Great Blogging Ideas That Will Make You More Popular

As bloggers, we’re constantly trying to strike a balance between our own interests, our readers’ interests and what makes us money. Our blog provide a playground for our creativity, but it’s often hard to find inspiration and to write a post that helps us achieve our goals as well. It’s easy to come to think that we have exhausted all our blogging ideas, but fear not, there’s a lot more to write about. You just have to flex your creative muscles a bit more and gather some inspiration from this list we’ve provided for you. Today, we’re going to talk about all the various kinds of blog posts you can use to make your blog more popular in the year of opportunity, 2018!

I’m not sure if it actually is the year of opportunity, but it definitely is for me. I know that you don’t want blogging ideas spoon-fed to you, because I might as well write them myself. Instead, use all the good stuff you gather here as inspiration. So, without further ado, let’s get down to the list!

Look Around at Quora
quora logo

Quora is an awesome place to see what people are interested about and what kind of questions they need answered most of the time. It’s a great spot to find inspiration and to find out what kind of blog post you should create next.

Talk About one of your Secrets

People are always interested about hearing someone’s secrets, something that you wouldn’t tell anyone. Even though it’s obvious that you’re broadcasting yours to thousands of people, they’ll still read it due to sheer curiosity.

Bring up the story and circumstance, build it up to the reveal and make your secret go out with a bang. Let it be known to the world. Just make sure it’s something worth sharing, not the fact that you love to blog.

Talk About the Meaning Of a Quote That Means a Lot to You

Deep down in our hearts, we are all quote junkies. We love quotes from wise idols whose words send chills down our spines. Often enough, these quotes show us a glimpse of truth, change our outlook on life or reaffirm our beliefs most of the time.

Find a Blog To Steal Posts From

Yeah, it doesn’t sound too good when you say it directly like that “steal from other blogs”, but in reality your favorite blog might just have stolen it’s last few posts from another blog you didn’t even know exists.

By stealing blog posts, you can write about absolutely astonishing topics that will get plenty of interested readers who will be satisfied with what they read. This isn’t even remotely connected to stealing someone else’s intellectual property or doing copyright infringement. But it is indeed smart to identify the blog that inspired you and give a backlink to them.

You can do this in two simple steps:

  • Find 5 of your favorite blogs, regardless of their niche and look through their best posts.
  • Write down their article headlines and re-purpose them according to your own niche and audience.

Invite Other Bloggers to Do Guest Posts

Who says you have to do all the work? Why not invite other qualified individuals to help you out with their awesome writing skills and other talents. Guest posting is a win-win situation. You’ll get yourself a high quality post (if the blogger is good enough) and the blogger will have a solid backlink from your blog, which will boost their SEO. Many bloggers are constantly searching for guest blogging opportunities, so it isn’t hard to find one.

Try a Fresh Experience and Blog About It

try out new experience bloggingEver did bungee jumping, capoeira, sat in a Lamborghini or eaten a bug? Humans crave for fresh experiences and love to hear others talk about theirs. Find something ridiculous, crazy or exciting that you have never done before and go do it. Then come back and put the experience inside a nice compelling story that your readers will love.

Create a Tutorial or an Ultimate Guide

People just love it when they can find all the information and knowledge they need in one place all at once. If you have some practical skills you can share or you can call yourself an expert at something, than you can share it with the rest of the world in the form of a comprehensive tutorial or an ultimate guide.

Write Listicles

Now there’s an original idea that nobody ever thought of, right? Well, there are always more top lists you can write. Top 10 lists and other listicles are one of the most successful types of blog posts. People just love the fact that they can get huge doses of valuable information in a short time, so they love to just run through a nice, well-composed list of something they’re interested it. Let it be finding the movie for the night, a new show, a new smartphone; listicles are one of the catchiest types of blog posts. They get people clicking and reading faster than anything!

Talk About Your Life’s Greatest Successes, Failures and What You’ve Learnt From Them

We all have stories to tell and those stories are filled with ups and downs. A lot of us like to hear other people’s stories so that they can learn from them and avoid any mistakes that they might cross paths with along their journey.

Posts like this spark interest and will provide context for your readers. Having them know more about who you are and where you came from, will let them form a persona and become more attached to your blog.

Disprove of a Myth or a Theory

We’re living in an age when every preconceived notion is being put to the test. Whether it is a religious belief, scientific fact or social phenomenon, it’s bound to be questioned by someone one way or another.

You can attack things like common misconceptions on what is considered a normal social behavior or something smaller like, whether you can really slip on a banana peel or not.

Try To Tackle an Existential Question

Do our lives actually have a purpose? Why are we here? Why is humanity slowly destroying itself through industrialization? There are many questions that are looking for someone to answer them, but all we can do is give our best try. You should too, it will definitely spark some interest among those who are trying to tackle the same questions in their minds.

Talk About Your Bad Habits and How You Will Break Them

At some point, every blogger has to turn to self-development as any other normal person. They are humans as well and they have bad habits too. Your bad habits might make for an interesting afternoon read for somebody.

Beginner Guides

After the solid ultimate guides, beginners’ guides are one type of blog posts that you can always create if you have a marketable skill and have people clicking and sharing. Everyone has to start somewhere and having him or her starting on your blog is an absolute privilege. So be kind to your readers and help them start out in a new career, hobby or work they want to pursue.

Write a List of The Most Common Mistakes Made in Your Industry or Niche

Wherever you go and whatever you do, people are bound to make mistakes. Some mistakes are more common than others and everyone wants to do their best to avoid it. Helping students avoid some of the most common mistakes of any craft or art form is one of a teacher’s first tasks.

Ask Your Readers Questions and Post Answers

If you’re good at something or more knowledgeable in your chosen topics than others or would answer personal questions without a problem, tell people to ask them. Once you have done the research for the answer or have come up with it on your own, write it into a short post that you can share with your readers.

Do an Interview To Find Answers to Specific Questions

You can do an engaging interview with someone influential within your industry or even your grandma. As long as you can make the interview engaging with interesting questions, people will like to read it.

Solve a Specific Problem

solve specific problems bloggingThe majority of blogging is based around helping people solve a problem. Most search queries are about individuals searching for a way to solve a problem in their lives or make an improvement in some way. That’s where knowledgeable individuals such as yourself come into the picture.

Whether it is curing depression, finding the cure for a disease or baking better cakes, you can do some research and find solutions to common or not so common problems. Helpful posts like this are the most welcome in the cyber space and you’ll get yourself a loyal follower after you helped him/her.

People Features

The one thing giving more to your audience than an interview is an authentic story of a person’s success, struggles, achievements or noble acts. If there’s someone around you with a unique story or an adventure in their life, than you can use it as the perfect material for your next blog post.

Give Useful Advice Through Real-Life Situations

Whether it is relationship advice or advice on how to handle a bully, there is a lot to talk about. Why not share your experiences and valuable tips with those who really need it? You can tackle a certain situation in life and write down your opinions and what kind of approach worked best for you.

Write a Series With Each Post Having a Different Writer

You can take a certain idea, problem or any kind of topic and publish a series, in which each section is written by a different guest author. This will provide a broad of different perspectives and opinions, which will add a lot of unique value to your blog and your posts.

Use Topic Generators

It doesn’t match up to a creative brainstorming session, but topic generators can prove to be incredibly useful tools, with which all you have to do is type in a keyword. The generator will give you a number of blog post suggestions. Sometimes it won’t make grammatical sense but the ideas will be still there. Some topic generators are better than others, but you’ll definitely get at least one solid blog post idea from each of these:


Whether it is a comparison between two products, two people or two websites, comparisons are popular within any niche and will always get the attention of people. These comparisons are highly opinioned, so it’s really worth for a reader to check out multiple ones.

A News Story

Yeah, this is one of the most obvious ones, but it is also one of the most successful types of blog posts. There’s always something new happening in the world that needs a proficient blogger like yourself to write about it. Writing about news in your niche is really rewarding traffic-wise.

A Case Study

write case study bloggingThere has been a rising demand for case studies that have actual, valuable data involved. Looking at your industry from a different perspective, doing research and experiments will definitely pay off, because it helps you get your hands on unique research information that your readers aren’t likely to find on any other site.

Webinars, Live Broadcasts or Vlogs

If you’re ready to show the face behind all those stellar writing capabilities, than it’s time to put it in front of the camera. There’s bound to be something that you want to share with your audience face to face, or that there is something you could teach them through a webinar. Maybe you want to host a discussion on a certain topic? Either way, these events are the perfect way to make your followers more engaged and to add a lot of value to your blog.

Journal Your Experience on a Decisive Life Event

If you went to a special event, a trip or a defining event has happened in your life, it’s worth blogging about it. Unique stories always get their share of attention. People will like to hear the conclusions you’ve drawn from an event, the people you’ve met and the adventures you’ve been on. It’s really fun to do it too!

Commentary Post

Whether it’s a TED talk, a TV interview or any other event caught on camera, you can share your commentary on it. Go through the video, analyzing everything that took place, everything that was said and done. Your followers will definitely be interested in what you have to say about something relevant in your niche.

A Best-Of Post

You can either make a best of list about posts on your site, the top movies or tracks of the summer or anything else that comes to mind. Your readers will definitely want a dose of the best, which is why these kind of blog posts and video posts have a lot of success.

Read a Great Book and Write a Summary

There are plenty of non-fiction books that have an insane amount of useful information that you can squeeze into a blog post. Reading a good book will definitely spark your imagination and help you with brainstorming new blog post ideas. The title of the post doesn’t have to include the book’s title. It can be either the conclusion you have drawn from the book or the topic or problem the book has tackled.

Books are obviously one of the best resources for a blogger, so make sure you read plenty of them!

Review, Reuse or Update Old Content

A lot of things can happen throughout a year and there’s always new knowledge and useful information you can add to an older blog post. In the best case, your writing has also improved, so there are a lot of ways you can reuse a blog post that performed well, but doesn’t get as much traffic anymore.


There you have it! A fountain of blog post inspirations that you can use to create fresh content and flood your readers with stellar topics. I hope that we helped you turn your sparks of creativity into massive flames and that you’ve enjoyed reading through this article. Make sure to read the next one too!

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