Does BlueHost Offer Free Email

Email is essential for most businesses, and Bluehost offers a range of email hosting services.

Such services are mainly targeted at web hosting customers, but they are also available to non-Bluehost customers.

This post will discuss whether Bluehost offers a free email service, how to set up a free email on Bluehost, the benefits and drawbacks of free email hosting, and other alternatives for free email hosting.

Details of Bluehost’s Email Services

Bluehost provides shared hosting packages with several different levels of email service. With the basic level of shared hosting, users get unlimited POP3/IMAP accounts with individual storage space for each account.

The package also includes spam protection and support for custom domain names and webmail access from multiple devices. The top tier of shared hosting provides even more features such as advanced virus protection and unlimited groupware accounts for teams of all sizes.

Does Bluehost Offer Free Email?

No, Bluehost does not offer any type of free email service or package. Furthermore, it is not possible to create a free email account on the domain name associated with your website hosted by Bluehost.

This is because all emails sent from the website must be linked to a paid package in order to comply with anti-spam regulations enforced by most countries around the world.

Setting Up a Free Email on BlueHost

Even though it is not possible to create a free email account directly through Bluehost’s services, there are other ways to set up a free email address associated with your websites hosted by Bluehost, such as using third-party software like Microsoft Outlook or Google Mail.

This type of setup requires creating an inbox on either one of these programs that will be linked to your website’s domain name via SMTP protocol (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). Once setup is complete, you can send and receive emails through this inbox with ease.

Benefits of Free Email Hosting

There are several advantages to setting up a free account via third-party software:

  • It costs nothing more than the cost of an existing web host; often times you can use an existing Gmail or Outlook account that you already have created and link it to your domain name.
  • It can be used while traveling since you simply need an internet connection; no access codes or authentication information is required.
  • You have complete control over your mailbox since it has been set up completely independently from any external service provider or mail server host; this means that you can keep confidential information safe from malicious actors such as spammers or hackers.
  • It eliminates additional overhead such as buying extra hardware for running mail servers or heavy software licenses for additional security features like antivirus scanning which often comes at an additional cost with paid services from providers like Microsoft Exchange Server or Google Apps for Work (G Suite).

Negative Aspects of Using Free Email Hosting

Although setting up a free account via third-party software could appear to be convenient in some ways, there are also several downsides that come along:

  • Less secure: unlike professional mail server hosts there is no guarantee that your data will remain protected since there are no encryption protocols implemented by default when using personal accounts. Extra security measures have to be taken in order to ensure data safety when dealing with confidential information.
  • Limited storage capacity: depending on what provider you choose (e.g., Gmail offers 15 GB while Outlook gives only 5 GB) this could quickly become an issue if you frequently send large attachments such as videos and photos; furthermore this type of limitation might require additional upkeep from users which involves regularly deleting old messages in order not exceed their cap limit

Alternatives to Bluehost for Free Email Hosting

If you want access to more features than what some providers offer when setting up free accounts then there are several alternatives worth considering such as iContact Pro which allows users to create custom domains for their business emails along with sophisticated features like autoresponders and analytics tracking tools designed around contact management needs (e-commerce analytics).

Zoho Mail is another great option as its basic package provides users with 10 GB storage space without any extra costs involved or limits imposed on contact list size – perfect if managing contacts make up most part of your workflow!

Lastly, Runbox offers 10 aliases per user which makes it perfect if having multiple addresses associated under one main address is important – adding extra contacts becomes easier too since forwarding emails requiring replies can be done automatically without manual labor required when using other services!


In conclusion, although there is no way to create a completely free email address through the service provided by Bluehost, users can still set up a free account on a third-party service such as Microsoft Outlook or Google Mail.

Furthermore, such email hosting solutions can provide some benefits in terms of cost and convenience while avoiding costs associated with more advanced options. If extra features are needed, then there are other alternatives to consider such as iContact Pro, Zoho Mail, or Runbox.


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