10 Best JSP Web Hosting Providers (Java Server Pages)

Since there is a growing demand among developers and website owners for reliable JSP web hosting service, we decided to make you a list of the best JSP hosting providers right now in the market. As you browse the Internet, you can quickly find out that not every provider offers Java hosting. It is still not something as popular as a typical WordPress, Joomla or Drupal optimized plan.

Even among those that support JSP, there are plenty of providers that offer top-notch hosting service and many others that we would not recommend you to sign up to. In case you just stumbled upon this article and don’t know what Java or JSP actually are, we are going to give you a quick description to make things clear.

What is JSP?

The thing that there is JavaScript and Java as well can be confusing for people that are not familiar with programming languages. This topic is only about the Java programming language, a highly popular and effective open-source computing platform. Today, there is a high number of websites and applications on the Web that won’t be able to run unless you have Java installed on your machine.

Java is designed for all kinds of computers, game consoles, servers and smartphones, making them able to run powerful applications. JSP is an abbreviation for Java Server Pages. You can imagine it as another ASP.NET or PHP and you only need a web server to be able to start working with it. Some of the most popular web servers that you can install are Jetty and Apache Tomcat.

People use JSP in many different ways. You can develop additional functionalities for your website using JSP. When people want to add a new shopping cart, forum, booking system or anything like that to their website, they either do it with PHP or JSP. It allows you to create complete web pages that are based on XML or HTML if you have enough experience in the Java programming language.

JSP is not only easy to learn and use, but it is a great tool for anyone who wants to build web pages from scratch. There are countless sites right now on the Internet that offer guides on how to learn this particular programming language. If you want to be able to set up and maintain a website on your own, it is definitely worth it to learn Java. Not to mention that it’s a great career opportunity, as there is a high demand for Java programmers.

Finding the Perfect JSP Hosting Plan

Our comprehensive list of JSP hosting providers can help you to find the perfect web hosting plan for your websites and applications. We will only present you the companies that ensure high performance for affordable prices, and most of them are beginner-friendly as well. You can build powerful and unique websites with Java, especially if you are highly experienced in the language.

However, if you don’t have the necessary resources provided by your web hosting provider, then you have basically wasted your time. What you should aim for is a provider that runs high-end servers and a customer support team that you can always rely on.

Some of them also take the effort to install JSP scripts and additional useful software for you on the server, saving you some precious time. Most web hosting companies don’t support Java in their shared hosting packages, which is absolutely fine because JSP usually requires more resources than that. Now let’s see what each of the following providers have to offer when it comes to JSP hosting!

1. A2 Hosting

a2hosting-best-jsp-web-hostingA2 Hosting is one of the providers that you can see on most top lists right now on the Web. Their hosting plans are highly popular among bloggers, developers, webmasters and all sorts of businesses. On top of that, they offer JSP hosting as well. However, to be able to run JSP on the server, you should choose either a VPS or a dedicated hosting plan.

At A2 Hosting, there are three powerful plans available for Java-optimized hosting. These developer friendly, high-speed VPS plans are quite affordable too. Their Entry VPS plan costs only $5.00 per month with 20GB storage, 1-core CPU, 2TB transfer and 512 RAM. A2 Hosting also has a special offer for you: you can get your money back at any time if you are not satisfied with the service, there is no time limit.

If none of the three plans are suitable for your needs, there is no need to worry. You can put together your own plan by setting the desired CPU, RAM, storage space and bandwidth. Even if you already picked one of their packages, they will let you change it until you end up with the perfect plan. Besides the specs, you will be able to pick a cPanel license, one of the numerous available Linux versions and server location.

A great feature at A2 Hosting is that you get root access to the server, meaning that you can freely access and change the files. When it comes to dedicated servers, you can get a plan for as low as $99.59. This includes 8GB of RAM, 2x500GB storage space, 10TB transfer and 2-core CPU.

2. iPage

ipage-cheap-jsp-web-hostingIf you need a reliable JSP hosting solution, you can never go wrong with iPage. Like most of the other big providers, they also realized that supporting Java on shared hosting is not the greatest idea. As usual, only their dedicated and VPS hosting plans are compatible with Java. They even save you some time by pre-installing JSP scripts on the server. There are three different plans available at their VPS section.

By picking the Basic plan, you get a 1-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, 40GB storage space and 1TB bandwidth for $19.99 per month. Their Optimum plan is the strongest one, while the Business plan is the most popular one, since it offers the amount of resources that are enough for most needs. Each of these plans includes the following extras: free domain registration for one year, cPanel and root access to the server.

As your JSP website grows, it will eventually start to overuse the resources, asking for a more powerful plan. In this case, you can either switch plans or improve certain parts of your plan to make sure that your website runs flawlessly. This flexibility is essential if you want to take care of your website’s needs in the future.

iPage has a highly efficient customer support team that is ready to solve your problems. If you are not satisfied with their service, you can get your money back by canceling your plan within the first 30 days. The cheapest dedicated hosting plan at iPage is called Startup and it costs $119.99 per month. For the price, you get a 2-core CPU, 4GB of RAM, 500GB storage space, 6TB bandwidth and pretty much the same extras that you get with a VPS plan.

3. BlueHost

bluehost-reliable-jsp-hostingWeb hosting plans that are specifically optimized for JPS are pretty rare, but you can easily get a VPS or dedicated server that supports it. BlueHost is one of the providers to take this approach. They provide strong VPS and dedicated plans that are completely ready for JPS. You can achieve the same result as with a typical Java-optimized plan while other software is supported as well.

Based on the reviews, users that picked BlueHost as their JSP hosting provider are more than satisfied with the service. There are countless websites powered by the company that are blooming and constantly generating traffic. Either you choose a VPS or a dedicated hosting plan; you can set up Java in three simple steps. It can be done by logging in to the server, using a simple command and then hitting Enter. All the instructions are available on their site.

This way, you can activate the Java 1.5. There are several other versions available, you just need to use a different command for each of them. If you are interested in their VPS hosting plans, you can choose from three different options. Their most popular plan here is the Enhanced plan that includes a 2-core CPU, 60GB SSD, 4GB of and unlimited bandwidth for only $19.99 per month.

BlueHost VPS plans come with 1 free domain, free SSL and improved cPanel interface. If you want a dedicated plan, then the best choice is yet again their Enhanced plan that costs $99.99 this time. For the price, you get a 4-core CPU, 1TB storage space, 8GB of RAM and 10TB bandwidth. In case you are not happy with the service, you can get your money back in the first 30 days.

4. InMotion Hosting

inmotion-professional-jsp-hostingInMotion hosting is the ultimate one-fits-all solution that provides strong web hosting packages for big and small businesses and individuals as well. However, if you want Java to be included in the plan, then you don’t have as many options. The VSP and dedicated servers are the only JSP-friendly plans provided by the company. After all, if you want Java-based websites or applications, something like a shared plan would not be enough anyway.

People are highly satisfied with the tech support provided by InMotion, praising their team’s expertise. However, when it comes to Java, they are not qualified in the applications that people usually work with. Therefore, if you are in a middle of a task and get stuck, you might need to find a third party developer for help. If this is not an issue for you, then InMotion is certainly one the best choices you can make.

Their starter VPS plan costs $29.19 per month with 4GB of RAM, 75GB storage space and 4TB bandwidth. Free SSL, dedicated IPs, free domain name and cPanel admin interface are all included in their VPS plans. Since your website will run on SSD drives, there is no need to worry about the speed at all. Now as you realize, we didn’t mention the CPU in the plan. That is because you can determine the amount of CPU cores you need, providing maximum speed for your JSP applications.

At InMotion Hosting, the tech support team is always ready to fix your problems and answer your questions. You can reach them via Skype, live chat or phone. They can also refund you in 90 days if you are not satisfied with the package.

5. SiteGround

siteground-best-java-server-pages-hostingSiteGround is a convenient choice for those users that just want a cheap, yet reliable service. If you want to properly set up Java and create a JSP website, we would recommend you to pick one of their dedicated server plans. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t pick just any of their dedicated hosting plans because not all of them give you root access.

If you want to turn it into a true JSP hosting package, you will definitely need root access to the server. After you picked the right plan, you will need to install everything required for JSP by yourself. SiteGround is also one of the many providers that don’t provide assistance when it comes to Java. This not only applies to the installation process, but also to their customer support.

However, you can have some sort of Java assistance if you pay an extra. This might be a drawback for many users, but more experienced developers will get along well with SiteGround. At their Dedicated Servers section, you can choose from three premium managed machines. The first one called the Entry Server will give you an Intel Xeon E3 processor with 4 cores, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 480GB SSD drive and 10TB of bandwidth for only $269.99 per month.

Before signing up, make sure to pick the data center that resides the closest to your region. One of the reasons why SiteGround is such a widely acknowledged provider is their strong customer support. They can fix your problems or give you advice at any time via tickets, live chat or phone.

6. FatCow

fatcow-budget-jsp-web-hostingFatCow is not only a big name among web hosting providers right now, but also a strong solution when it comes to JSP hosting. They run their data centers on wind energy, keeping the environment safe and providing some powerful hosting plans in the meanwhile. Although none of them are specifically optimized for Java, you can still choose one of their VPS or dedicated plans.

The great thing is that FatCow makes sure that JSP script is already installed on the server when you start using it, saving you some precious time. Now let’s see their affordable VPS plans. You can choose from three options, starting with the Basic plan that costs $19.99 per month with a 1-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, 40GB storage space and 1TB bandwidth. All VPS plans include a free IP address, user-friendly cPanel, free domain and server root access for full control.

FatCow cloud services give you a lot of flexibility, allowing you to switch your plan to a more powerful one whenever you want. Since they let you change plans in a split second, your website will experience no downtime at all. Their Startup dedicated plan comes with a 2-core processor, 4GB of RAM, 500GB storage space and 5TB bandwidth for a price of $119.99 per month.

By choosing FatCow as your web hosting provider, you get a huge amount of features and software. Every user is able to create unlimited databases, FTP accounts, domains and subdomains. On top of that, you will get a wide range of cPanel add-ons and other useful tools outside the control panel.

7. LiquidWeb

liquidweb-best-jsp-hosting-providerIf you are looking for more powerful JSP hosting plans that are also more expensive, then you should definitely choose LiquidWeb. This provider generally has the type of web hosting plans that targets businesses that aim to invest more into a web hosting plan and get more value from it in return. Another great thing about them is that their customer support team is also ready to provide more assistance than the average provider in the industry.

LiquidWeb plans come with an extensive amount of features, while you get support for an abundance of software as well, including Java support. By choosing one of their plans, you get everything you need for developing high-end JSP-based websites and applications. Before choosing, make sure to contact their tech support team because they will give advice on which one of their plans you should choose according to your needs.

Your website will be powered with top-notch hardware, including SSD hard drives that ensure lightning speed. It doesn’t matter which platform or programming language you use to develop your website, their plans will undoubtedly ensure quick page load times. This also means that LiquidWeb can easily pave you the way to the highest SEO rankings, enabling you to get ahead of your competition.

If you want a VPS plan at LiquidWeb, you can try their first package which costs only $59 per month. It gives you 2GB of RAM, a CPU with 2 cores, 40GB storage and 5TB bandwidth. You can also try their dedicated servers, where the first plan costs $199 per month and comes with a 4-core Intel Xeon, 500GB storage, 16GB of RAM and 5TB bandwidth. Licenses for cPanel and Plesk are also included in their packages.

8. InterServer

interserver-quality-jsp-hostingAt InterServer, the web hosting plans that give you the most features, performance and flexibility are their Cloud VPS plans. In their VPS section, you can either go for the Linux or Windows cloud option. Once you selected the OS, there are 16 different levels you can choose from. There is the most basic plan that gives you 1 CPU core, 1GB of RAM, 25GB storage and 1TB transfer for $6.00 for Linux and $10.00 per month for Windows.

They will provide you with lightning-fast JSP hosting, powering your website and applications with the latest hardware including SSD hard drives. If your website is pushing the boundaries of the service, you can ask for more resources and get it instantly without experiencing any downtime. With InterServer, you won’t experience much downtime in general because they consistently keep server uptimes above 99.9%.

Their VPS plans also ensure that your data is secured, as every user gets regular backups and snapshots. InterServer gives you root access to the server, making you able to have full control over the software you want to work with. The provider makes sure there are plenty of highly popular scripts pre-installed on the server, and this also includes Java.

In fact, they allow you to set up full-featured JSP hosting for yourself with all the software required to create top-notch Java applications. All in all, InterServer is definitely a good choice for beginner Java developers with the affordable prices and high flexibility. Although there is no money-back guarantee at all, most users are more than satisfied with their service.

9. HostGator

hostgator-premium-jsp-web-hostingIf you want a reliable and powerful JSP hosting provider, you don’t need to search for long to find HostGator. This company is among the biggest names in the web hosting industry. From bloggers to big businesses, everyone can find a plan at this provider that suits their needs. If you want to set up JSP with Tomcat and servlet container, you have plenty of plans available at their VPS and dedicated section that support all of them.

When it comes to dedicated hosting, you can run your Java-based website either on a Linux or a Windows-based plan. An entry-level VPS plan at HostGator costs only $29.95 per month and comes with an abundance of features. Its specs include 2GB of RAM, 2-core CPU, 120GB storage space and 1.5TB bandwidth. Instead of forcing you to install everything related to Java by yourself on the server, HostGator will do a favor for you.

They will install Tomcat 7 or 5.5 via Plesk control panel depending on your choice ad won’t ask for a penny. If you prefer some other version, you only need to contact their support team and it won’t be a problem. Basically, that is all the JSP support this provider has to offer because you won’t be able to get customer support for your Java-related tasks.

If you want a dedicated server, you can go for their Value Server plan for $119.00. This one gives you a 4-core Intel Xeon, 8GB of RAM, 1TB storage space and unmetered bandwidth.

10. HostPapa

hostpapa-cheap-java-server-pages-hostingHostPapa is well-known as one of the most popular choices among small businesses and website owners that are about to establish their online presence. In case you are just starting off, one of their VPS hosting plans will be more than enough for your JSP-based websites or applications. In terms of their hardware and services, they are getting better each year and the reviews praising the company on the Web also noticed it.

At HostPapa, your website data will be secured by regular backups no matter which plan you choose. According to their statistics, their server uptime is consistently above 99.99%. This is greatly beneficial for online businesses because they can lose money even under a few minutes of server downtime. With every HostPapa VPS plan, you get a cPanel and WHM as well for easy web hosting management. They also give you root-level SSH access to the server, which always helps a lot if you run Java-based websites and applications.

At HostPapa, you can customize your hosting package so that it always provides the required performance. They are ready to provide you with every useful add-on you might need on your website with Softaculous. This library gives you access to over 400 applications. In case you need help, you can rely on their award-winning support. They can be reached via phone, chat and email in four different languages.

If you are just getting started with JSP, you might want to try out their Plus VPS plan. It costs only $19.99 and besides the abundance of features, you get CPU with 4 cores, 1.5GB of RAM, 50GB storage and 1TB transfer.


When it comes to building a web application using Java, there are numerous JSP hosting options you can choose from, depending on your hosting needs and budget. In the above list, we’ve presented the best JSP hosting companies out there. Although these hosting providers do not offer Java optimized hosting, they allow Java on some of their servers.

I hope this article has helped you choosing a reliable JSP hosting provider. If you have any experience with the above listed or other JSP web hosting companies, please share your thoughts in the comments below. We appreciate any comment and feedback.


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