Best Firefox Add-ons & Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Firefox is a web browser created by Mozilla Foundation, having multiple mobile versions for Android, iOS, and Firefox OS, which supports a lot of add-ons and themes used to improve functionality and design.

It is compatible with any kind of Windows versions, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, Firefox OS, it uses Gecko and SpiderMonkey engines and it is available in 79 languages. Being created using C++, JavaScript, C, CSS, XUL and XBL, Firefox can be used as feed reader also.

In 2015, Firefox was the second most used internet browser, the first one being Chrome, another web browser created by Google that is written in C++ and is compatible with Android 4+, iOS 9, Linux, OS X 10.6+ and Windows XP+ using Blink and V8 or WebKit for iOS engines and is available in 47 languages.

Chrome supports multiple extensions and themes and also it has automatic web page translation features available.

Best Firefox Add-ons for Web Developers

There are available various add-ons for Firefox used for web development and not only!

ColorZilla can help you found a color that you see on a website, either from a text or image and to copy it for further use.  This add-on is free and has a Color Picker where you can see HSV, RGB, CMYK, Lab, and Hex attributes for the selected color and the CSS code for the selected color is also available for each color.  Additionally, you can use Eyedropper to select a color from a web page, Palette Browser to see various colors, CSS Gradient Generator, Webpage DOM Color Analyzer, but you can also inspect last element, zoom, resample the last location, add color to favorites or multiple copy options of the color together with options.

Empty Cache Button is used to delete your browser’s cache when you often modify a website and sometimes updates aren’t displayed properly.

MeasureIt is a very useful add-on which can measure different web elements such as menus, tables, images, container, and div and so on using a virtual ruler which measures height and width.

FireFTP can be your FTP client without installing another software and just by opening a new tab with this add-on. It has almost the same features as a standalone FTP client, but it works directly in your Firefox browser without any problem.

Firebug is one of the most used add-ons by web developers because it can inspect any element on a webpage and even indicate errors. Also, Firebug lets you modify CSS, HTML, and JS code in real time so you can watch what happens when you increase the width of an image for example. There are additional add-ons created especially for Firebug such as FireDiff which track changes in Firebug.

Image Zoom helps you to see images better by zooming in or out while ImageTweak enhances the vision of images and videos that you can use for your own website.

If you need to reload pages automatically, you can use ReloadEvery that can reload web pages every so many second or minute while Resurrect Pages can be used to resurrect deleted pages using multiple search engines that indexed the specific page.

Savettexttofile saves highlighted text to a file in a specified directory and Save Image in folder make the same thing for images in order to create content for your website or modify it.

Wappalyzer is another very used add-on specially created for web developers which identity software on the web used to create a web page such as CMS, programming languages, servers, and scripts and so on.

URL Fixer fixes an URL for example from Mozilla.con to and it is very useful when you are rushing to check a website. Additionally, you can use Foxy Proxy to switch internet connection across one or more proxy servers so you can test your website for different Internet Service Providers.

Open with Photoshop can help you to open any web image with Adobe Photoshop if you have the software installed and then you can edit the opened image.

TableTools2 can copy tables, rows, columns, cells; can sort by multi-column, can search regex, range operations, but also it can filter, chart, rearrange, combine or compare while Build Link HTML can build an HTML link from the selected text or title.

The last recommended add-on is DataScrapper which helps you to extract data from web pages to CSV and then imports it to your website or used as you wish.

Best Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Almost all Firefox add-ons from above are also available to Chrome so you can use them for faster and better web development process.

Additionally, in Chrome you can find interesting extensions such as Clear Cache that is similar with Empty Cache Button, deleting browsing data with a single click, Image Alt Text Viewer which replaces images with their alt text, JSONView that validates and views JSON documents, CSS Shapes Editor which creates and adjust CSS Shapes value with interactive editor overlapping the selected element, Capture Webpage Screenshot Entirely can capture full web page and edit/ save it to multiple documents and image extensions such as PDF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and BMP, also, it can upload, print, send to Photoshop copy to clipboard or email it.

If you want a cookie manager which adds, deletes, edits, searches, protects and blocks cookies you can use EditThisCookie while the extensions Alexa Traffic Rank displays the Alexa rank of the current website.

If you want to change browser for a better testing of your website you can use User-Agent Switcher for Google Chrome which helps you to switch from Chrome to Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer and so on.

One of the most used extensions for Chrome is the IP Address and Domain Information which offers you detailed information about an IP Address, Domain Name or Internet Service Provider.

Another way to test your web page is using the Window Resizer extensions so you can see various screen resolutions and to verify if your website is responsive or not.

Displaying XML data in a user-friendly way is sometimes very useful so you should install XML Tree in this case while PHP Console displays PHP errors, vars, and dumps helping you to see even exceptions or warnings.

With jQuery-injector, you can inject jQuery into the current page while with Request Maker you log, edit and send HTTP requests.

Sometimes you want to see how a web page looks with increased or decreased font, for this, you should use Font Size Decrease.

If you are into QR codes, you should use QR Code Maker and Decoder to create QR using texts, URL, phones, numbers, contacts, images, and SMS.

To outline all nofollow links on web pages you can use NoFollow Simple and Tag Assistant by Google for problems regarding Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and so on.

Bonus: Useful Browser Shortcuts

For Firefox, in case you need more mobility and time, you can use F5 to reload a web page or CTRL+F5 to reload overriding cache, CTRL + + and CTRL + – are used to zoom in and out while CTRL+0 can reset the zoom function.

In Firefox to close a tab you can try CTRL+W or CTRL+F4 while moving to a tab in focus right you can press CTRL+SHIFT+PAGE DOWN and for next tab CTRL+TAB.

For Chrome there are multiple shortcuts available that you can use to move faster so to open a new windows press CTRL+N, for a new tab you should use CTRL+T, CTRL+O opens a file from your computer in Chrome while CTRL and clicking a link opens the link in a new tab in the background.

Also, don’t forget about CTRL+SHIFT+T which helps you to reopen the last tab you have closed while switching between tabs can be made with CTRL+1 for the first tab and so on until CTRL+8 or CTRL+9 to switch to the last tab.

The Word shortcuts are also available so for the copy you can use CTRL+C, for cut CTRL+X, CTRL+V for paste, CTRL+Z for undoing while CTRL+Y is for redo and for selecting all you can use CRL+A.

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