How Much Does Bluehost Charge Per Month?

Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting services available today. It offers a variety of hosting solutions, from shared hosting to dedicated servers and VPSs, as well as specialized WordPress packages and SEO services.

The company is owned by Endurance International Group, Inc., which operates dozens of other web hosting companies.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the prices that Bluehost charges for its various services and packages, as well as its advantages and disadvantages compared to other providers.

Prices of Bluehost Plans: Basic, Plus, Choice Plus Plans

The basic Bluehost plan starts at just $2.95 per month. This plan includes unlimited storage and bandwidth, a free domain name for the first year, 50GB of email storage, unmetered websites per account, and 24/7 customer support.

The Plus Plan increases the storage space to unlimited and adds a free SSL certificate. The Choice Plus Plan further increases the storage space to unlimited and offers a few additional features like spam prevention tools and LightSpeed server technology.

All plans offer a money-back guarantee should you decide to cancel your service within 30 days.

Dedicated Hosting Pricing

Bluehost also offers dedicated hosting packages starting at $79.99 per month (including discounts). Dedicated servers are ideal for websites that require higher performance or custom application servers like game servers or media streaming servers.

With dedicated hosting, you get full control over your server’s resources so you can optimize them for your needs. However, dedicated hosting is more expensive than other types of hosting due to its higher cost of resources like RAM and CPU required for running high-end applications or large databases.

VPS Hosting Pricing

Bluehost also offers VPS (Virtual Private Server) packages starting at $19.99 per month with special discounts applied at purchase time. VPS hosting offers many advantages over shared hosting services such as greater flexibility in configuration options as well as improved performance due to isolated resources dedicated only to your website or applications on it.

However, VPS plans may not be suitable for smaller websites with limited traffic since they may require additional setup costs in order to fully utilize their potential performance gains as compared to shared plans.

Cloud Hosting Pricing

Cloud hosting is another type of service offered by Bluehost which starts at $6.95 per month with discounts applied at purchase time. Cloud hosting is highly scalable which means that it can offer better performance when facing spikes in traffic or unexpected traffic bursts .

Additionally, cloud hosting provides enhanced reliability due to automatic failover capabilities that can switch over to another server if one fails. However, cloud plans usually cost more upfront than other types of plans due to their highly flexible nature.

WordPress Hosting Pricing

Bluehost also has specialized WordPress packages starting from $2.95 per month after a discount is applied during purchase time.

A big advantage is that these plans include all essential WordPress features such as automatic updates, pre-installed themes, plugins, managed security, unlimited storage, and bandwidth, plus customer support specifically tailored towards WordPress users .

On the downside, these plans are sometimes slightly more expensive than shared packages but provide better performance by using optimized configurations specifically designed for running websites on the WordPress platform.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Bluehost offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services such as keyword research tools, link-building strategies, content optimization tools, website speed analysis & optimization recommendations, and uptime monitoring tools.

With this service, you can make sure your website gets maximum visibility on search engines like Google & Bing by performing advanced SEO techniques used by experienced professionals that can improve ranking & drive website traffic.

However, this service usually costs extra depending on the package you choose so it’s important to know if it provides significant value for your specific needs before investing in it.

E-commerce Solutions Packages

Bluehost has several e-commerce solutions available ranging from small businesses looking for an online store up to larger online businesses requiring more advanced solutions such as PCI Compliance scan & reporting software or Point Of Sale systems integration support.

These e-commerce solutions provide many advantages such as advanced security protocols & technologies, and streamlined checkout processes with multiple payment gateway support.

While they come with some disadvantages such as being relatively more expensive than shared platform options plus increased complexity regarding setup & maintenance when compared against solutions without similar features

Additional Charges (Domain Name, SSL Certificates )

In addition to monthly subscription fees, there may be additional charges for certain features like domain names registration cost which varies depending upon the type & availability of domains selected plus SSL certificates cost which is usually around 80 USD/ year depending upon the type chosen again based upon specific business requirements.


In conclusion, we can see that Bluehost provides an outstanding range of web services from basic shared packages up through cloud offerings including specialized WordPress packs plus e-commerce-oriented options among others.

Prices vary greatly depending on the type of plan chosen but overall seem competitive compared to similar offerings from other market players.

All products include discounted rates during purchase time plus a money-back guarantee should customers decide within the first 30 days period.

Additional charges may apply regarding domains & SSL certificates but overall prices seem reasonable considering the quality standards provided


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