How to Connect Square to Wix

Connecting Square and Wix is a great way to create an online store and sell your products or services. By integrating the two platforms, you can easily set up a payment system, manage inventory, and promote your offerings.

In this blog post, we’ll explain how to connect Square to Wix and get the most out of each platform.

Square is a payment system designed for businesses of any size. It allows customers to make purchases or send payments using credit cards, debit cards, or bank transfers.

With a Square account, users can tap into features such as inventory management, customer tracking, analytics, invoicing, and more. Wix is an easy-to-use website builder with drag-and-drop tools for customizing templates and creating an attractive storefront.

The platform also allows users to add apps from the App Market which provides additional features such as booking systems or online stores.

Benefits of Connecting Square To Wix

By connecting Square to Wix, users can benefit from both platforms in several ways:

  • Create an online store on Wix with easy drag-and-drop tools
  • Manage inventory on Square straight from their dashboard
  • Accept payments in a variety of ways with credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay and more
  • Offer international customers payment options in their local currency
  • Connect social networks like Instagram to attract shoppers online
  • Promote your store through email campaigns or giveaways on social media

1. Setting Up Your Square Account

The first step is to set up your Square account if you haven’t already done so. Visit the [Square homepage]( and click “Sign Up” to create an account. You’ll need basic business information such as your business name and address along with a few other details about you as the owner/operator in order to complete the signup process. Once your account is verified you’re ready to start accepting payments!

2. Link Your Bank Account With Square

Next, you need to link your bank account with your Square account so that funds will be transferred directly into your bank account when customers make purchases through your online store.

This can be done quickly by entering the information provided by your financial institution including the routing number and account number along with other details related to identity verification purposes.

3. Add Products or Services To Your Square Storefront

Now that you have linked up your bank account it’s time to start adding products or services that customers can purchase through your online store! Go ahead and start adding items (and prices) into your square storefront so that customers can start buying right away!

You can also add images for each item which will help attract potential buyers too!

4. Integrate Square With Wix

Now it’s time for the integration between Wix and square – head over to “My Apps” section on Wix, where you’ll see “Square” listed under eCommerce tools – click “Add Now” button and follow the steps directed at the screen until the Square integration is completed.

Once this happens you’ll now be able to create beautiful product catalogs & accept payments directly via square!

5. Promote Your Wix site With Square

Now that you have integrated square with Wix it’s time for promotional activities! Head over to “Promotions” tab within the Square dashboard where different types of promotions are available such as coupon codes & email campaigns – all these promotion types help drive traffic & increase sales through the Wix website powered by square!

6. Understanding Fees And Taxes On Sales From Your WIX Website

When using square there are certain fees & taxes associated with sales made via the Wix website – it’s important for business owners who use this platform to understand what those fees are & how much they will end up paying at the end of each month when all sales are tallied up!

Some common fees include a transaction processing fee (per transaction) & merchant fee (monthly subscription based on volume). Taxes vary depending upon country/region so business owners should research what applies specifically in their jurisdiction before setting up shop online!

7. Tips For Selling Through Your WIX Site Using SQUARE

Finally here are a few tips that can help business owners sell better through their Wix-powered website:

  • Make sure the website design looks attractive & professional – this will help increase the chances of people visiting & purchasing items from the site
  • Offer incentives like discounts or free shipping for ordering certain items
  • Use striking visuals like videos/graphics when possible
  • Use analytics tools provided by Wix/Square dashboard to track the success rate
  • Leverage social media platforms like Instagram/Facebook to advertise products
  • Ask happy customers to leave reviews (this helps build trust among potential customers!)
  • Monitor fees associated with each transaction closely so there aren’t any surprises later
  • Keep testing out different features available through the Wix app market to see what works best


Connecting Squares with Wix is not difficult but could take some effort upfront to set everything up correctly – by following our steps above users should find the process straightforward & enjoyable while working towards getting their online presence established successfully! Good luck 🙂


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