How to Create and Manage a Self-Financing Gaming Community

If you are interested in making money with the help of gaming you have multiple alternatives from full-time streamer who is also gamer and entertainer to a game developer or even game community administrator.

The last option makes you your own boss, you can play games with friends, fans and staff members and also, you can create new and original content relating gaming.

However to create a gaming community that self-finances and also offers you nice revenue, you will need to follow a few important steps:

Find a Proper Web Hosting and Domain Name

Always the first most valuable step regarding an online project is searching for a web hosting plan and a good domain name suitable for your project.

If you are making a gaming community you should search for two different web hosts, one for your website and one for your game servers, additionally, you can use the web host for your website to buy a domain name. The domain name should be an original name from which you can easily create a brand overtime and your web host should offer you a lot of space, a lot of databases and add-on domains for multiple website projects.

Here are 3 hosting companies that I recommend for hosting a gaming website:

Company Promo Price
best host for small gaming website $2.75 / mo
cheap gaming website hosting $1.99 / mo
professional gaming website hosting $3.95 / mo

While eHost and iPage are recommended for smaller gaming sites, BlueHost can handle a bigger, high traffic community website with forum.

The game host needs to offer you a nice package of game servers and you can start by creating at least 3 Counter Strike 1.6 servers with 24 slots and multiple mods such as public, deathrun and zombie, a war server with 12 slots, a Counter Strike Global Offensive server, a Minecraft server, a Half-Life server and a Metin server.

If you configure them properly you can even receive money by selling items in Metin to your players or winning items in Counter Strike Global Offensive and selling them on Steam. Other types of revenue are paid ads in the info section of the website or even in games.

Find Proper Staff Members

Once you have put the website and the game servers in order, you need staff members that are very difficult to find especially since they are volunteers most of the time and you need a lot of them from simple admin servers to forum moderators, admin owners, and forum global moderators, support team like IT, Photoshop, programmers and even forum administrators.

In game servers, you can have multiple levels of admin servers that can only mute, ban, and kick, change maps and so on while in the forum they can ban, change names, moderate, warn and so on. You will need, at least, 30 staff members that will work every day at least 2 hours.

Create a lot of Quality Content

For this kind of project you need, first of all, a forum where you will create a lot of categories and subcategories, the first ones being the rules category and the welcome page, followed by an administrative category and individual categories regarding different domains such as Photoshop, programming, video editing, computers and so on.

A good idea is to have a forum category for each server you have where you have multiple administrative and social subcategories and, in the end, you should have a big spam category just for members where they can socialize! Don’t forget about a chat and about original topics where your staff members should write only interesting things.

In the first month, you should already have multiple hundreds of topics and replies. Don’t forget to use moderators and rules to stop the spam, the troll and duplicate content else you will have big problems.

Create a lot of Premium Content

Additional to normal quality content, you can even create premium content for a VIP zone where people should pay to enter and also you can create game servers, website, plugins and other useful things for other website and game server owners. This is just another way to find money for your community.

Making game servers, plugins and websites also boost your popularity because you can add ads and you can improve your page rank a lot.

Use a Good Reward System

Using a good reward system, you can attract more visitors, commenters and even staff members. You can reward them by thanking them, by giving them a small amount of money or just games or ranks on forum or game servers.

You need to create a powerful system that makes everyone happy and not just yourself if happiness is in the air in your community you sure will win a lot!

Protect Your Team

You need to protect your team against attacks from visitors but also from themselves because some of them become jealous on each other and fights will become inevitable. The best way it is to talk with each other in private and to resolve any dispute by using social skills and psychology.

Create Additional Websites

If you create multiple websites additionally to your forum such as a movie blog, a gaming blog, a tutorial blog, an YouTube channel, a Facebook page and so on, you will have a lot of content and also, you will have a lot of SEO done. Use your staff to administrate your additional websites also.

Tips and Tricks: Steam Games, Skype Groups

There are a few tips and tricks you should use while administrating especially a big gaming community such as using Steam games for rewards, for game servers, groups or using Skype to create a chat group with your entire team or just the most important ones.

Conclusion and Summary

In the end, if you really want to make a gaming community that self-finances, you should have a good web hosting, a good domain name, a good game hosting, a large and well-made team, a lot of content, a lot of additional websites, a good reward system based on performance of every member, a good use of any type of social and internet tool such as Skype, Steam, mail, telephone, forum and so on.

Once the community is created and has, at least, three years old, you should even have revenues from its activity, besides rewarding with games and money your staff and paying for web resources because you and your team can create special game servers for other communities, websites for other website owners, tools, plugins or provide web services to other users, all of these being paid and at the same time having more content and well qualified staff makes you more popular so you will have more clients who will recommend your services furthermore increasing both your popularity and revenue, the process repeating itself on and on without stopping and creating an infinite circle full of money and popularity making your brand a real and a powerful company on internet.

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