Does Bluehost Offer Free Domain?

In the world of website hosting, Bluehost is a highly respected name.

It provides a range of services to help you get online, including domain registration and web hosting.

If you’re wondering if Bluehost offers free domain registration, then read on for an explanation of what domain names are and what types of domains Bluehost offers.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is an address that your visitors will use to find your website. It’s essentially like a street address – without it, no one can locate or visit your site.

To find an available domain name, you must choose from one of the numerous top-level domains (TLD) such as .com, .net, or .org. A unique domain name sets your website apart from the rest and helps customers quickly locate and remember it.

Why Do You Need a Domain Name?

A domain name plays an important role in branding your website and making sure that it’s easy to find. It also helps with search engine optimization (SEO) efforts since it can include important keywords related to your business or industry.

Finally, having a professional-looking web address makes customers feel more confident about doing business with you and encourages them to stay longer on your site.

Does Bluehost Offer Free Domains?

Yes, Bluehost does offer free domain names with certain hosting plans. It’s important to note that if you sign up for one of these plans, the free domain will be valid only for the first year – afterward you’ll need to pay the standard charge for renewing the service every year thereafter.

Types of Domains Offered by Bluehost

When registering with Bluehost there are several types of domains available:

  • Top-level domains (TLDs): These include popular extensions like .com, .net, and .org as well as country-specific TLDs such as .pt (for Portugal).
  • Subdomains: These are usually used when creating multiple websites within a single larger site or when launching experiments or tests for an existing site. With this option, you get unlimited subdomains for free as part of any hosting plan.
  • Newly released domains: These are new TLDs such as .bio, .shop, and many others that were recently added to enable website owners to create unique and memorable addresses for their sites. The cost for this type varies depending on which TLD you choose – some will be more expensive than others because they may be more desirable or popular than others based on current web trends.
  • Domain privacy protection: This service keeps your contact information hidden in WHOIS databases so that it doesn’t show up publicly on the internet and prevents cyber criminals from accessing your personal details by searching public records online. This service costs $14 per year but is often included free when registering a new domain with most providers like Bluehost.
  • Domain Forwarding: This allows you to redirect visitors arriving at one domain address (like directly to another one (like This can be useful if you have multiple websites or projects running at once but still want people arriving at one location automatically taken somewhere else instead – perfect for split testing pages or managing multiple sites from one place without needing individual hosts for each URL.

Free Domain With Hosting Plan

If you sign up for one of Bluehost’s shared hosting plans then you get a free domain name included in the price – this makes it much easier for those who want to get started straight away without having to invest additional money in their web hosting.


Bluehost offers a range of services for website owners, including domain registration. It does offer free domains with certain hosting plans, as well as a range of TLDs and subdomains to choose from.

If you sign up for a shared hosting plan then you also get a free domain included in the price – perfect for those who want to get started straight away without having to invest additional money in their web hosting.


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