14 Unique Ways for Better Traffic Generation to Your Website in 2017

Everyone needs increasing website traffic to get more number of leads and better business online. If you run an online business, web traffic is your business’ lifeblood as it enables the business to work and bring in considerable returns. For this, you need to try out various strategies in order to bring in more potential buyers to the site and also keep them engaged with your content, which is not as easy task.

Digital marketing and online traffic have become the hot topics in the business world lately. However, this is a fast changing scenario and it is important to keep yourself updated with the latest strategies to succeed in online marketing. Further we will discuss 14 unique ways through which you will be able to increase website traffic in 2017.

1. Instant user acquisition

The most ideal mode of increasing traffic to a website through organic traffic is to increase pages on your site, which can further gain better ranking against important keywords. Check where you can add new category pages, blog posts, and more varieties of attractive contents such as quizzes and visuals, targeting the most popular keywords.

2. Optimizing old content

You will be already tracking your keyword-centric page rankings, which is essential in case of search engine optimization. With this research, you may find some keywords which you get ranked near the bottom of the first page. You can improve the ranking of these keywords by optimizing your old contents. By revisiting the old contents, you can actually breathe new lease of life into them. Google also values newer content than stale old content.

3. Keep on launching new products

An ideal way to attract new users to your website is to launch newer products every once in a while to meet the changing customer needs. This will help enhance your visibility, and you can make more money by getting plenty of new users getting into the conversion funnel.

4. Create online courses and guides

The biggest advantage of internet is that you can create any type of content and promote it as well. Try creating longer-form contents such as courses, which target common search phrases and keywords that are related to your business. You can drive more traffic to your site through these efforts and convert that traffic into email addresses and phone numbers, which you can directly take into the funnel.

5. Consider guest posts

You can search for sites and blogs matching to your business. If they also have the same audience as your target group, you can post content as a guest writer on those sites and blogs, which will help you to get more recognition.

6. Also be open to guest posts

Remember that doing guest posts is a give-and-take activity. Similar to you, there are many other websites too which need quality links for their SEO purpose. So, if you find someone puts forth a guest post request, if you don’t identify them as a direct competitor, allow them to do guest posting on your site.

7. Use infographics effectively

Avail the services of an expert designer to create attractive, useful, and informative graphics for your online content, which will make people see your content in an enjoyable way and get engaged.

8. Use podcasting

Podcasting is a big thing nowadays, and is also considered to be one of the best ways to build an audience online. You can start a podcasting schedule and also invite more influential people to your podcast. You can take it as an audio version of the guest posts. Always keep a couple of podcasts in schedule, and also target reputed podcast producers and get into their shows.

9. Social media advertising

Social media advertising through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other networking sites is a comparatively cheaper affair when compared to Adwords and PPC, but more effective nowadays. With a huge network of subscribers, you can also easily segment the campaigns by demographics or use specific target keywords to reach to the most ideal audience.

10. PPC

Pay Per Click (PPC) is best used in case of conversion-based keywords, which is a great way to get new audience that are more prone to get converted.

11. Creating Pinterest boards

Pinterest is a very strong platform and Pinterest boards can help you rank better. After doing adequate keyword research for your business, target those on Pinterest to get a mileage. Along with Pinterest, it is also ideal to use the other resources such as Instagram to get those indexed at better ranking.

12. Build partnerships

Even the biggest brands establish partnerships to perform better in business. When it comes to online B2B spaces, entering into successful partnerships can play crucial in customer acquisition. Try to establish referral programs with completing businesses and try to attract some of their traffic back to your site, either through relevant website/product mentions or through email marketing.

13. Link acquisition

This tactic has existed for long, but still seems to be a relevant tip even in 2017. The more quality links you have to a website, the better the possibilities for that site to rank on top. Acquire as many relevant links as you can from content and from relevant resource pages of different other sites.

14. Create satellite websites

If you your primary website lingers around one niche when you actually run business in multiple industries, you can build different websites targeted at various types of clients matching to each niche. You can use all of these effectively to complement each other and use those to funnel traffic to all sites. It is a great way to spread the traffic.

Along with the above strategies, you should also take care of optimizing the speed of your site, continue keyword research, target long tail of keywords for SEO, create videos for YouTube, arrange online classes, sponsor meetups, use email newsletters, and also take measures to effectively retain customers. It is a never-ending research for the marketers to effectively identify the most relevant methods for lead generation online, and those, who do it effectively, succeed!

Derek Iwasiuk is the owner of the National Digital Search Engine Optimization firm that is headquartered in Minneapolis twin cities. He spends a lot of his free time working with experts and aspirants. You can also follow him on twitter @Diwasiuk
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