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How to Grow Your Website’s Traffic Without Adding New Content

The general idea is that if you want to have more traffic on your site, you’ll have to create more content. The more topics and pages your blog has, the more opportunities you have to attract visitors to your website. Yet this isn’t actually true, far from it. There are …


The Cost of Building a Professional WordPress Website

There is a lot of mystery around how much building a website with WordPress would actually cost. But it depends mostly on who you ask and what your needs are. Naturally, if you’re looking to build your own social media site or a massive online marketplace, you won’t get off …


Basic Web Design Skills that Every Business Owner Should Learn

The power of the web has never been more obvious to business owners than it is today. They suddenly had to realize that about 80% of their customers turn to the web to make their buying decisions. They read blog posts, watch videos, look around social media and look at …

micro blogging

How to Use Micro-Blogging for Building Your Online Presence

Short, bite-sized content pieces are becoming more and more popular on numerous platforms. Both computer and mobile users love to see eye-catching images coupled with short texts that entertain or convey a message in an easily consumable manner. Because browsing the web can only take up only a few minutes …


Best Affiliate Marketing Niches

So you want to be ahead of the game and catch the latest trend in 2018? It is indeed a competitive market out there and you need to do everything you can to get ahead of the curve. Choosing your affiliate marketing niche is one thing that will help you …


5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Web Hosting for Business

You want the best web hosting experience for your business website? Then make sure to avoid these common mistakes. The web is abundant with advice on selecting the best hosting for your website. This overflow of tips, tutorials and articles on how to find reliable hosting is not coincidental, after …


What is Error Code 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) & How to Fix It?

If you’re using Google Chrome as your default browser, at some point you may come across an Error Code 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED). This error is specific to Google Chrome, so you’ll probably want to know what causes this error message and what are some possible fixes. What is Error 105? What …

why are listicles effective

Why Are Listicles so Effective? 17 Reasons That Will Surprise You!

We all love listicles and are somewhat addicted to them. It’s hard to resist a dose of useful information that is presented in such an easy-to-consume manner. Listicles are criticized for being low-brow and a degraded form of writing. Sometimes they are really uninformative and are just made to get …


Is SEO Finally Dead? What Works These Days?

As Google’s algorithm for ranking search results is in a dynamically changing process, search engine marketers find it increasingly difficult to keep up the pace, and more often than not, they decide to pronounce SEO dead. With the passing of a new year, there are yet again new voices that …