How To Cancel Wix Subscription

Are you one of the many who have found success using Wix to create your website?

This powerful, easy-to-use platform has become a popular choice for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to create an online presence without needing deep technical knowledge.

But sometimes it’s time to move on, and if you’re ready to cancel your Wix subscription then we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know in order to get it done quickly and easily.

Overview of Canceling Wix Account

Before we dive into the details of how to cancel your Wix subscription, you should be aware that simply canceling your subscription does not completely delete your account.

Your website will still exist, though you will no longer be able to edit or manage it. To completely delete your account and all associated data, use the cancellation form on the Wix website.

The Process for Canceling a Wix Subscription

You have two main options when it comes time to cancel your subscription: canceling through the website/mobile app or contacting customer service/support. Let’s go through both options below:

Canceling Through the Website and Mobile App

If you are an existing user with a valid login, follow these steps:

  • – Log into your account through the website or Wix mobile app
  • – Find “My Account” in the dashboard menu, click “Manage My Premium Plan”
  • – Select “Cancel Plan” and confirm cancellation when prompted

Canceling Through the Wix Customer Support Team

You can also contact customer service/support directly at or by calling 1-800-600-0900 (toll-free).

Make sure to have all relevant information such as your login details handy before contacting support as they may need them in order to help process your request properly and efficiently.

Options for Reactivating Your Wix Subscription

If you’d like to make sure you can come back and continue using Wix anytime in the future, consider reactivating right away instead of canceling altogether – this won’t incur any additional costs but means that if needed, you could reinstate your subscription without having to start from scratch again later down the line.

To do so simply select “Reactivate Plan” from within “My Account – Manage My Premium Plan”.


Now that we’ve gone through how to cancel a Wix subscription, hopefully, you’re feeling confident about taking that first step toward signing off from their platform. Although canceling might feel a bit daunting at first understanding exactly what is involved makes it much easier – so, keep this post bookmarked for reference if necessary!


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