How to Create an Authority and Popular Blog

It’s not easy to create an authority and popular blog at all, especially when you also need to offer credibility, seriousness and originality. Usually, it takes years of hard work, creativity and passion to create a brand from your blog and to be well known and accepted by other blog owners from the same niche and from the entire Internet.

At first sight, it only seems to have advantages, but there are also few disadvantages big enough to make you change your mind sometimes: you will not have free time for yourself, most of your time will be used to create content and to relate with visitors, potential clients, programmers and so on and you can get really frustrated and annoyed by people who send you a lot of inappropriate messages through contact forms, social media, e-mail, or comments just to ruin your day.

Advantages are pretty obvious: a lot of money doing what you like, not having a boss, increased popularity that can also increase your sponsors, projects and clients.

Building your Authority Blog

In the next part of this article I will talk about the steps that are needed to follow to create an authority and popular blog: researching your niche, writing unique and outstanding content, use social media to gather readers, building links and creating connections, advertising your blog offline.

Doing Research for your Blog’s Niche

At this first step, you need to research everything about the topic you chose for your blog: competition and especially their sources that you can take (competitive auditing), visitors and their attributes: gender, age, location, preferences and so on, the category you choose to write original and correct content, other blogs with authority and popularity.

Don’t forget to make useful charts and data tables with all the reports you made and even to post them to your blog so you can start with the next step: content writing.

Writing Unique, Quality and Informative Content

This part is the most important one, because even if you don’t make the rest of the parts you still can create an authority and popular blog in time if you write properly when and what is necessary and you use the following small tips and tricks I detailed below.

For beginning, you need to post as much as possible original content every day at proper hours when people are home and can relax in front of their personal computer (after 18:00). You can schedule articles, so you can write them when you want and then just prepare them for publishing when you want. You write about subjects easy to understand, useful, which have not been discussed too much online.

A very good strategy for creating original content is to write everything that matches your niche and what you hear at TV, radio, online stream or even at a discussion with your friends.

The first tips is to schedule your e-mail newsletter for 9:00 with the written article from last night, so people who are at work can open it, sipping coffee and reading a nice article.

Even if you write just a newsletter, you still need to use your creativity and to be smart by putting the title of the blog as primary headline, near it, the logo of the website, below it, a featured image of the article together with the first paragraph of the article and at the footer, social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on.

The second tip is the subscription option that you need to have for every article, category, comments, this making your blog’s efficiency three times better.

Another tip is to split your articles in different categories and after specific keywords, so everyone who wants to read about London, will read just about London and everyone who wants to read what you wrote about money they will see only articles with the specific keyword.

You need to give extra attention to your page’s content, especially the about page where you leave one or two photos with you and you start writing a story about you with funny, professional and social parts.

If you have good friends, they can write the ‘About Me’ page for you, but also they can write some guest posts related to your niche, especially if they have their own vision about it.

Try to offer something free, even if normally it costs some money. For example an eBook, a game serial key or something hard to find on the internet but very useful even if it’s free.

Your blog needs a lot of articles, so try to make a lot of types of articles: reviews, previews, tutorials, guides, tips and tricks, contests, giveaways, portfolios, product sales, and so on, each having their unique format, title, images, videos, maybe font and color.

For a better visualization, you should use clear images, especially for the featured ones, and videos, but not too big, maybe you can upload them on Tinypic, Imgur and YouTube.

Even when you write comments, you’re writing content, so try to reply to everyone and also try to make visitors to comment as much as possible, maybe you can put pop-up windows at the end of the article asking people if they want to say something, you can also use comment and social plugins from Facebook and Disquis to improve comments on your blog.

You can also reproduce content, keeping the primary idea, but you need to add something valuable and new to the subject if it is possible.

Popularizing with Social Media

The fastest way for you to increase your blog’s authority and popularity is to use social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram which can add a very big number of visitors to your blog, especially if you post interesting stuff and you promote them with Facebook Ads or similar services who can display your ads by gender, age, location, interests and other useful traits of your visitors.

There are different scripts, websites and plugins that automatically post your articles from the blog to your social media profiles and pages with images and links and also they can be scheduled as you wish.

At this step you need to follow the same rules that apply at content writing, because social profiles and pages are representing the mirror of your blog so a misguided comment or article isn’t a good idea.

You can use your friends from social media networks to spread the word about your blog, sending them invitations to your group, making them to like your blog and page and to share articles directly to their profiles.

If you also add automatic scheduled posts to Facebook Groups using a special script like phpSFP together with social media share button but also with buttons which send to your own social media profiles you have succeeded to use everything social media represents.

Building Links to Your Blog

Another very useful element for your blog is link building made with the help of other well-known blogs from the Internet. The best way to do this is to be collaborator/author/editor to one or more blogs from different niches for several months and after. These websites might allow you to include a link back to your own blog and social media profiles.

Together with the links already spread on social media and with those from blogs, you will have a network of links built naturally from authority website, and that is spreading even more and more because people either find your link to a high authority blog or they just like what they read on your own blog.

Advertising Your Blog Offline

Even if at the first sight, you don’t understand what offline work has to do with the online one, you should consider that in this millennia, offline and online may influence each other a lot.

If you put offline ads with certain sale products from your blog or regarding guides, you already made a little offline work for your popular blog. Furthermore you just need to start talking with people around you and telling them about what you write and then everything will spread verbally and naturally.

If you have clients, try to meet them in person and ask them what they think about your blog, and then write down on your blog for unique content. Also you can go to different offline contests, competitions or courses where you create relations in the same time, witting your own life experience on your blog.

Go to different conferences or even host blog-meets, cocktail parties, tweet-meets, charity events or be somebody’s financial or moral sponsor. Sure all these will not come right away when starting your blog, but putting enough effort and work into your website can lead into these type of events.

If you combine all of this together you can create an authority and popular blog well rewarded by others and also you will also be making money just making what you like.

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