10 Best Selling Business Joomla Templates

Picking a Joomla based business template that truly works is essential for every business that wants to reach its potential customers. Here, we gathered 10 of the best-selling business templates that not only look good, but they are also highly effective when it comes to building up your brand and claiming your place on the Internet.

These all have good reviews and also a strong support that responds quickly and helps you with whatever you need. But the best themes are those you don’t even need to call support for because you can work with them seamlessly, right? The themes on this list are also well-documented and easy to work with. You can customize them as much as you like and the output will be a unique website that represents your brand.

By easy, we also mean that each of them can save a significant amount of your precious time while setting up a professional website that satisfies your needs. You can always set up one of these with a quick installation or using preset pages, but spending some time customizing your new website won’t take much longer either. Now the only thing you need to decide is which one of these templates will suit your goals the best.

For that, we encourage you to read the reviews one by one because every template has its purpose. You get different features with each template so it’s important to choose the one that is mostly in align with your goals. Let’s start investigating them one by one until you discover the theme you like the most.

Fontaine Responsive Theme

fontaine responsive business joomla template

With Fontaine, the first thing you notice is that it has a really smooth design. The layout and navigation on the site is easily understandable, which is how the theme helps you in delivering the message and core information of your company to the crowd.

Fontaine can work in many different colors and no matter how many small details you add to your site, it will still remain engaging to the visitors. It’s elegant, clean, and intuitive and comes with a wide range of widgets to work with.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg! What is even more important is that Fontaine is incredibly flexible and its pages will load in a second, thanks to the Warp Framework which it’s based on. Also, the 100% responsive framework guarantees that your visitors will have a great time browsing on your site on various screen sizes.

As you might expect, you will have many options to choose from in Fontaine’s admin panel. Adding various elements, experimenting with the colors and managing the menus will be a lot of fun while building an absolutely professional website for your business. Although the theme comes with 5 predefined color schemes, you can also create your own if you want something unique.

Fontaine is compatible with many versions of Joomla and all in all, Arrowthemes did a phenomenal job with this one.


futureprospects business technology joomla template

FutureProspects is a great choice if your business is related to technology, but you can make it work as any kind of product website too. Thanks to its modern and shiny looks, this theme can be a great tool to make your brand even bigger.

It comes with a flexible width and a Bootstrap grid layout, meaning that you will have plenty of options while building up your website. FutureProspects supports sidebars in both sides with customizable size, which is a great addition to any website functionally and aesthetically as well.

Although it’s unfortunate if something is not working on your site, the theme lets you customize the error and offline pages according to your brand. This can make it less of a disaster for the visitors and they will probably remember your site as well.

By buying this theme, you will get so many features to work with that no matter what you imagined, you can definitely achieve it with ease. It’s obvious that 7Studio worked hard on this one just to give people a wide range of modules to work with, along with a highly flexible layout with many combinations. What you should expect from FutureProspects is customizable grid-size layouts and various layout combinations for the main body and sidebar too.

Furthermore, the theme comes with 8 color variations and it accepts many font styles including Google Web Fonts, leaving you with many options to stylize your site.


industrix responsive business joomla template

Industrix has a clean minimalistic design which is a great combination of colors and pictures. Such a style makes it perfect not only for corporate and business sites, but portfolio sites as well. You just need to pick the right font along with some awesome icons and you will have an outstanding website to showcase your brand.

Of course, there is an abundance of layout options available in Industrix and you can choose between their dark and light version which both look really good. The theme works for everyone in the World, which is guaranteed by its Multilanguage Support. In addition, the theme makes it easier to monetize your business or simply to get more attention with its URL system which is completely SEO friendly.

As mentioned earlier, Industrix is a nice combination of colors and fonts and you can change them with a few clicks in the Theme Magic section of the theme. They realized that Revolution Slider is a great addition to any theme today so you can find it integrated into the theme with automated updates whenever a new version is out.

If you want to get practical, you can do so with Industrix because it will help your job with various shortcodes. There are icon, progress, video, tab, and accordion shortcodes available as well, so no need to worry about complex codes anymore.


hli corporate joomla template

With HLI, the main focus of the 7Studio team was to create a theme that is simple, and the many simple solutions allowed it to be highly customizable. Simple shapes mixed with beautiful fonts is often the most effective way to give a sense of seriousness and perfectionism to your brand.

It is compatible with the latest version of Joomla and works well for everyone who has a clear picture of how he wants his website to look like. HLI lets you position your modules and the whole layout of your page however you want, thus you can build up something totally functional and unique for your company.

In addition, the theme supports sidebars on both sides that can be resized, and you can change the appearance of your modules as well. There is really no shortage of the things you can change in HLI, which only means that when your website is finally ready, there will be no other website that looks alike.

This theme supports Google Web Fonts, but that’s not all because you can add more styles on top of that. Another great feature is that your color scale is not limited, you can use unlimited colors and the predefined 6 colors too.

You will get some bonus functionalities, such as the AllVideos plugin which will help you embed all types of media from the top third party sites. The so called To Top smooth scroll will be a pleasant experience for your visitors and the well-designed social icons and Logo uploader will let you effectively showcase your brand.


yamato professional business joomla template

If you want to show showcase some professionalism with your business, Yamato is the absolute all-in-one theme for you. It’s loaded with all the features you need that might be useful for raising attention and reaching people for more profit.

Yamato is smoothly designed, fast, and definitely not the usual “simple and minimal” theme that you see so often. You can see at a first glance that the Dhsign team worked a lot on this, using high quality animations and combining every element to the smallest ones to be able to build up a well-structured and very aesthetic theme.

Two different parallax styles, amazing typography and unlimited ways to build up a functional website for your company. The best articles are where you can show videos, maps, charts, and music as well, thus making the subject more enjoyable and engaging to your readers. With Yamato, you can embed everything you want in an elegant design that people will strive to check out.

Your website will be not only attractive, it will be also practical, thanks to the Sticky Menu and Magnifying Glass that comes with the theme. Yamato is for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time building a website, but still want something solid for building up a strong brand and attracting a large group of people.

It’s a piece of cake building up a complete website with this one, mainly because of the smart Drag and Drop Layout Builder and the abundance of options when it comes to module customization and placement.


cacoon responsive business joomla template

With Cacoon, they focused on providing the most essential set of tools that make your business and content look great while smoothly showcasing the information you want to the visitors. Their design is simple, minimalistic, but still elegant and modern.

Once you build up your website and start uploading pictures to fill in the gaps, you will realize that this is the kind of website that people take seriously. And the most important part is that it works properly, it saves you a lot of time and it’s still highly reliable.

Cacoon provides you a liquid layout, meaning that it will look great on smaller screens, ensuring an enjoyable user experience for not only lower resolution notebooks, but phones and tablets too. It has a unique layout, a beautiful design, and you can make it even more unique by picking your most preferable color from the Unlimited Color Scheme and using the huge collection of Google Fonts available.

And here comes the best thing: Cacoon is extremely good for displaying posts. Posting content with maps, videos, music or slideshow looks amazing on the blog and your visitors will gladly read your content there.

All in all, Cacoon is not overly complicated. Their developers knew exactly that there are an enormous number of people on the Internet searching for templates like this one. It provides some of the most necessary features while you can quickly set up a professional, engaging website.


fidelity responsive corporate joomla template

Fidelity is the ultimate choice if you want your website to be ready in a hurry. It has the core features built in that every website needs, while still being flexible and letting you build up a unique layout quite fast. It’s responsible, so people can discover your business using all kinds of devices by still enjoying the same clean design.

Fidelity comes with many preset pages that can be used instantly. Depending on how you want to greet your visitors, you can set the main page to be either full of essential information about your company, or to take them deeper and show some of your posts instantly when they open the site. The third variation is a minimalistic home page that rather encourages people to dig deeper themselves.

These three are preset pages and you can use them immediately, but that’s not all. There are 10 different preset pages to choose from that are professionally designed and can save you some precious time. What makes Fidelity so flexible and fast is its Warp framework. The built-in file compression methods will make your site load much faster than usual.

The forum is basically a separate theme called Kunena. It looks awesome and maintains a highly effective system on your site for posting all kinds of topics and participating in discussions. Fidelity works on the latest Joomla version and all the well-known browsers. The support team responds quickly and if you bump into any problem, you can always rely on them


hoxa multipurpose business joomla template

While keeping a modern and clean design, the team behind Hoxa provided some smooth animations that piece your site together as you scroll down. It lends an interesting style to your website, but there are many more things you can customize.

The theme comes with a little surprise, as you get an Azura Drag and Drop page builder and a Revolution slider as a bonus. The two together are worth $50, which is almost the cost of the theme so it’s a real bargain! Azura makes it much easier to build up the site as you please and in a hurry, while the Revolution slider is an essential part of most professional websites today.

This is already pretty good, but Hoxa also takes care of your contact forms by adding Ajax to the system, and the intuitive admin panel with an abundance of options will only help you in your work. You can work with an infinite number of colors when it comes to customization, which is an awesome way to stylize your website.

There will be no shortage of Google Fonts and Font Awesome Icons available if you buy Hoxa, giving you many options to find the style you mostly like. They also wanted to prevent any possible complications by giving a step by step guide for everyone who gets the theme.

It works great as a portfolio site, thanks to the minimalistic Cube Portfolio design and you can also use their Single Page layout if you want to start a blog. If you want many effective tools to work with and a powerful website at the end, Hoxa won’t leave you disappointed.


progressive quickstart business joomla template

Now, Progressive is really for those who want to start a new website but don’t have that much time to put the whole thing together. With this one, you will get 50+ pages that are fully ready, you only need to add basic stuff like text and images and the page will be ready and functional. They can even install the whole theme for you if you want!

The theme is quite versatile, as you get many useful features to work with that will definitely help you in promoting your brand. If you want to start an online store on your site, they have a simple and awesome grid for the shop based on J2Store ecommerce that ensures a great shopping experience.

You will be amazed when you see how much the Mega Menu is capable of in Progressive. You can vary the number of the columns, add links, submenus, pictures, and texts and it’s all easily customizable. Building up a huge professional menu for your online shop will be piece of cake.

Still, the main reason why Progressive is so popular is that you can customize it however you want and they give you an abundance of tools to work with. They provide 200+ elements on top of the standard design so you can create exactly what you imagined. Experiment with unlimited colors, special elements, background photos and videos.

You can change anything you want and get something unique at the end that people will gladly look at. This is the power of Progressive.


masoko clean responsive business joomla template

Every theme is designed for a purpose, and if you consider what you can do best with Masoko, then it’s definitely selling and advertising your products or services. It’s simple, well-structured and the main idea behind the clean design is to make your products look good for your customers.

Masoko can shine in 8 different preset colors and it grants you an incredibly flexible layout. You can customize and vary the position of modules as much as you want. Everyone who tries to sell something needs a flexible layout and different module styles to work with. In addition, you can experiment with many awesome effects, animations, and icons until you make it all look great.

Basically anyone involved in the marketing scene can make good use of Masoko and won’t be disappointed in the results. With the cool Google Charts, well-designed pricing tables and styled color buttons, your website will surely attract many eyes.

When it comes to building up your website, it can be done really smoothly with Masoko. First of all, it has a helpful documentation you can turn to whenever you get stuck. The list of shortcodes available will save you a decent amount of time while you don’t need to worry about the code.

The SP Simple Map is another plus, which nicely shows the location of your shop or anything else you want to show in your blog. If you don’t want to overcomplicate the site building process, pick Masoko and get to your potential customers as soon as possible!

Wrapping up

Hopefully you have found a professionally created business Joomla template for your website. We will expand our list, once we find top quality Joomla templates that worth including here. If you have any recommendation for other professional templates, please let us know in the comments.

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