Best WordPress Redirection Plugins

Once we have chosen the right gallery plugins to make our website interactive, we have ensures that our site gets the deserved audience with a SEO plugin and we have increased the speed of our WordPress based website with cache plugins, the time has come to choose a great option when it comes to redirecting your users to another page.

Redirection can be useful for a variety of reasons; regardless if you want to temporarily send the people who are viewing a certain page to another one or you have changed hosts and you wish to permanently change the URL, a great redirection plugin is highly recommended, as this will cut down the time needed to execute this action.

Even if you have a simple blog site, the time may come when you need to use the redirect function and doing this manually can be a real headache and it can also consume a lot of time. This is why in this list; you can see some of the best free options when it comes to redirecting users from one page to another.

SEO Redirection Plugin

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There are so many things that this plugin is able to do for you. For example, if you need to redirect a whole site, you can easily enter the new URL and finish the job in a few minutes. In addition, the SEO Redirection Plugin allows you to do all sorts of redirects, depending on which one you need and prefer.

The other great thing about it is that you can monitor and edit any pages which get a 404 error. This means that even if one of your visitors stumbles upon a page which is not working as intended, you can automatically redirect them to another post or your homepage. Not only that your audience is going to appreciate this, but you will also get a lot more views on other pages and posts.

SEO Redirection Plugin allows you to redirect individual folders or pages and setting the whole process up is very easy. All you need to do is choose the type of data that you want to redirect, enter the old and new URL, choose the type of redirection that you want and simply click on Add New. After this, once a person tries to visit the old domain, they are simply and efficiently going to be redirected to the new one.

This plugin also has SEO options built into it, so people can actually find your pages as well. You are also able to see the history of all of the redirections which happened lately. This will help you see the posts and pages which are still getting traffic, so you can make changes according to this.

With over 50,000 active installs and since 90% of all reviews have been rated 5 stars, this plugin is a sure way to redirect any page, regardless of the type of redirection that you are looking for.

Pros: Being able to simply choose the type of redirection that you want is a great thing. In addition, you can see all of the 404 errors that users got and monitor them in an easy way. It has a user friendly interface and you do not need to be an expert to make redirections using this plugin.

Cons: Since it is such a simple plugin, some might miss advanced options. If you need to do multiple actions, this might not be the plugin for you.


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John Godley, the mastermind behind this plugin has given us an amazing tool that stands out even among the many redirection plugins that we can choose from. The reason why this is the case is that he has added a few, very interesting features to the plugin, such as being able to see a counter that shows how many times a certain redirect link has been used.

Not only that redirecting from one page to another can be done in seconds, but at the same time, you can shorten your referral links and monitor 404 error pages.

Another amazing feature which is implemented into Redirection is the ability to redirect your users to a random post. This means that if a user clicks on a link which is broken or deleted, you can redirect them to one of your other posts, so you do not lose their attention. This can help you a lot, especially if you are trying to make money using your WordPress website.

The dedicated community behind this plugin has made a variety of different language packs for the plugin as well. You can choose from options such as French, Spanish, Arabic, Hungarian, Greek, Dutch as well as many others.

Pros: Redirecting has been simplified with this plugin and this is exactly why so many people use it even today. With the added features, this plugin truly competes with some of the best on the market.

Cons: The only real problem that people might have with the plugin is that it only supports 301 redirections. This means that if you only need a temporary solution, do not use this plugin under any circumstances.

Safe Redirect Manager

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There is a whole team behind this plugin, who is trying their best to provide the most amazing plugin when it comes to redirection.

Unlike other plugins on the list, this plugin is very simple and straight forward. Once you open the installed plugin, you will see that there are not many options to choose from. You can simply enter a certain URL and redirect it to another one. You also get the chance to choose the type of redirection you want, such as 301 (permanent), 307 (temporary redirection) or any of the other ones which are listed.

If you click on the main hub of the plugin, you will see a list of the redirections which are currently active. You can see data, like the URL from which it was redirected as well as the new URL, the status of that particular link as well as the date when the redirection has been created.

One of the other great things about this plugin is that you can use it on multiple websites without having to pay anything. This is an amazing thing for people who own numerous websites and want to manage them all using the same plugin.

Pros: This is the simplest plugin that you are going to find on the list. It doesn’t do much, but when it comes to redirecting from one link to another, you are not going to find a better solution.

Cons: As I have previously mentioned, this plugin lacks many features and if you are looking for a more advanced one, with a variety of options, you will be disappointed.

Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin

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This plugin, as the name might suggest, allows you to do all of your page or post redirection in a quick and simple manner.

The plugin has two main categories when it comes to redirecting certain links; Quick Redirects and Individual Redirects.

With the Quick Redirect option, you do not have to do much, as all you need is to enter the URLs. This method is used for 301 redirections and it is very fast.

On the other hand, if you choose the Individual Redirect option, you can choose the type of redirection that you want. Each time you create a new post or edit an existing one, a new box will appear under the regular post creation, where you can instantly start the redirect process. Options such as opening the post in a new window, the ability to show the redirect URL in the link as well as some other options are available. You can also enter the desired redirection URL as well, meaning that the redirection process is only going to take a couple of minutes.

If you check the Posts page, at the end of each entry, you will see the toolbar that this plugin offers. You can easily turn the redirection on and off and you are shown the type of redirection which is used as well.

Pros: This compact plugin offers various options for your redirection needs. You can do the simple way, where you just enter the URLs or you can also choose to play around with advanced settings as well.

Cons: Some people are experiencing problems with this plugin as well as compatibility errors. If you do not get any errors, there are not many problems with the plugin.


If you do not want to spend countless hours manually redirecting your websites or pages to another one, you will need a good plugin to do this for you. Thankfully the internet is filled with them and you can simply choose one from the list. If you do not like the one that you have chosen or you feel that it is too complicated for you, simply download another one and try it out as well; you cannot lose anything!

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