8 Important Benefits of using Cloud Hosting Service for Business

Utilizing the cloud environment has become the preferred approach for businesses that are looking for scalable, flexible and efficient tools to better manage their business related tasks. As opposed to traditional single-server or virtual server service delivery, cloud hosting uses a network of servers to deliver the hosting service you need. Cloud computing makes it possible to complete specific tasks that can range from accounting to customer relation management in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Cloud hosting services offer an incredibly complex infrastructure that can be deployed in minutes, allowing businesses to achieve better project throughput, manage several projects at a time, and do all this with fewer full-time employees.

To see how cloud hosting services can help you better manage your business, we’ve compiled a list of the biggest benefits of using cloud hosting services for business purposes.

1. Flexibility and scalability

The speedy setup of a cloud server allows you to get your projects up and running more rapidly as opposed to a traditional server. This not only increases efficiency, but also reduces costs related to project management. Cloud hosting services are also scalable on-demand – as your needs change or fluctuate, you can scale up and down without the need to hire specialized staff for this purpose. Not only will this save you time, but it will also reduce costs when your project no longer needs the same resources as it did in its prime. This dynamicity in terms of costs and scalability is not something that can be offered by traditional IT structures. By paying only what you are using, you can keep costs under check and at a minimum. Whenever you need to scale up again, you can do so without contractual or licensing constraints.

2. Fewer Operational Issues

The focus on standardization is a common feature of major cloud hosting services. This means that by deploying the same type of services or set of services, you’re essentially cloning your existing resources by making use of certain pre-build models, patterns or templates. By making use of cloud computing, overhead costs, IT related costs and operational costs are reduced by giving you the advantage of not having to build applications and tools from the ground up. In addition to this, business continuity can be better maintained and time spent on fixing operational issues are also minimized.

3. Better Allocation of Resources

With the high costs of hardware cut out from the equation, and without the issues that come with traditional IT setups, your team will be free to deal with other, probably more important issues on the agenda of your business. You will no longer have to deal with problems that affect your entire company (e.g. server downtimes), because the distribution of cloud servers makes it possible to not rely on the same sever for every need. With your staff no longer burdened by operational issues, they can easily move on to the next project and even handle more projects at the same time with increased efficiency.

4. Lower Costs

Thanks to the pay-as-you-go nature of cloud hosting services, upfront capital costs are reduced, configuration times are also minimized by simply purchasing the exact resources you need and by deploying them virtually. Cloud hosting services are a perfect solution for short and mid-term projects by allowing businesses to avoid long-term financial commitments and opt for an operational expense model that makes it possible to start projects in a much shorter period and even end them whenever, without having to worry about lost investments in cloud services.

5. Competitive Edge

New businesses, and especially small ones, usually have a hard time catching up with the competition. Cloud computing allows you to make use of myriads of tools and automation to manage all aspects of your projects in shorter time and with lower investments. By reducing a project’s or product’s time-to-market and overall costs, you’ll be able to deliver higher quality products faster and at a lower cost than your competitors. This will inevitably result in a better competitive edge for your business, thus, doing away with the marked resource disadvantage that small businesses face when emerging on the market.

6. Business innovations

Another benefit of readily available cloud services, is their capability to get business innovations rolling much faster. The capacity of a business to innovate and grow is crucial for staying afloat in areas with heavy competition. Thanks to cloud hosting services and cloud computing, new businesses are able to generate new revenue streams by relying solely on these services or combining different types of these services to create new business models and new ways to streamline projects and collaboration between teams.

7. Easy collaboration

A cloud-based workflow allows your staff to share, access or edit documents whenever and wherever they are. These services also allow them to have a better visual of their collaboration and increase employee flexibility (e.g. by allowing them to work remotely) without productivity taking a hit. Cloud-based collaborative tools allow even larger teams to undertake and streamline big projects without complications.

8. Security & Reliability

The cloud environment offers your business the strong security and reliability that traditional security methods can’t or simply never had the capability to offer. With your sensitive business data stored in the cloud, your access to it won’t be restricted by hardware malfunctions or other unfortunate events. Disaster recovery can now be a simple and affordable process even for businesses that can’t match the resources of enterprise-level companies.

With the help of cloud hosting services and cloud computing, business accomplishments can be achieved even with limited resources, expertise and time, an aspect that is an especially good news for businesses that would otherwise flourish if not for the initial resource constraints. Shifting from the single-server computing paradigm to the benefits offered by cloud hosting services doesn’t only translate into higher performance, speed, scalability, and easier collaboration, but it also gives your business the power and freedom to scale resources either vertically or horizontally to meet specific needs.

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