interest with something that’s provocative and says a lot in one sentence.

The message a headline has to communicate, is „How Will This Post Prove to Be of Value to You“. A good example of a provocative enough headline is, „10 Psychology Tricks That Will Make Anyone Trust You“. It’s short, says a lot about the content and sparks interest within the reader, given you’re showing it to the right audience, of course.

Once you have a good headline, it is also important to write a powerful introduction paragraph, within the first 100 words of your post.

When a reader have got past through the headline, they start reading into the content and decide within the first few sentences, whether a particular piece of content is worth reading or not. So you have a limited frame, into which you have to pack plenty of information, to convince the reader that what they’re about to read will prove to be of value to them.

Use Visual Communication

use visual communication

A picture says a thousand words. Humans are visually driven creatures and using compelling visuals on your site, doubles the chances of its success. Only a handful of people enjoy reading through large chunks of texts, to get to the core of a subject. So, in order to keep our visitors’ attention and help them understand certain concepts much easier, it’s very important to use plenty of images, embed videos and infographics.

Relevant images are relatively easy to find and make. If you embed videos, you can make your own cheaply, without a production budget. But it doesn’t have to be your video, either. As long as it’s well made and relevant to your topic, it will make your blog post a lot more attractive. It’s already clear that videos attract about 3 times more visitors and links than a plain, written post.

If you use the proper visuals and videos within your content, you’ll get shockingly better results from them.

Engage The Community and Respond to Comments

Almost anyone can share an opinion or write a blog post, so why not ask your readers to do it? They might have plenty of good ideas and things they want to share. Having some of them write a post for you will be beneficial for the blog and your other readers as well.

But even if you want to produce your own content all the way, and want build your blog around solving problems and helping people, then it’s evident that they will have more questions for you. They will either write them in the comments or reach out to your through your contact information.

Running a successful blog or any successful marketing endeavor is based on a two way conversation. So it’s important to answer your visitors in the comments and encourage others to join into the discussion as well. If you find questions that have been asked frequently, it’s a good time to write a post about them.

Speak Directly to Your Audience In a Friendly Manner

The best way to have people wanting to read what you have to say, is by talking straight to them, like they’re your friends. It will make your writing a lot more natural and help you cut loose when you’re feeling like it’s hard to put your ideas on paper. It will also make people listen, because most of us like to hear what a friend has to say.

Get Straight To The Point

Nothing’s more frustrating when you’re looking for answers and the person you’re asking keeps beating around the bush. Wipe out all the filler content and focus on providing valuable information in a straight forward manner.

It will make for a much shorter post but will create a much better composition. It’s much harder to write this way and takes more research too, but it will fill your content with value in return. I don’t have to explain why a better written and richer piece of content will attract more readers to your site.

Longer posts won’t necessarily perform better, so forget about quantity and double down on quality instead!

Give Twice As Much As You Get

If you’re always trying to sell your products, people will lose interest in your blog pretty quickly. Nothing’s more annoying than constant pop-ups that ask you to look at a product, buy or download something. People are sick and tired of being sold to and they want more human interaction. They will pay for something that is useful to them, but they’ll lose interest fast if you push it under their nose.

Instead, work to help them and drive the conversation in a thoughtful manner. Look to give them as much as possible and only then ask them for something. Seek to work your way towards thought leadership with every piece of content you publish and turn yourself into an influencer.

Help Readers Take Action Right Away

If you know what questions your audience usually has and what they want to accomplish on their own, as quickly and as easily as possible, then it’s up to you to help them. You can write guides, tutorials and plenty of educational material that your readers can act upon.

If you do this well, you’ll instantly give the reader a sense of how they can apply the information and work on accomplishing their goals once they have finished reading.

Be Consistent With Your Work

Running a good company blog isn’t about writing a few post to have something up there. Yes, the blog won’t be empty and maybe one post a week will make it even better. But keep in mind that the more frequently you publish content, the more users you’re going to attract and the more potential customers you’re going to have for your company.

Use Multiple Channels To Engage Your Audience

Writing posts to your blog isn’t the only way to market your content. In fact, it is the first step. The most successful company blogs use various audience acquisition channels, because they know that only a few people will visit their blog regularly.

The two main channels most companies use is email marketing and social media. Email subscribers are a lot more likely to visit your blog regularly and share your posts with others.

If you leave users with a call to action or a pop up window that helps them subscribe to your newsletter, they are likely to do so, if they found your content valuable.

Add Interactive Content

Once you know your readers’ basic interests, text, video and images aren’t the only types of content you can use. You can create various types of interactive content, such as quizzes, games, polls and anything else that drives the user to take action on your website. The more fun content experience you can create, the better it will engage your readers.

Have Different Authors

You can either invite other bloggers to write guest blogs or have multiple authors from your company.

If only one person writes for a blog, it can get flat and boring pretty fast if one doesn’t change up their styles a bit. In order to switch up your tone of voice a bit and to make sure that your blog has a fresh style, have various authors writing for your blog.


There you have it! The best ways for making your content more engaging for the audience and giving your blog that fresh breeze of change it so richly deserves. Give your company a major boost in popularity by using valuable information and your personal writing style.

Driving user engagement is not an easy road, but as long as you know who you’re creating content for, you can walk it in straight line.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading through these tips and that we’ll see you soon again!


David Cross

David is the chief editor at WebHostingMedia right from the beginning. He has a great passion for building and managing websites and creating helpful content. He is also interested in programming - currently learning python.