10 Best Typography WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Website

There are many ways to improve the landing page of your website, and working on your website’s design is definitely one of the most important ones. Use nicely combined colors, a neat website layout and typography that fit to your website. If your website is poorly designed or even old-fashioned, people will consider it unprofessional and rather leave. Then, they will simply look for a better website on the Web.

Improving the typography of your site is one of the best ways to create an attractive website that makes potential customers stay. Choosing the fonts carefully can make your content more engaging from the get-go. Some fonts make articles easier to read, while some of them are great for decorating your website.

As WordPress is one of the most popular CMS right now, you can find countless helpful plugins online that can help you design, structure and manage your website. In this article, we are going to present you 10 typography plugins that are most recommended if you want quickly add some awesome fonts to your WordPress site.

Since each of them is different, our reviews below will give you an insight into these plugins so that you can decide which one suits your style the most.

1. Better Font Awesome


The Better Font Awesome plugin allows you to use more than one tool for the typography of your website, including Font Awesome, shortcodes, CSS and a cool icon shortcode generator by TinyMCE. With these tools, you will be able to fully control icon placement and fonts within your content.

If you already had any version of the Font Awesome plugin, you can consider Better Font Awesome as an upgrade. All the shortcodes that you previously used with the other versions will be still available once you add this plugin. No manual updates are necessary; the plugin keeps itself up-to-date automatically every time a new version comes out.

The previously mentioned tools all use shortcodes, and Better Font Awesome takes all these plugins and puts them into a complete library. If you want to use any of the icons or fonts on your WordPress site, you can access the library from the Editor interface with a single click and run a search.

You simply can’t miss it, as the Better Font Awesome plugin puts the button next to “Add Media”, one of the libraries mostly used by WordPress administrators. This allows you to work seamlessly with all the typography elements.

2. TinyMCE Advanced


TinyMCE is so popular that it became common practice for people to add this plugin to their WordPress website once it’s up and running, and then think about the rest. With more than 2 million installs and a solid 4.5 star rating, you can’t go wrong with this formatting plugin.

The reason why WordPress users like TinyMCE so much is that it turns the default editor into a reliable word processing application. It extends the editor so that you can work with all the features that Word or even more advanced software usually provides you with. These features include adding lists, tables, fonts, code, date/time and more. It is based on a drag-and-drop interface called Visual Editor that lets you personalize the plugin into 4 rows of buttons for your own needs.

You can add, remove and arrange buttons that you mostly use while editing your content. With TinyMCE Advanced, you also get extra emoticons that might come in handy as you decorate your blog posts. It is an open source plugin with overwhelmingly positive feedback and a helpful support forum.

3. Use Any Font


You can create a collection of different fonts that can make your WordPress website look better just by downloading them from the Internet. These fonts might be difficult to apply without any coding experience, but this is when adding the Use Any Font plugin becomes necessary. With this one, you can easily add the collected fonts to your website and start using them.

After you upload the font files to the server via an API, they will be listed in the plugin. The font file formats that are supported are the following: WOFF, OTF and TTF. What Use Any Font does with these files is a basic conversion that makes the fonts available in the editor. It also lets you import fonts directly from WordPress, a site builder plugin called SiteOrigin and many other plugins.

Use Any Fonts has been installed by more than 100,000 users already and it gives you complete freedom over using custom fonts on your site. You can install and start using it within a couple of minutes and it supports the most popular browsers. Since the fonts are on your own server, there is no downtime and delay that will affect your working process whatsoever.

4. Easy Google Fonts


Google has its own database of fonts which is one of the most extensive font collections right now on the Internet. If you already have some ideas about which fonts you want to use on your WordPress website, then you can surely find something similar in Easy Google Fonts in high-quality. Just by installing the plugin, you can access these fonts right away and add it to your site.

The user-friendly interface comes with useful features that allow you to customize the design of your website, while keeping track of the result in real-time thanks to the integrated WordPress Customizer. With Easy Google Fonts, it’s easier than ever to customize header types, which is one of the main reasons why more than 300,000 users downloaded the plugin.

By experimenting with the different header styles in real-time, you can quickly find the most attractive appearance for your website. Easy Google Fonts gives you access to over 600 Google Fonts and it is compatible with all the WordPress themes. With this plugin, your site will be translation ready with both PO and MO formats.

5. Text Slider


The landing page of your website needs to leave a powerful first impression on your visitors, and welcoming them with a text slider is one of the greatest ways to do that. The Text Slider plugin allows you to add catchy slogans, quotes and short descriptions that your viewers will enjoy reading. Using text instead of graphics is a rather minimalistic approach, but a great opportunity to provide engaging content.

Text Slider will also look good on mobile devices, adjusting its size to perfectly fit and function on smaller screens. It us up to you which font, color or transition effect you choose for the slides, allowing you to add something unique to your WordPress site. It has a solid 4.5 star rating, yet the plugin is still not that popular so you can take advantage of the fact that not that many sites are using it.

It is one of the smaller plugins and you can add it in a couple of minutes, but still has the potential to increase your website traffic. The Text Slider will appear wherever you insert the shortcode in the post, article or any page on the site. In addition, a CSS panel is available in case you want to apply further changes to the slider.

6. MaxButtons


There are plugins that make your life easier by not requiring you to code in order to change something on your site, but this one is even better. With MaxButtons, you don’t even need shortcodes to add buttons in WordPress. It lets you change the design both by adding buttons and by changing the font on them to perfectly fit your style.

Add new CSS3 buttons to your website that not only look great but also work smoothly for smartphone users. MaxButtons has plenty of customization options. By changing the color and font on the buttons, you can use them to add your social media channels, share buttons and call to action to each page. The end result will be a nice set of buttons that fit the design of your site and appeal to your visitors.

MaxButtons also has a pro version that grants you a huge collection of Google Fonts and you will be able to build various forms as well. While working on the buttons, the plugin lets you preview them so that you can check any time how they fit to your template. More than 100,000 users installed the plugin so far and it’s currently one of the best button generators out there.

7. Text Hover


As its name says, Text Hover is a plugin that allows you to add short descriptions, comments or tips that only appear if visitors hover their mouse over them. This can be useful when your readers need some explanations about a certain product, terminology or abbreviation you mentioned in the text.

Readers only get confused when they read something they never even heard about. It helps them a lot and makes the reading process more enjoyable if you explain it right away. For example, if you mention “CMS” while talking about WordPress, you can simply add the explanation “Content Management System” to the word.

If anyone is interested about what that means, they will drag the cursor to the abbreviation and a little box will appear to explain it. The comments that appear can be customized with a few clicks after you applied them to the chosen words. If a particular word appears in the blog post 5 times but you only want to explain it once, you can always apply it through the settings.

With Text Hover, you can spice up your comment section by letting readers use the words you previously added to the plugin. This one also has overwhelmingly positive reviews and rating on WordPress.org, but not that many downloads, so it has the potential to add something not very common to your website.

8. Page Title Splitter


It is quite disappointing when you find the perfect title for your article or post and it looks bad when you try it out on your website. In these cases, either the title is too long or the breakpoints are poorly positioned. It might seem like your only option is to adjust the title, but there is a great solution available for this problem.

The plugin called Page Title Splitter can completely fix the aesthetics of your titles. One huge issue with titles is that they might look good on a PC or laptop, yet they are not optimized for smaller screens. This plugin lets you insert breakpoints exactly where you want them in the titles, enabling you to produce newspaper-quality articles for both big and small device screens.

Inserting these breakpoints won’t affect your SEO or meta title at all, as the splitter tool only affects the appearance of the title. As an extra feature, Page Title Splitter comes with an editing tool that allows you to highlight parts of the title with colors. This plugin is relatively new open source software that you can install by following a few simple steps.

9. Zeno Font Resizer


If you want to add an extra helpful plugin to your website, installing Zeno Font Resizer is always a good idea. With this plugin, your visitors will be able to change the size of the fonts on your website in case they find it too small to read. Picking a smaller font for your website as default might be risky, while increasing the size might give it a bad appearance.

Zeno Font Resizer makes sure that you don’t need to think about these problems at all. The visitors will be able to find the perfect size and seamlessly read your content. On the other hand, adding an interactive functionality to your website can help you to get more loyal readers to your website. This is one of the biggest design trends right now: giving people some control over your website by making it interactive.

Zeno Font Resizer uses cookies for saving, so each time your visitors come back, the site welcomes them with the font size they had set during their previous visit. The plugin has a growing number of positive reviews and it’s absolutely recommended for those who want to add something special to their website.

10. Kirki


Kirki is one of the highly popular plugins on our list, and also one of the most versatile ones. This is basically a customizer that lets you add different fonts and sliders, change the size of the fonts and lots of other extras that can be used to make your website theme more attractive. You can consider Kirki as an extension for the WordPress Customizer.

Kirki makes a huge part of the customization process automated, so it can definitely save you some time while you focus on improving the theme. The wide range of features provided by the plugin may be confusing at first, but the developers also provided tooltips that will help you understand how to use them.

If you have some experience in creating website layouts, Kirki is one of the best tools you can use for the purpose. It also has Google Fonts integrated, which gives you access to hundreds of high-quality fonts. The plugin has been downloaded by more than 100,000 users so far and it has an incredible 5-star rating on WordPress.org. You can install it as a typical WordPress plugin and it even has an in-depth handbook that you can read online.

In Conclusion

To sum it up, what’s most important for any website is to make a great first impression. With the typography plugins we reviewed in this article, you will be able to create an engaging, attractive WordPress website. It all depends on the tiny details and each of these plugins is able to improve a specific part of your website.

People can easily distinguish poorly designed, old-fashioned websites from the ones that have a powerful design and really deserve attention. The first one only makes them search for another website, while the latter makes them excited about your content. Hopefully this article helped you choose a few useful plugins and create the perfect layout for your website.

One thing is for sure: it’s easier to invest some time and effort into an attractive layout now than to spend a lot more time on getting your traffic back.

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