7 Best WooCommerce Hosting Australia

If you are looking for a trusted WooCommerce hosting, we are here to help you make the right decision. As a free WordPress eCommerce plugin, WooCommerce can help you sell your products online easily and quickly without any technical issues.

Apparently, this platform allows you to manage and run different aspects of an online store such as customer invoices, product categories, and stock inventory among others. All these features are seamlessly integrated by default making WooCommerce plugin a secure and convenient platform for those looking to build a brand new WooCommerce store or rather extend their existing website using the best WordPress eCommerce solution.

There is a wide range of web hosting platforms for your WooCommerce store and each has its own unique features that you will find desirable. It doesn’t matter whether you are just getting started or you are a professional in this field, our selection of the 7 best WooCommerce Hosting Australia will help you make a step in growing your business online. Learn more about our top pick hosts in the following review:

Top WooCommerce Hosting Providers for Australian Customers

Below you will find reviews of the best web hosting providers that offer WooCommerce hosting. We recommend all these web hosting companies for customers from Australia.

1. A2Hosting



A2Hosting has a slogan that says, “Our speed, our success” and indeed this web hosting provider has come a long way to emerge as the Australian web hosting solution. This platform is fine-tuned, fast and always ready for you. That is why you are advised to choose a high-speed package that is tailored for your requirements.

Starting with the Shared Hosting, you will only part with $3.93 per month to enjoy hosting your personal blog or website with Joomla, Drupal or WordPress optimized. The host uses Turbo servers that have a speed of up to 20 times faster than other competitors on the market. This plan is easy to use and it allows you to have a free website transfer.

The VPS Hosting plan under this host comes at $5.00 per month giving you more power than the Shared Hosting. What will make you like it the most is its speed, security and the fact that it’s developer friendly. In addition to giving you an option of a free site transfer, you will also have an option of choosing your management level to suit your online needs.

For the Reseller package, it will cost you $13.19 a month to have you hosting your own customers. On top of that, you will have easy setup hosting accounts, fully white-labelled, world-class WHM control-panel and free billing system.

At $99.59 a month, Dedicated Hosting allows your website to have intensive business needs where you will be able to customize your own server’s resources, have complete isolation, choose the managerial level that you want and enjoy a free website transfer.


2. SiteGround



SiteGround is one of WooCommerce Host with its four data-centers in Chicago (USA), London (UK), Amsterdam(Netherlands) and Singapore. SiteGround gives you a few options depending on whether you are a starter, a pro or just extending your websites. This web hosting provider is tailored to the success of your business or personal websites.

For the beginners, SiteGround provides a StartUp package that is designed to let you craft a great website. The package will cost you $3.94 per month and in return, you will be able to host only one website, get 10 GB web space and manage up to 10,000 visitors to your site every month. The essential features for this package include a free SiteBuilder, free email accounts, free CloudFlare CDN, and 24/7 support among others.

The GrowBig package is crafted for the growth of your website and it costs $5.95 a month to let you host unlimited websites, have 20 GB of web space and 25,000 website visits every month. Other essential features include a free SiteBuilder, free HTTPS & SSL, free email accounts, free daily backups, 24/7 customer support and so on.

When it comes to GoGeek package, it will cost you $11.95 per month to host unlimited websites, get web space of a staggering 30 GB and be able to generate 100,000 visits every month. In addition, you will have features such as advanced priority support, more server power, PCI compliant servers and 1-click Git Rep Creation besides all other features in the other two packages.


3. CloudWays



CloudWays is reputed for being a customer-oriented managed cloud hosting platform with 4 new data centers in Japan, Mumbai, Oregon and Singapore to help expand its reach to most of the Asian countries and American Regions alike. CloudWays is known to facilitate a complete WooCommerce hosting experience that aims at optimizing online stores, improve conversion rates and generate more sales.

This platform has features that cover every aspect of a well-managed e-commerce hosting. These features include SSD-based fast WooCommerce hosting that allows you to have full control over all the WooCommerce servers, Advanced Cache for fast WooCommerce speed, Optimized Stack comprising of Nginx, Apache, PHP, MySQL and FPM for speeding up the loading time, PHP-7 Ready Servers, CloudWays CDN and lastly, Free WordPress Cache plugin for better performance.

This hosting provider comes in handy with a working hosting solution for the eCommerce to fulfil all the WooCommerce hosting requirements. In this case, you will come across a solution for Developers, solution for SMBs, solution for Agencies and solution for Startups.


4. StableHost



StableHost prides itself in offering 6 different locations to choose for your host. These locations are in Phoenix (Arizona), Chicago (Illinois), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Singapore, Stockholm (Sweden) and Valencia (Spain).

When it comes to the hosting plans, StableHost has the best. To begin with, there is WordPress Hosting which charges $1.75 a month for starters, $3.75 per month for professionals and $28.50 monthly for the platinum package. On top of that, WordPress comes with more than 10,000 free themes, 1-click website installation and a customizable HTML.

Shared Hosting in this regard costs $1.75 per month for beginners, $3.75 monthly for Pros and $28.50 monthly charges for the Platinum package. Besides, you will have unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 27/7/365 customer support and so on. Other web hosting plans that come under StableHost include Enterprise Web Hosting, Unlimited Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and Virtual Private Servers (VPS).


5. Hostinger



Hostinger is one of the seven WooCommerce hosting Australia that you can rely on. This web hosting provider has a good uptime of about 99.88 percent and this means that this host is performing pretty well. With a fast load time of 385 ms, Hostinger gives you an assurance of a fast page loading for your website to help in generating internet traffic to your site leading to a better search engine ranking.

This is due to the fact that Hostinger has servers in Asia, Europe and the USA that are connected to a 1000Mbs in order to ensure that the loading time is stable all the time. Also, the company gives you a 30-day money back guarantee as well as multilingual customer support to keep your online business stable.

Other notable features that you will find to be quite impressive with Hostinger is the free domain name and free website builder, easy-to-use, unlimited features that come with both premium and business plans, Industry standard pricing tricks that make it readily available and affordable. The hosting plans include Shared Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting.


6. DigitalOcean



DigitalOcean is a perfect WooCommerce Host that you can use to improve your online business. The platform comes with a wide range of features that are useful for your business.

First of all, this hosting has predictable pricing. This means you will have to forget about those other complex pricing structures and pay your attention to DigitalOcean’s monthly flat and industry leading pricing structures. The common structure, however, encompasses standard droplets, general purpose droplets and CPU-Optimized droplets.

DigitalOcean hosting boasts of a world-class service that is free all round the clock. The services focus mainly on technical support to ensure that your online business is running smoothly all the time. Apart from that, DigitalOcean comes out clearly as a reliable platform for your WooCommerce Host.

This website hosting provider has more than 100,000 dedicated developer teams across the world to ensure that you get timely support for your online business. Additionally, this platform promises you a 99.99 percent uptime SLA in its hosting services.


7. WP Hosting


WP Hosting

If you are looking to keep your content safe and well-managed, then your choice of a WooCommerce Host should be WP Hosting. Whether you are blogging, selling goods or just managing your online portfolio, WP Hosting has you covered. In fact, it makes everything super easy when setting up your website.

But the most significant step to take is to ensure that you have a dedicated web host plan to keep your online content safe and secure. On the other hand, this Hosting platform will not give you a hard time when installing it because there is no complicated installation process. All you need to do is make a couple of clicks and everything will fall in place.

As a matter of fact, WP Hosting is a perfect option for you if you are in search of a simplest managed WordPress hosting for your business. WP Hosting comes with three packages. The first one is the cheapest and is commonly referred to as Standard Hosting then followed by Pro Hosting and finally, the Premium Hosting.


How to Choose a Good Australian WooCommerce Host?

When it comes to choosing a good Australian WooCommerce Host, there are factors to consider. This means this platform’s performance is determined by a number of factors some of which are highlighted below:

How Speed Affect SEO and User Experience

Speed is an essential component that makes any given WooCommerce Host effective and efficient. With an excellent uptime and page loading speed, you can rest assured that your online store will meet your requirements and your clients’ needs as well.

Normally, the speed helps generate internet traffic to your site and this is advantageous when it comes to the search engine optimization (SEO). When your site receives more visitors, the search engine will rank it higher than your competitor sites, and in the process, it will improve user experience. Therefore when you choose a host for your Australian WooCommerce, ensure that it has the best uptime and speed.

Submarine Cables that Connect Australia to the Rest of the World

Australia has 21 submarine cables connections with 10 of those decommissioned, 11 not working and 1 under construction. Clearly, this tells you that Australia is not well connected to the undersea cables and a few that are in operation are old and prone to occasional outages. What does this mean? Normally, submarine cables transmit terabytes of data from one end to the other at a speed of light. But when the issue of submarine cable outages becomes apparent, the internet is slowed down and in the process, the site slows down as well.

This situation is detrimental especially for those with online small businesses whose hosts are located in Australia. To keep them in business, these hosts will need round the clock uptime. Slow loading speeds can be frustrating and in the end, slow down your business. As such, it is recommended that you consider hosting your websites with reliable and efficient international web hosts.

Australian Hosting Service Prices

The other factor to consider when choosing a good Australian WooCommerce is the cost of hosting services. Given that Australia is not connected well enough with submarine cables, the need for good internet speed and efficiency is out of the question if you truly want to stay afloat with your online business. That is why hosting services in Australia are a little bit costly compared to other locations. With the fantastic features, competitive pricing, superfast speeds and efficient customer service team, the above reviewed hosting providers will certainly work well for you in Australia.


Before settling for your ideal WooCommerce host in Australia, it is important that you check out which hosting plans are suitable for you in terms of features and efficiency. To achieve this goal, you will need to consider a few factors explained above before making your final decision on what you want. WooCommerce hosting Australia can really change the way you conduct your online business and in the long run, you will definitely reap great benefits.


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