Choose the Best Small Business Web Hosting for Your Website

While running a small business, you have to always think outside of the box and use every possible way to promote your products of services. To establish an online presence for your business is not enough to use the social media platforms, you actually need a website as well. It is not required to think of a big site, but a small and simple website will do the job.

Best Small Business Hosting

Find out which hosting providers we recommend for small business website hosting.

Earlier this year, I have written an article about the importance of having a website if you are a small business. I have also explained why small businesses should avoid using free hosting. Today I will help you choose the best web hosting for your small business and will give you some tips on how to create a website without the need of hiring a web designer.

A website can bring lots of benefits to any business. Here we are not really talking about how many but what type of benefits. Through a website you can reach out customers that are located outside of your already well known working area. While for these potential customers, the website will be the first impression about your business, it is good to have a proper website.

Another benefit of running and managing a website is the cost effectiveness. In the long run, it is much cheaper than printed advertisement and can give you more control on the ads. For instance, you cannot track how many people you reached out with printed advertising, while with online ads everything is traceable and can be optimized to bring you the highest conversion rate.

How a Small Business Website Works?

When you are choosing a small business site hosting, first you need to understand how a website works, how the domain name, website and hosting account are connected. You also need to know what features a business website will require so you can choose hosting company accordingly.

Getting a good domain name is the first step. The domain you are registering, probably will be something like or it could be a keyword domain that contain the name of your product or service, for instance if your business is selling carpenter tools, a good keyword domain would be or similar available domain.

The next step is to decide how you will build the website. You can hire a web design and development company to create the site for you, but keep in mind that this will be very costly. If you can’t afford paying thousands of dollars for a website, the other option is to build it yourself. But you don’t know anything about programming and website building; you only have experience with carpentry. This is not a problem, if you have the willing and the time you can use a website builder or you can use WordPress to build a website. Using a tool for making a website is easy, it does not require programming or advanced IT knowledge, just a bit of creativity. Check out our guide on how to create a simple website using WordPress.

build small business website with wordpress

Once you know what platform you will use to make your small business website, it is time to get the best web hosting plan. It is hard to affirm which is the best small business hosting, because each company is different and has its own advantages and disadvantages. So you should choose a hosting plan, that fits your needs and budget.

After your hosting account is activated, you can then redirect your domain name to your hosting account and install WordPress as well. But wait, some hosting companies offer a free domain name or domain transfer, so you would probably want to consider this as well, when selecting a business hosting plan.

Choosing a Reliable Small Business Web Host

With a web hosting provider that offers you a free domain and eventually discounts, you can save some cash. As well you can skip the process of changing the name servers of your domain to redirect it to the hosting account.

Most likely you will also need at least one email address. Choose a hosting provider that allows you to create multiple business email accounts such as

If you choose to build your site with WordPress, you should consider a web host that offer one-click installation tool, which will help you install WordPress quickly. The tool will automatically upload files, create and populate the database without the need of user interaction.

Customer support is a must in the hosting industry, especially if you are new to website building. If you have any question or problem with your hosting account, there should be always someone who can help you out. This is when the 24/7 support is very handy.

Last but not least, the cost is also important. You should not pay a fortune for your web hosting. Choosing a budget business host is not always the best idea, but if you select a reliable and inexpensive hosting plan, you can yet save some money and have the performance that is needed to run your site properly.

Recommended Small Business Hosting Providers:

Company Price From
iPage best cheap small business web hosting
$2.75 / mo
bluehost best small business website hosting for WordPress
$3.95 / mo
inmotion best small business hositng provider
$4.19 / mo

Why Choose iPage for Small Business Sites?

If you are looking for a cheap and feature-rich hosting solution for your small business website, iPage is a good option. With iPage you will be able to setup your website fast, even if you are a non-technical person. You can choose to build your site with a website builder that is available in from the control panel or you can install WordPress in just few clicks. The Essential hosting plan includes a free domain and as many email accounts you want, as well free marketing credits, which you can spend on Google Adwords or Bing. There are also other benefits, please check out our complete iPage review for more details.

Why Choose BlueHost for Small Business Websites?

BlueHost is one of the top choices for small business websites built with WordPress. Having a wide range of hosting plans, with BlueHost you can establish and grow your business website. You can upgrade or downgrade your current hosting plan easily. Their Plus Plan is the most popular, because this allows hosting up to 10 small business sites and includes a free domain name also. For uptime records and our detailed BlueHost review please check out the linked page.

Why Choose InMotion for Business Websites?

InMotion is another top small business hosting provider that you should consider. InMotion is specialized in small business hosting service, offering a wide range of plans to suite different type of small businesses. Power is their most popular small business hosting plan, which permits hosting up to 6 websites, offers a free domain name and plenty of marketing credits to advertise your website. All small business hosting packages come with SSD, which makes your website up to 20 times faster. InMotion is great for starting and growing an online shop as well hosting WordPress sites. For more info about InMotion Hosting, please read our detailed review.

If you are looking for some other hosting services, I highly suggest checking out our web hosting reviews for more options. If you want to learn more on how to build your website with WordPress or other tools, or eventually how to start developing a website from scratch, please check out blog and guides section. If you have any question or suggestions, do not hesitate to leave a comment below. Hope this tutorial has helped some of you, and at the end you were able to choose the business hosting service that you need.


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