How to Boost Your Marketing Efforts with Youtube?

YouTube was once a place where artists and regular people shared videos of things they loved. Since then, it has grown enough to become the second largest search engine in the world. With 3.25 billion search queries written every day, there’s a lot of room for providing useful content to anyone’s target audience. More and more people are jumping on the opportunity, creating their own YouTube channels to push out fun content or to promote their business, or both. Companies have also jumped on the opportunity to reach out to influencers and have them promote their products through sponsored videos.

While it’s easier to have an already established YouTube channel promote your product, it isn’t necessarily a great long-term solution. Paying for sponsored videos can have a great ROI, but creating your own YouTube channel will have a greater one. It is a great platform for branding, promoting products and more. That’s what we’re going to look at today. We’ll tell you the most important aspects of using YouTube to market your products.

Be a Consistent Video Manufacturing Machine

The most important thing to help your channel gain some traction, is to be consistent with your videos. Set a schedule, make sure your audience knows about it and stick to it. Most successful channels and brands have almost twice as more videos on their channel than the unsuccessful ones.

It might be unimaginable to come up with that much unique content but it isn’t too hard. If you document more instead of editing, than you’ll produce plenty of valuable content on a regular basis. Give inside looks into how your business runs, hold webinars, do webcasts and break them up into a series of video posts.

Always Optimize Your Videos for Search Engines

optimize youtube videoSEO plays a large role in YouTube videos as well, so it’s worth investing the time and effort into optimizing each of your videos. YouTube SEO follows completely different rules than Google’s SEO. But, it still isn’t rocket science. Writing an optimized title, good description, adding a transcription and the appropriate keywords will all boost your rank by a great deal. These are the main tasks of post-upload video optimization. Video length is also a major factor and once you’re done with uploading your video, the viewers’ reactions and feedback play a large role as well.

To make things more straight forward, here’s what you got to do:


Your videos headline is the first thing that everyone will see and it’s one of the most powerful pieces that will get your audience to click on your videos. The most important thing is to make it clear and compelling. It should be nicely provocative and strike curiosity and make them know that your video will help in solving their problem. Include the most important information in the first few keywords. You should also make the title 60 characters, so that all of the title’s text will be visible in the search results.


Your video descriptions should be written in the same manner as your video’s title. It has to be straight to the point. Only the first 100 characters will be visible without the user clicking to read more of it, so you should be focusing most of the information there. Write it so that it drives views and engagement.

If you have any important links, like one linking to your blog or product page, social media page or anywhere else, make sure you include those as well. Below this, you can include a video transcript. Transcripts improve SEO, because they’re full of important keywords. You should also add hashtags to your video titles and descriptions.


Tags play a role in broadening your video’s reach. You apply your keywords to your tags, so that the video can be associated with other similar videos. This way, it will show up on the side of the screen as a video, relevant to the one that the user is currently watching.

When you’re applying tags to your videos, include your most important tags first, then add a mix of other keywords that are common in your niche, in the form of long-tail keywords.


Once you’ve uploaded your video, YouTube will let you set a category for it under “Advanced Settings”.  You can place your video in one of the preset categories, such as:  People & Blogs, Comedy, Entertainment, News & Politics, How-to & Style, Educations, Science & Technology, and Nonprofits & Activism, Film & Animation, Autos & Vehicles, Music, Pets & Animals, Sports, Travel & Events, or Gaming.

Apply Branding in an Intelligent Manner

The most successful YouTube channels have a consistent brand. They apply that branding to their video content itself (like the animation for example) and in the video’s metadata. Applying your branding appropriately will differentiate you from the rest of YouTube. People will also memorize your channel a lot more easily if they see your video embedded in a website outside of YouTube.

Just be sure not to over-brand your video, because it might end up being counterproductive. Over-branded videos aren’t always shared in independent communities.

Make an Awesome Thumbnail

Your video’s thumbnail will catch even more attention than its title if you make it properly. That’s the first bit users will see as they scroll through videos. It can have a huge impact on how many views your video gets, so it’s more than worth to invest some time on making an awesome one. According to YouTube’s reports, 90% of the best performing videos on the site have a custom thumbnail.

custom thumbnail youtube video

These thumbnails work best if they comply with a few simple rules of aesthetics. For example, they always have to stand out from YouTube’s background. Make sure that they accurately represent the content of your video. These images should also be click bait and make it hard for the viewer to resist clicking on them.

Always use high resolution, 1280×720px images in your thumbnails. You want to avoid having your video perceived as a low quality content piece. Making individual photos, editing them in Photoshop and applying some compelling text can easily prove to be one of your most worthy endeavors.

Add Subtitles and Closed Captions

It’s fairly obvious that adding anything to your videos that help your viewers will somewhat boost your ranking. Subtitles and closed captions do just that. They also help you highlight important keywords.

You can provide a full transcript for the video and YouTube will automatically time the subtitles. You can also write translations for your videos, hire a professional to do it or hire a professional to translate or transcribe your video.

add subtitles youtube video

To add closed captions or subtitles to your videos, go to video manager, click on “Videos”. Find the video you want to add the closed captioning or subtitles to, click on the drop-down arrow that’s next to the edit button and click “Subtitles/CC”. You can then choose how you want to add your subtitles.

The Type of Videos to Create

create youtube videosYouTube has become quite mature and so did its audience. There are a lot of types of videos you can create that your viewers will like and that will boost your marketing. Before you start producing your video, you need to decide what kind of video it will be. That depends on what the video’s goal is. Here are the type of videos that’s level of importance and effectiveness have been pretty high according to YouTube’s ranking. Consider these video types and which you could include in your marketing campaign.

Video Blogs (Vlogs)

Vlogs are all about the events of a person’s day-to-day life. They are a great way to document what you’re up to, what you’re looking to accomplish and how. Their content should have a structure similar to any other blog post. They should either describe some kind of event that happened around you, or provide tips to accomplish something.

As most tendencies show, the more practical you are, the more views you’ll attract. Which brings me to the second type of videos.

Tutorial Videos

Ever since we invented the video camera, educational videos explaining various skills have been on the rise. Explainer and in-depth tutorial videos are a great way for you to gain some exposure. Through tutorial videos, you can show off your expertise and gain potential client’s trust. Tutorials can also be used to answer questions and show off various products and features. Once you’ve established a solid fan base, it will prove to be a great way to push your products and any offers you have.

create youtube video tutorials

Unconventional Videos

The type of videos that are going to get people clicking are the ones that spark curiosity. They don’t really like long and boring informational videos, but they might tolerate it if it offers advice that they wouldn’t get anywhere else. The best YouTube videos tell an original and engaging story.

It’s sometimes much better to come up with videos that don’t directly relate to your product or service. They work especially well in an industry where it’s genuinely hard to get people excited about something. Even if the video is unrelated to the product but reflects positively on your company, it will work pretty well.

Product Reviews

Product reviews are pretty simple to produce. If you understand a certain type of product and have a clean voice, you’re pretty much set. Just make sure that you write notes in advance, because it’s important that you’re clear and straightforward in what you have to say.

Put a strong emphasis on making a good first impression with a solid thumbnail and a good video intro. Once that’s set, dive deeper and deeper into your experiences with the product, as the video progresses.

You can also make reviews of certain projects or show off summaries of how one of your particular campaigns went.

Thought Leader Interviews

Doing interviews with someone relevant in your industry will amplify your credibility in any industry. It will also provide the viewer with useful information that they are likely to have not been able to get from anywhere else.

You can make these videos even more engaging by asking your viewers to type any questions they want to ask in the comment section of the video. YouTubers build their followership by engaging with their fans through the comment sections. So keep that in mind.

Use Clear Calls to Action

Once your viewers have watched your well-optimized, useful and entertaining video, it’s time to ask them to take an action that will actually get you the marketing results. This can be downloading an app, visiting a product page, subscribing to a newsletter or checking out a landing page.

Most of your viewers won’t feel compelled to do that unless you ask them to. You have to encourage them to perform that action by adding a call to action to your video. You can embed them into overlays, end cards and end screens. Make sure that your call to action is clear and nobody can miss it.

But above all else, always encourage your audience to engage with you and each other. Don’t forget that YouTube is a social networking site above all else, even if it doesn’t seem like it at first sight.

Ask people to like your videos, comment on them and subscribe to your channels. Ask other YouTubers to promote your channels as well and do the same for them too.

Share Your Videos Anywhere You Can

It’s smart to create various online profiles and social media profiles where you can share your videos. Post it in communities like LinkedIn, Quora, Reddit and more. You can also use your videos in blog posts, guest articles or any of your branded content. The more places you link your YouTube channel to, the better it will perform.


There you have it, a straightforward guide to creating an awesome YouTube channel that will help your marketing efforts by a great deal. But there is no magic involved, so you’ll definitely have to put in plenty of work to make your videos awesome and relevant all the way.

I hope you have enjoyed reading through this article and that we’ll see you again soon in the next one!

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