Best WordPress Music Player Plugins

In this installment of our series of the best WordPress plugins which will make your life easier, we will talk about some of the best music player plugins that we can choose from. This can make a website come to life and also allow your audience to experience the music that you have to offer, in case you are a musician or a songwriter.

Even if you are not in the music industry, you might still want to consider using one of these plugins as you can easily add any non-copyrighted tune to your site, so the people who are browsing your site can enjoy some background noise while they look through the content that you present to them.

Choosing the right plugin might be a little bit tricky, but hopefully this list will help you make the right decision, based on what your needs are as well as a few other factors. There are free as well as paid options that you can choose from, so inspect each entry in-depth and choose the one that you feel most comfortable with.

WordPress based websites have a built in audio playing function, however, those who would like to customize their playlists, podcasts and all sorts of music are able to purchase or download plugins to assist them in this.

Compact WP Audio Player

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Tips and Tricks HQ and mbrsolution, the team behind this plugin has tried their best to provide the world with a simple and appealing solution when it comes to attaching media files to a post. This plugin can be used on any platform or device, such as Chrome, Firefox as well as smartphones. This makes it very easy for mobile as well as desktop users to play the files that you have presented to them.

You are able to add the file that you desire using simple shortcodes that you can find on the WordPress directory site. Depending on where you would like the player to be shown, you can choose the location of the code and you can also tweak it according to your needs.

This particular player supports .mp3 and .ogg formats, so you can easily add any media that you want. The installation process is also very simple and you do not have to set up anything.

There are various reasons why this plugin could be beneficial to you; for example, if you are trying to sell the music that you have created on your site, you could offer a sample of the song to your viewers or if you are a professional podcaster, you could use this plugin to showcase each episode that you create.

Pros: This is a very simple solution when it comes to attaching media to a post. Not only that this player looks better than the default WordPress media player, but at the same time it is more compatible with different browsers and devices.

Cons: The options which are available are very limited and many people will need more customization option, which do not come with this plugin.

HTML5 jQuery Audio Player

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When it comes to selling music on your website using a free plugin, this is the right choice for anybody. The reason behind this is that there are more customization options, compared to the previous entry and at the same time it is just as easy to use. You need to add shortcodes to your post, just like you would with any other plugin, but the difference here is that you truly have a variety of different options that you can play around with.

Once you have installed the plugin, you should head on over to the options page, which can be accessed through the newly created folder in the WordPress dashboard. The first step that you should do is to add songs to the database. You need to upload the file, choose a rating, and add a title and a description as well as a cover photo which will be used. You can also choose the price for each song if you are trying to sell it.

Once you are done with this and you can see that particular song on the list, you can start customizing the shortcode which will be used in the post. Things like the number of tracks which will be shown, the background color as well as many other things can be customized.

If you play around with the settings, you can truly create a unique look and feel to each of the media players that you add to a post and you can present them in an appealing way.

It also integrates nicely with Easy Digital Downloads, thus allowing you to distribute your music in a simple manner.

Pros: This plugin also has a free, lite version and there are more customization options compared to Compact WP Audio Player.

Cons: If you would like to unlock all of the features, such as unlimited number of playlists or use the drag-and-drop feature, you need to purchase the Pro version, which is $30 for a single site or $110 for any number of sites.


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When simon.ward created this plugin, he did not realize that this will be one of the best on the market. Compared to the other music players on the list, this plugin has amazing customization options and a variety of stunning skins that you can choose from. In addition, you can also change the colors that your player is going to use, so you can blend it in with the background as well as your website’s layout.

The first thing that you need to do is set a few thing up in the options menu. You can set the initial volume, if a song should be played on loop as well as the number of tracks that will be in that particular playlist.

Once you are done with this, you should choose the skin that you want to use, or set the color scheme up, just the way you want it to be.

You can also set the playlist up so that only logged in users can download the songs that you have in your playlist. Changing the text which will be shown to the users can also be changed.

Just like with other plugins, you will have to enter the shortcode into the post and this plugin is highly optimized for mobile as well as desktop users.

Pros: This plugin offers the largest customization options to choose from and creating your very own, unique playlists is a very simple task.

Cons: There are some known bugs and problems that users have with the plugin and in some instances, it may also slow your website down.

Cue by

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This is the highest quality media player that you can find on the internet. Not only that the free version allows you to create an unlimited number of playlists and customize them to your needs, but if you choose to upgrade to the pro version, you also get various trackers and counters as well.

The pro version allows you to keep track of how many times a certain playlist has been played, the number of plays in the last week as well as many other very helpful data. The amazing thing about Cue by is that the free version offers all of the features that you will need.

The plugin has been translated into a few different languages and it is constantly being updated on weekly basis. If you would like to get assistance from the team behind the plugin, you will need to contribute to their cause, by telling your friends about their services, writing a review or following @AudioTheme on Twitter.

Adding custom backgrounds and artwork to each track can also be done in a simple fashion and you are also able to add external links to any of the cloud services which are listed.

The plugin works well with mobile devices, tablets as well as any desktop computers, so none of your visitors are going to feel like they are left out.

Pros: Cue by allows you to do everything that you would ever want from a media player plugin. Even the free version gives you the option to create an unlimited number of playlists, rearrange the tracks by dragging and dropping them to their new location as well as customize each playlist to be just the way you want it.

Cons: The only real downside to this plugin is that you need to pay for the additional functions, such as trackers and the ability to closely monitor each week’s statistics.

End Note

As you can see, all of the different music playing plugins that are available to us offers something different. Depending on how much customization options you wish to have as well as if you would like a free plugin or a paid one, you can choose the most suitable one. Regardless of which you choose you will be able to make your very own, custom playlists in only a few minutes.

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