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managed wordpress hosting

Advantages and Disadvantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a great tool to build websites with. The hosting requirements to run a website based on WordPress is pretty standard so most web hosting companies will be able to host your website. There are however some minimum requirements, that are necessary to run the software. The current WordPress …

website building guide

3 Easy Steps to Build a Professional Website

Today, it is not needed to be a developer to be able to build a simple but professional website. There are many tools available that makes website building so easy, that anyone who can write an email can basically create a website. If you choose to build your site with …

web hosting for wordpress woocommerce

Shared Hosting vs. VPS for WordPress WooCommerce Shop

Recently I found a discussion on a popular web hosting portal, where someone was seeking help to choose a hosting plan for a website project, to be more specific, for an online shop built with WordPress and WooCommerce. I have read lots of different opinion and realize that some people …

what differences between web hosting providers

What are The Main Differences Between Web Hosting Providers

In this article we will be talking about the main differences between top hosting providers. Many of the best hosting companies looks the same and the features and pricing may be very similar, but still there are plenty of differences that you may not know about. From experience, I can …

move shared hosting to vps

When to Move from Shared to VPS Hosting?

Most people when creating their very first website choose to buy shared hosting. This type of hosting plan is perfect for small websites, but if you are serious about your online presence and your website start growing, probably you will need to upgrade your hosting plan to the next level. …

create small business website

Why your Small Business needs a Website?

While more and more customers are searching for services and products online, before they actually doing the purchase, you are losing business because while not having a website. If your small business is operating for a while, people may already talk about you on social media sites of forums. In …

joomla website security tricks

Best Practices to Secure Your Joomla Website

First of all let’s make it clear, that none of websites or servers is safe. There is always a “door” that hackers can break through and get access to sensitive information. This is the worst and most annoying thing that can happen to a website, beside the downtime that is …

when to change web hosting provider

Signs that Confirms you Should Change Hosting Provider

Web hosting is the foundation of every website. As in case of a construction, if the foundation is not good, the building will collapse sooner or later. This can be also true in case of websites. If the web hosting provider you are hosting with can’t provide reliable service and …

best cms wordpress joomla drupal

WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal – What is the Best CMS?

Today there are many options to build a website without the need of knowing any programming language. Those who want a simple website may go with a site builder, but others who want a more powerful and flexible online application will choose a content management system. There are many great …