The Essential Guide To Create Better Content

Content creation on the web is becoming more competitive with each year. We seek to outperform our competitors in every aspect, so it’s important that we use the right methods to do so. Creating content that sells and performs well on the web isn’t all about creativity. There are a lot of technical factors involved, and to create high quality, high-performing content, you’ll have to invest into knowing what you’re doing.

So today, we’re going to look at how the pros create their content and what tools you can use to be a much better content creator. Whether you are a freelancer, blogger or a marketer, these tips will surely help! Without further ado, let’s get right down to it!

Understand Things That Make A Great Content Creator

There’s no explicit blueprint to being an excellent content creator, but you can do pretty well by following good example. Let’s outline what kind of traits good content creators have to share!

They Don’t Read Books About Writing

While this might sound counter intuitive, since most of this post is about writing, this is one of the best advice I can give. Writing is something that you master through practice. Reading books about writing is like masturbating. It’s fun and feels good and all, but it doesn’t make you a better writer. You only get vague descriptions of what writing should look like or what other successful writers did. Remember that most of them didn’t learn a thing about writing, they just sat down and wrote what was on their mind.

But reading books is immensely important for a writer. Where else would you get inspiration from? Following good examples and slowly developing your own writing style is the way to go. Read as much and as broadly as you can. Read through restaurant menus, fiction, text books, and articles, anything that you get your hands on. Try even the stuff that doesn’t interest you.

They Write About What They Know

This is the simplest advice any experienced writer can give you. The main deal in any art and any type of content creation is authenticity. You can’t be successful in content creation if you’re not authentic. Write about something you’re knowledgeable in. You don’t have to write crazy fantasy novels or about great riches. Being honest is the most important. Making the ordinary extraordinary, is what can really reach into people. You want to create content that people can relate to.

They Write Consistently

Good content creators find the sweet spot between posting too often and not often enough. The more content a writer creates, the more chance there is that new users will come across their website. But they also keep it in balance, so that they don’t overwhelm their readers with too much content.

To deliberately strike that happy medium you’re looking for, make a plan and stick to it. That way, you can set expectations and build a loyal, devoted audience.

They Know and Understand Their Audience

Consumer insight is what drives creative content in most cases. They converse with anyone related to the topic and gather every bit of valuable information they can, especially from their audience. It’s important for the writer to know their audience’s interests, challenges, problems and questions and gather information accordingly. It’s also important that they present their content in a format that most appeals to them. A good writer speaks their target audience’s language, and makes their content as easy to consume as possible.

They Know How Repurpose and Update Existing Content

Content is the same kind of resource as any other. If you use a content piece only once then some of it might go to waste. So you want to use it as efficiently as possible, which is what brings me to repurposing.

Content creators know that not everyone consumes information in the same manner. Some people prefer video over reading, while others enjoy inventive infographics. So take an existing content piece and reformat it into something else, for a different type of audience. Look at it like information were a piece of clay that you can shape into any form and paint into any color. You can also write new articles with the same or additional information, creating an entirely new content piece that you can publish and use.

Keeping your posts updated is one way to gain a competitive edge. By keeping their writing fresh, and updating outdated information, the users know that their content is constantly changing. So, if someone logs on to their site, they’re bound to see something new unfold. So don’t wait until your content turns stale or expires even. Keep it fresh and up-to date as much as you can.

They Have A Plan For Each Of Their Content Pieces

write web content stay focusedWeb-content isn’t made to just float aimlessly around the web. Every piece of content has to be produced with a specific intention. It is created to achieve something as a part of a greater plan. This makes it much easier to stay focused while writing and focus and shape your sentences in a way that will help the objective. Outline exactly what you’re going to write about and how you’re going to structure the information.

They Make Decisions Based on Data

One means of knowing more about what your audience likes and dislikes, is by tracking your site’s analytics data. Most good content creators constantly track how well an individual content piece is doing and seek to understand why. So, what their next content piece will be, is determined by what other type of content seems to succeed the most.

They Ensure Their Pages Have Basic SEO in Check

Search engines are getting better and better at understanding natural language and language structure. They will even know if your writing is good enough or not. For example, if you repeat the same words too many times, it will get your rankings down. So use synonyms for certain words instead. You should also make sure that most of your content is written in an active voice instead of passive. Text written in a passive voice is a lot less catchy and a lot less effective. Also, search engines like active voice a lot better.

But besides writing a good text, there are a few basic SEO rules that you should always comply to, in order to get your content on the race track. These are the following:

  • Using your keyword in the post title
  • Using your keyword in the first paragraph of the text
  • Using your keyword in the meta description
  • Using your keyword in your images alt text

Use These Convenient Tech Tools

Nothing can substitute your creativity, but there are many aspects of content creation that can’t be dealt with through creativity alone. The web is mostly governed by search engine robots. They don’t look at your content like humans do. Each of them runs through your content according to specific parameters. Your content has to get a good score with these parameters if it is to succeed. You also have to make sure that yours is 100% readable and meets certain human standards.

This is where a bunch of helpful software comes in. Detecting typos, readability, stop words and sentences that were written in passive voice, would be near impossible. But thanks to these tools, it will be your easiest task. By downloading them, you’ll be well equipped to creating high quality content efficiently.

For Eliminating Spelling Errors and Bad Sentences

Grammarly is one of the most outstanding browser plugins that detects issues within your text. It is highly sophisticated, accessing sentence structures and every aspect of their grammar. It will help in making your writing a lot more powerful.

This cloud-based content writing tool will check your spelling for free and will eliminate typing errors, bad grammar, passive voice and plain bad sentences. All you have to do is open its editor and just click on the places where it has detected an error. It also has a premium feature, which I highly recommend. It will dig deeper into your text’s grammar and language structure and help you make it even more powerful.

If you want to go the extra mile and eliminate boring, cliché sentences, you can use a neat little tool called Cliché Finder. After doing plenty of writing, it’s only natural that you use certain words and phrases more than just once. By doing so, they lose their impact. But by using Cliché finder, you can easily spot them, and switch them up. This will not only help you write more powerful content, but will also improve your writing and creativity by a great deal if you work on it.

For checking your text’s structure, you can use the Hemingway tool. Just copy and paste your text into it and it will tell you if it’s too dense, too complex or unreadable. It will spare you a lot of reading and hassle while editing.

Speaking Instead of Writing

Thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence, writing isn’t the fastest way to record your thoughts. You can use Google Now, Cortana, Siri or Dragon NaturallySpeaking, to create your content. All you have to do is speak and it will type the text for you. Of course, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll just talk, create an article and click on publish. You’ll have to spend time with reviewing and editing the text as well. But it can definitely help you save valuable time. Though, keep in mind that no technology can yet compare to a skilled writer.

Write Better Headlines With These Tools

Your headline is your first impression, which is why a lot of readers just click away once they’ve read it. If someone see’s your post on social media or any other content sharing platform, the headline and featured image is what they’re going to see. This means that there is a dire need for high-quality headlines that will catch people’s attention. Here are a few tools that can help you make them.

We all know what kind of impact we want to make, and a software called Headline Analyzer, can help you with that. It looks through your headline, based on 4 criteria: power words, emotional words, uncommon words and common words. It will also compare your headlines to other headlines that compete in the same niche.

There’s another tool called Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer, which does a similar task. It scans your headline’s emotional language and determines if it would appeal to the reader or not. These tools will definitely help you boost your content’s visibility and the amount of attention it gets.

If you’re flat out of headline ideas, you can use the Content Ideator headline generator it will help you come up with great headline ideas and even content ideas as well. Just enter your chosen keyword into the search bar and you’ll have some solid headlines popping up for you.

Put Your Content In Front Of The Right Audience

A good rule of the thumb is spending just as much time on promoting your content, as you spent with creating it. These awesome content promotion tools will help you put out your work of art in front of the right people.

If you’re running a blog, Triberr will help you out. It enables you to connect into a network of bloggers with in a similar niche. Triberr will share your content on these blogger’s social platforms. This way, it’s more likely that someone who is interested in your topic, will click and read your content.

Promoting your content on social media is also very important. Buffer is a software that will help you with that. It will keep track of every content you publish on social media and schedule your posts. You can cross-promote your content and share it with an interested audience. With these two tools alone, you’ll definitely drive some more traffic to your site.

Create Compelling Graphics, Videos and Infographics

You don’t need expensive video or photo editing software to put some great visual content on your site. You can just use a few cloud based software to handle all of your visual content creation. Combining words and graphics is one simple way to get a message through, so leverage that in any way you can!

You can use Canva, for example and make compelling graphics, infographics and memes. It makes things infinitely easy and comfortable.

For editing video you can use a tool called WebyClip. You can enhance a video with it and also provide a direct route for users to your website.

For photo editing, and video editing as well, there’s SnapApp. You can use it to create infographics, interactive videos, quizzes, contests, calculators, contests and other kinds of interactive content.

For creating infographics, there are two useful tools called and Piktochart. If you choose to buy them or use another tool, your blog will do better if you use infographics as well.

Finally, interactive content works much better than visual content. It will keep your readers more engaged and help you achieve your blog’s goals a lot easier. The tool for making your infographics and images interactive, is called Thinglink. With it, you can create clickable images with multiple links on your images and more.

Gather Inspiration

You want to push out the right content at the right time and you can do it by following the most active trends. Google Trends is a useful piece of technology that shows a graph of the keyword you’re using in relation to how many people have searched for it in Google.

Hubspot’s Topic Generator can also help you. Just by entering 3 keywords, it will provide you with good blog topics. Although some of them are pretty stiff and Cliché, a lot of them work out really well.

For Recording Memos

Evernote is one of the best tools for writing notes and helping you to stock up on useful content in general. It’s a personal notebook that you can use on any device, and view everything you wrote. There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to Evernote, but let’s stay with the conclusion that it’s very useful for content creators in general. You can also use GoogleNote for the same purpose. By taking frequent notes, you can easily file your research as you go and make your life a whole lot easier.


There you have it. By following a bit of good example and using some additional tools, you can improve your content creation process by a great deal. Always aim for authenticity, clarity and understanding, and your content will always reach your audience in the right manner.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and that we’ll see you again soon in the next one!

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