7 Best Joomla Comment Extensions

Comments are very important, since they can be used in many different ways. It can either be a standard comment for articles or an important feedback for your reviews or products. Comments can provide you with lots of opportunities for the improvement of your website. Once your visitors leave comments, there will be more and more unique content and additional insights available.

It can also help with your SEO because Google recognizes comment sections too. Your visitors can see the products from other people’s perspective as well. These are just a few of the many essential benefits you can achieve once you implement a proper comments system to your Joomla website. Take your time and consider choosing one of these extensions below. Each of them has different features, but you will surely find the one which helps you the most.

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JComments is an AJAX based comment extension which is available since 2009. It’s very popular among Joomla users thanks to its many useful features and user friendly interface. The visitors of your website will be able to leave their comments to any of your published posts or articles. It’s totally compatible with Joomla versions 1.5, 2.5 and 3.x as well. It took eight months for this particular version to be fully developed, leading to an even more stable and versatile component for Joomla.

After all, they needed a lot of time to optimize the source code and make the extension compatible with the possible third-party components, but they did pretty well. JComments gives you access to certain modules that allow you to see the latest user comments and your most commented articles. The custom view setting has a wide range of possibilities with this version, and the access rights settings became much more flexible.

JComments can be downloaded and installed for free. It comes with the downside of inserting a backlink which refers to the developer, but if you’re ok with that, the expansion itself is top notch.

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CComment Pro

Compojoom developed a simple and flexible Joomla extension called CComment Pro, and as it turned out, it excellently fits for any Joomla website. Besides the default Joomla Articles, it works with a huge variety of 3rd party extensions without a problem. This means that if you want to import your previous comments from another extension (Disqus, for example), you can do so with just a few clicks.

It’s Ajax-based, therefore there is no need for your web pages to be reloaded, because the comments are always added in real time. This significantly reduces the server bandwidth usage, thanks to the cutting-edge technology. A minimalist bootstrap template will show the comments appearing on each of your websites, so you can keep yourself informed.

CComment pro comes with many beneficial features and it’s easy to set up as well. It doesn’t matter if you are a web developer or a site integrator, you will be able to configure this extension within a few minutes. The options are quite self explanatory and you will get a thorough documentation for additional help.

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If you want a simple comment or feedback system for your Joomla websites, choose PopFeedm which adds a great popup type component to your articles. To make it work, just type in {popfeed}Your Link Text{/popfeed} anywhere on your website where content plugins can be found. This feedback system provides you with certain functionalities that can be used to ask your users to stop for a moment and write their opinion about your website.

If you want PopFeed to appear in all of your articles, just choose the automatic setting or filter your components by category IDs. Since no external library is required for this extension, you can use it on any website you want without facing incompatibilities or Javascript errors on the way. This extension is especially good for those who have many different items on their websites. If you have a website for product presentation, an eshop, a recipe website or something like that, then PopFeed will make it much easier for you. Download it for free and enjoy the benefits! It’s compatible with all Joomla versions.

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Disqus Comments

Disqus is a very popular comment system and now, it can be integrated into Joomla based websites. It can be defined as a tool and service to be able to receive and manage comments and discussions. In the past few years, Disqus has became a well-known provider for this kind of service. When you use it, commenting is much more interactive and easier than before. It’s an impressive tool to connect your websites and users into one big discussion community.

With Disqus, you will be able to use a bunch of useful features, including inline media embedding, social media integration with many websites, anti-spam and moderation tools, realtime comments and much more.

It’s not that easy to establish a web commenting system which keeps up a firm connection between websites and readers, but Disqus can solve this problem for you. It will be quite straightforward to your users to comment and keep track of their discussions as well, all with a single profile. The comments can be displayed almost as a comment blog to make no difference between a great article and a great comment. All the discussions can be managed on multiple websites with ease. The interactive admin interface can even save you some time by taking care of the comments while you are away.

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Komento is one of the most advanced comment extensions available for Joomla. It allows your visitors to comment on your blogs, articles and product pages as well. The developer is called Stackideas, the team who created another popular blog extension, EasyBlog. This powerful comments extension comes with many special features, including sticky comments, avatars, geo-location tagging and ACL (extended access control lists), and even more. Komento is compatible with many other Joomla components. Web pages using forum tools like phpBB or Kunena can be simply migrated over to the extension by  using the built-in migrator.

You can download it for free and it’s compatible with all versions of Joomla. In December 2012, Komento won the JED’s Community Choice Extensions award, thanks to its impressive features. Many anti-spam options are also available, such as word censoring, capcha code, flood control and spam reporting. The feature called Access Control List is a great tool to manage what your users can and cannot do in the commenting section. Comments can be migrated from many of the other comment extensions that Komento supports, so you can immediately display them on your site. Feel free to try it now!

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If you are looking for a good comments extension, RSComments can ideally complete your Joomla site for all versions. There are other Content Management Systems which have an inherent component for commenting, but Joomla unfortunately doesn’t. That’s why you need to try RSComments, as it’s one of the best extensions available for that purpose. You will be surprised how easy it is to install and configure it, and after that, it takes just a few minutes to enable the comments on your Joomla website.

From then on, you will be able to interact with your users, start discussions, receive feedback and exchange opinions on any of your products, articles and content items that you have ever published. Your visitors will be more satisfied and more involved with the content of your website. The traffic will be more frequent and the community will blossom in a significant pace. RSComments has an antispam protection and an inherent CAPTCHA as well. You can buy it for 19 euros and enjoy the abundance of features it offers. It already has more than 21,000 downloads and counting.

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JL Cackle

The JL Cackle extension is a great choice for your website if you want your users to be able to make comments with the use of a social network account. Only a social network account is required from a major provider, and your users will have no difficulty with logging in and starting discussions or providing feedback. JL Cackle can even bring more visitors to your website, by placing a link to the comment below the article in the particular user profile with a comment text.

This is quite similar to the Disqus system, except that Cackle allows you to set up widget designs more flexibly while supporting numerous providers for authorization. JL Cackle works on Joomla version 2.5 and later. This extension can implement integration with the following components: K2, JoomShopping, com content, ADSmanager and VirtueMart with one single click.

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So these are the best Joomla comment component that I found. Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

Also if your know other Joomla comment extensions, please let me know and I might include it in the above list.


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