How to Create a Wonderful Colorized Photo from Black&Withe Image?

Black and White photos can be perfect as they are, but sometimes we have the urgent feeling to increase the quality of the picture. When it comes to colorizing photos, the first (and the most popular) option that we consider is Photoshop. On the other hand, it can be a bit difficult for beginners to use it properly. The advantageous side of using Photoshop is that there are several functions that make it possible to color specific parts of the pictures and create something new. The key word of these new generation programs is ‘deep learning’. It is a special technique that is used to create original-looking images with no effort and by using special algorithms.

Generally, it can take you a while to learn the tricks of how to create something colorful from black and white, but there is a way out and you can turn to a quick solution with the help of the following tools:


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The basics of Colorize Photo are embedded in a microservice system, which works with URLs. The results that you can reach by using the program are almost perfect. As for the program itself, its system uses a special deep learning technique, which means that the outcome will be better and better. In its learning process, the program uses tons of images that help the programmers develop a program that is efficient enough and able to ‘repair’ a picture in a moment.

Get the rhythm with algorithms and the special service that is offered by Algorithmia. Basically this system works with URLs and it reaches its best potential when it comes to images of faces or simple objects. When it fails to recreate an image, it becomes clearly visible, since it becomes brownish.

Unfortunately, this colorization method has its bugs, for instance the vivid grass green color usage and it also has problems in recreating pictures having a sea in it (usually mixing up colors), but against these minor mistakes, it can still be a great start.

When using Colorize Photo, you have to take some steps to get to your colored photo. First, you need to upload the black and white photo to the proper image hosting site, for instance Postimage, Imgur, TinyPic or Img Safe. When you have the URL, you can copy and paste it in Colorize Photo. You only have to click on the ‘Colorize’ option and the magic happens.

Once again, some bugs can occur during colorization, but only in case of more abstract pictures. There is nothing else to say, this program is unbelievably efficient.

Colorize Photo

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There is another way to colorize your photos, where you can keep the process under control. ColorizePhoto’s application gives you the chance to create your brand new photo manually. By adding colors manually, it takes a little bit more time to see the result.

Despite the ‘longer’ process, it still takes only some steps to complete this task.  On the contrary, fixing a portrait does not take much time, but small objects challenge the program. The application offers a great introduction. When you start to explore the program, you are given the chance to try all the equipment on a default portrait. Then you can happily work on your pictures as well.

The best part of ColorizePhoto Converter is that it provides black and white pictures with realistic shades and the bonus is that you do not need to install anything on your computer. Additionally, it does not even required to store your pictures on their sites, so privacy is of the utmost importance. You are given the chance to use Google images as a reference and it helps you in finding the proper reference to you images. In case you are not satisfied with this application, because you need something more professional from professionals, you may wish to know a little bit more about the following option…

Colorization by richzhang

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In case you do not want to spend time with colorizing a black and white picture and you only need a quick outcome, Gizmodo found the best tool for you. The program makes guesses about the original color of the objects. Moreover, it was programmed by researchers from Berkeley. From all the other programmes, it is the most convincing one, since it uses a convolutional neutral network that feeds from millions of images. It can also detect specific features on the images and makes a guess. There is no need for any manual programming or playing around with the settings.

AKVIS Coloriage

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Although AKVIS Coloriage is not a free program, it is very great, since it offers other methods for colorization, for instance replacing colors in order to see how it looks in red or white, etc. You cannot only colorize things, but you can also change the color of any item you choose. Moreover, it is especially recommended for ladies, because it is also a great chance to ‘change’ their hair color. Of course this one deals with easy tools as well, so you can also adjust the red eye effect on the picture to make it perfect. It is remarkable how efficient the program is in handling the border of the objects.

For those who have some artistic talent, it can be the best possibility to experiment as well, like creating illustrations for books. There are two ways to use it, it works as a standalone program and it can also work as a plug-in with the given photo editor (for instance Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint).

The 10-day-long free trial enables you to experiment or fix a bunch of pictures that you had collected before downloading it. If the program melted your heart, then you need to purchase it after 10 days.


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What does Pixelmator offer us? A magical and quick solution to our problems! Applying the proper layers (called masks) is the key component here to reach the perfect solution. You can name these layers and easily manipulate them. It is also allowed to mix special effects with our colorization and fix the darker sport on the picture. Moreover, the program comes with several tutorials that we can follow easily.

Photoshop or GIMP

If you went through all the programs that we listed, you may need to level up and start with Photoshop. In case you have loads of time to invest into a program that can make your dreams come true, choose Photoshop. It may have some disadvantages, like high pricing, but it is worth using it. You also need some computer skills to complete the task, but there are several instruction videos, which can help us fix black and white images. It takes approximately 20 minutes at the beginning, if you follow the instructions. With a little practice, it can be shorter. Of course, if you plan to create professionally colored pictures, you need to work more on your project.

With these tips, you will be able to colorize your Black and White photos in a professional and quick way. Taking an old family photo can be the best way to start the experiment. Working on a photo, that you or your family is attached to, can be a great and precious gift. In case you tried other techniques and applications, feel free to share it.

GIMP is a free program that can be downloaded easily. There are several possibilities in the application, not only realistic coloring of pictures, but artistic ones as well. Sharpness and determining edges are the main key expectations to create a perfectly colored picture. Manual settings enable you to create layers, where you can edit foreground, background color and the color of objects.

Colorization Requests Subreddit

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Reddit collects all the professional people around the Internet and it means that anyone can turn to them to ask for some help, for instance to fix a black and white photo. Your options are the following: free or paid request. Believe it or not, it takes one or two days to get your colorization finished, if you choose the free option. Before starting to work with the program and posting a request, be careful to read all the rules.

If you have some doubts about the results or the answer rates, you need not worry. There are several responses to the requests. In this case, it is worthwhile to mention that it can be quite unsettling for some of us, that black and white pictures are needed to be posted. If you have problems with visibility, Reddit may not be the best option for you. Once you are a professional in colorizing photos, possessing these skills enables you to help others as well or work on others’ images.

The End

Never forget when touching a black and white picture that you create a great value by colorizing it. These programs vary in their effectiveness, control and handling. We can also find several articles on the Internet that offer us to learn how to colorize a photo in 10 minutes.


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