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Carbonite is a reputable and widely used, set it and forget it type of online backup and cloud storage. One of its main selling points is the unlimited online backup space it offers, so running out of online storage is something that you’ll never have to worry about. Carbonite is used by a large number of customers across the globe, and the company backs up over 350,000,000 files each day. Carbonite has adopted a successful marketing strategy and worked on increasing brand awareness through several celebrity endorsements, which also account for its great popularity.

Is Carbonite all that it’s cracked up to be? It so happens that Carbonite’s claim to fame is based on a solid product that provides good value for your money. Let’s delve into the details of what makes Carbonite an online backup service worthy of your attention.

Carbonite Plans, Features and Support

Carbonite has several subscription plans and useful features for all types of users. Carbonite’s customer care team has received 25 major awards and the customer satisfaction rating is at 94%.

Plans and pricing

Carbonite offers two types of plans – for home and for office. Those looking for a cloud backup for their home PC can choose from the following subscriptions: Basic for $59.99/year, Plus for $99.99/year, and Prime for $149.99/year. All these plans come with unlimited cloud storage for 1 PC, automatic cloud backup, and remote access to your files from your mobile phone. The mirror image backup (local backup of your hard drive and OS) and external hard drive backup are only available in the Plus and Prime plans, while currier recovery service and automatic video backup are features available in the Prime plan. While the Basic plan works on both Windows and Mac, the higher tier plans are only compatible with Windows. The mobile app can be downloaded to your Android, iOS or other mobile devices. You can try Carbonite Home plans for free for 15 days.

At Carbonite, multi-year subscriptions for the Basic, Plus and Prime plans come with discounts. Make a 2-year commitment and receive 25% off on your subscription, or opt for a 3-year subscription and get 30% off.

The trial period for office accounts is 30 days and plans for these accounts are available as follows: Core for $199.99/year (includes unlimited PCs, external hard drives, NAS devices, and 250GB of starter cloud storage), Power for $599.99/year (includes 1 server and unlimited computers, and 250GB of starter cloud storage), and Ultimate for $999.99 (includes unlimited servers and computers, and 500GB starter cloud storage). You can install Carbonite on any computer running on Windows or Mac, and any server running on Windows.

From the various account types, it’s clear that Carbonite aims to respond not only to the file backup needs of the general public, but also that of business users.


Carbonite guides users through every step of the installation and backup process in an easy-to-understand and comprehensive way. The user-friendly dashboard interface allows customers to easily find and manage their digital data backup. You can let Carbonite work automatically, that is, to let it find and backup all your files. This setting, however, excludes videos and files larger than 4GB. While you can manually change the settings to automatically back up larger files, automatic video backup is only available in the Prime plan. If you prefer to manually select the files that you want to back up, Carbonite lets you do that too.

Carbonite’s key features include:

  • Unlimited cloud storage: users of the Home plans can enjoy unlimited cloud storage for as low as $5 per month;
  • File versioning: this feature allows Windows users to access up to three months of previously saved file versions;
  • File recovery: Accidentally deleted a file? No need to panic, your files are stored on Carbonite’s servers for 30 days and you can easily recover these files;
  • Mirror image backup and external hard backup (Plus and Prime plans only);
  • Automatic video backup (Prime plan only);
  • Recovery disk dispatched via currier service (Prime plan only);
  • Data backup scheduling;
  • Remote access to files from any computer, smartphone or tablet.


Support is available for users via e-mail or 24/7 virtual assistance. Carbonite’s website has a keyword searchable knowledgebase, a FAQ page, and several video tutorials on installation, backing up and restoring files. Video tutorials can be viewed in the Video Library section of the website.

Carbonite Pros and Cons

Apart from the above-listed features, Carbonite comes with other perks as well:

  • User-friendly dashboard interface for painless uploading of digital data;
  • Incremental backup system that continuously records changes made to your files so you can always have the most recent version backed up in the cloud;
  • Advanced encryption;
  • Geo-redundant storage as an absolute best security scenario (files are saved in more than one physical location to prevent their loss in case one location sustains damage);
  • Carbonite operates its own data centers, which means that it has full control over measures used to ensure that your files are always secure.

With all these amazing features and advantages lined up, which are Carbonite’s disadvantages, if any? Cons of Carbonite include:

  • No free account plan, only 15 or 30-day trial period;
  • No Linux support;
  • No folder or file sharing capabilities – although previous plans included the Sync & Share feature, this has been discontinued since March 1, 2016.

Is Carbonite for You?

Despite its shortcomings of not being compatible with Linux and the discontinuance of the Sync & Share feature, Carbonite is one of the most well-polished online backup services on the market. They offer a valuable product at an affordable price. Their plans are constructed to fit into any budget and they score very high on simplicity and usability. Whether for home or for business use, your important files and sensitive data will be protected and kept secure from unexpected events such as computer crashes, spilled coffee or any event that may result in the loss of your data. With Carbonite backing up your files, the thought of data loss is a lot less stressful.

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