15 Best Java Web Hosting Providers

In this article, we are going to review the Java web hosting services that can bring you the most value for the price. This will be a great resource for developers that are looking for powerful hosting plans they can fully rely on. You will be able to learn about the biggest names in the industry and the features, support and hardware they offer.

Next up, we are going to explain what Java is, why people use it and some interesting facts. In the second half of our article, we are going to review 15 of the best Java web hosting providers in our opinion. We will point out some of the key features of each provider and the services they are especially good at. Without further ado, let’s get started!

What is Java and Why You Should Use It?

Java is one of the most popular programming languages. The main concept of Java is that it doesn’t require you to write numeric codes at all. You can write a whole program just by using English words as commands. This also means that it is much easier for users to write and read the language compared to other programming languages.

As we need to speak according to the rules of grammar, Java programmers also need to follow a set of rules while writing the program. This is what we call syntax. Of course, the set of commands written by the user is not the final form of the program. Before it is ready to run, Java needs to translate it into numeric codes so that the machine can process it.

The Story of Java

best-java-hosting-providersThe very first version of Java was the result of a project back in 1991 and its first name was Oak. James Gosling was the leader of the team at Sun Microsystems and he had an oak tree in his office, which is how the language got the name. As they continued to work on it, they changed to name first to Green, then finally to Java. The main idea behind Java was to develop a method for providing interactive television for the audience. However, it turned out that the language was too advanced for the digital cable television industry back then.

The first version of Java came out in 1996 and they started using it on the Internet instead. It became a tool that people used to make their website interactive by adding animations to the pages. Java was distributed by Sun Microsystems until 2010, when Oracle acquired the company. Numerous updates came out since the first release of Java, with the last one being the Java SE 10. Nowadays, it is so popular that you basically can’t touch a computer science subject and not hear a thing about Java.

This is Why You Should Use Java

At Sun Microsystems and later on at Oracle, they always focused in a few key principles. They wanted to create something beginner-friendly, portable, well-structured and secure. As a result, the first and the following versions of Java all satisfied these main ideas and attracted even more users each time to this programming language. The main reasons why you should use Java are the following:

  • It is reliable – The mistakes made by the programmer obviously lead to errors. However, these errors can be reduced by improving the programming language. Java decided to add object-oriented programming to the equation, which led to much better results.
  • Top-notch security – One of the developer’s plans with Java was to make it popular among mobile device users. If you want Java to work on mobile devices, you need to allow them to send and receive data through networks. These types of processes require top-notch security so that the data can’t be leaked. As a result, Java ended up being one of the most secure programming languages in the World.
  • Not dependent on the platform – You can run Java on any device including both big and small devices, which make it a completely portable programming language. It can be installed on any operating system; Java does not dependent on the software or hardware environment at all.
  • Beginner-friendly language – Java is mainly based on the C++ programming language. Of course, C++ is much more complicated than Java but it is still really powerful. They wanted to create something that retains and further improves the strengths of C++, while it is still easy to use.

Web Hosting Providers and Java

Although Java is supported by the most web hosting providers today, many of them don’t include it in their shared hosting packages. You might need to go for a VPS or even a dedicated server plan and both of these costs more than a shared hosting plan. Once you find the web hosting plan that suits your needs the most, you will be able to set up your Java-based website in no time.

If a web hosting company offers Java in their package, it basically means that you get a regular hosting service with all the necessary Java applications available. Even if you find a provider that supports Java in their shared web hosting plans, it is much better to go for the VPS option instead. Any experienced developer can tell you that Java applications usually require a lot of resources.

Instead of hesitating between shared and VPS hosting, you should rather take it to the next level and choose either VPS or dedicated hosting. Since we are talking about a highly popular programming language, there is a high demand for powerful Java hosting plans. It can take a lot of time to choose in case you don’t have the most powerful web hosting providers reviewed at one place.

Fortunately, we carefully reviewed 15 of the best Java hosting providers here in our article. Keep reading and we will help you decide which one suits your needs the most! But before we jump into details, here is the full list of best Java hosting companies:

  1. InMotion Hosting – from $29.19 / month
  2. BlueHost – from $19.99 / month
  3. HostGator – from $29.95 / month
  4. A2Hosting – from $5 / month
  5. InterServer – from $6 / month
  6. iPage – from $19.99 / month
  7. LiquidWeb – from $59 / month
  8. SiteGround – from $269 / month
  9. FatCow – from $19.99 / month
  10. DreamHost – from $13.75 / month
  11. Hostinger – from $8.16 / month
  12. TMD Hosting – from $19.97 / month
  13. Host1Plus – from $15 / month
  14. GreenGeeks – from $39.95 / month
  15. FastComet – from $59.95 / month

Now let’s see each Java hosting provider in detail:

1. InMotion Hosting

inmotion-best-java-hostingInMotion hosting doesn’t have a specific set of plans available strictly for Java hosting, however, you can choose one from their powerful VPS hosting plans. They only support Java with their three available VPS plans, so you can forget their shared or dedicated hosting plans. For starters, you can choose their VPS-1000 plan that costs only $29.19 per month. It comes with 4GB of RAM, 75GB storage, 4TB bandwidth and free SSL.

Although you get some extras along with Java, such as Tomcat and JPS, you still won’t be able to ask the technical support about this stuff. However, they are highly experienced in all the other parts of the web hosting service and you can contact them at any time. By signing up to one of their VPS plans, you also get cPanel for server management.

InMotion ensures that you are fully protected against DDoS attacks. The high-performance is guaranteed by the latest hardware, including SSD hard drives. Website and application data may end up damaged or lost in case a problem arises, but this is why backups are invented. InMotion provides free backups and snapshots, allowing you to go back in time and retrieve your data whenever you want.

You can create snapshots once every day, which is mostly recommended before you make changes on the server or website. The free backups are automatic and create a copy of your data roughly every day. This provider gives you 90 days to try one of their plans, which is plenty of time to decide whether you want the service or not.

2. BlueHost

bluehost-best-java-hostingYet another versatile web hosting provider that provides top-notch plans for businesses and individuals as well. At BlueHost, you can find at least three options for each type of web hosting service, including shared, cloud, dedicated or VPS hosting. From these, only their VPS and dedicated plans support Java and web pages that are based on JSP.

For beginners, the Standard VPS plan for $19.99 per month might be a good idea. The most recommended plan by BlueHost is the second, Enhanced VPS plan which costs $29.99 per month. Although all three plans come with lots of useful features, you need to make sure that the hosting plan provides enough performance for your needs. If you need something even stronger than these three, you can go for a dedicated server as well.

From the cheapest VPS plan to the most expensive dedicated server, the costs differ equally. You can get a dedicated server for only $79.99 per month, while the Ultimate VPS plan costs $59.99. By visiting the BlueHost knowledge base and reading the instructions, you can quickly set up Java in three simple steps. You will end up with the 1.8 version of Java, the latest open-source version.

With their VPS plans, you also get an improved version of the cPanel control panel and some additional tools that make VPS management and WHM control easier. They have a professional support team that can be reached any time. You can call them if you run into a problem or in case you want help with tasks related to your server or website. All in all, BlueHost is completely Java-friendly and greatly recommended for any developer or website owner.

3. HostGator

hostgator-best-java-hostingHostGator is one of the biggest and most advertised companies right now in the web hosting industry. They provide all sorts of web hosting plans and domain names as well. People widely use their services for creating blogs, portfolio websites, online shops and other company websites. They provide powerful solutions for Java hosting by supporting Tomcat on all of their dedicated or VPS web hosting plans.

At HostGator, there are both Windows and Linux-based servers available. If you are a Linux user, you will be able to add Tomcat to your cPanel control panel. In case you choose Windows instead, then you will be provided with a Plesk control panel which also supports Tomcat. Their team can’t provide any support for configuring your Java applications, so it’s all up to you.

However, they can install either the 5.5 or the 7 version of Tomcat for you, and you can request Tomcat via phone or chat as well. This service is completely free. With each of their VPS plans, you get 2 dedicated IP addresses, while their dedicated server plans come with 3-5 dedicated IPv4 IP addresses. You can have root access for the server if you want to install scripts or apps.

If you run into any problems, you can contact their award-winning support at any time. They can be contacted via phone, ticket or chat. HostGator also has a nice list of video tutorials where you can find the solution for many of your problems right away. There is no way that your data gets lost, since they create weekly automatic backups that are always there for emergency cases.

4. A2 Hosting

a2hosting-best-java-hostingIt doesn’t matter if you want a website for personal use or for a whole company; A2 Hosting surely has a web hosting plan that suits your needs. They not only have the usual dedicated, VPS and shared hosting options, but you can choose from tons of software-specific solutions as well. Just pick the software you need for your work, and they will show you web hosting plans that are right for the job.

For example, they have three different options for Java hosting for affordable prices. Their Entry package costs $5 per month, the Mid plan is $10 per month, while you can get the Elite plan for only $15. If you want the best performance for the value, you should pick the Mid plan which gets you 30GB of storage space, 2TB transfer and 1GB of RAM.

At A2 Hosting, performance is always guaranteed, which means that your Java-based applications and websites will run faster than the wind. Although it is a standard now among web hosting providers, A2 Hosting also strives to keep their uptime above 99.9%. Their VPS plans come with a tool called Webuzo which takes care of your Java setup with a single click.

In case a new version of Java comes out, you instantly get an email with a link that allows you to apply the update. Another thing that is beneficial for a developer is that A2 Hosting gives you root access to their servers. This means that you can manage the files on your server at any time. And these were only a few of the huge amount of extras offered by the provider.

5. InterServer

interserver-best-java-hostingAt InterServer, you can choose from 16 different VPS hosting plans depending on the amount of CPU cores, storage, RAM and transfer you want to use. These plans are available for Linux and Windows as well with a significant difference in the two prices. For example, the first plan for Linux costs $6 per month, while for Windows it is $10 per month. InterServer supports hundreds of software, including Java with additional tools and containers.

You get plenty of features with an InterServer plan, but if you want to add more, you can buy them one-by-one at their Upgrades section. After you have done shopping there, the extras you picked will be active within 15 minutes. They provide a beginner-friendly control panel along with the package as well. When it comes to customer support, they have an award-winning team of experts. You can call them whenever you face an issue or just want some advice on related to your hosting or website.

With the InterServer management interface, you can freely manage snapshots and ask for backup so that your data can remain safe. They have set up a powerful system that keeps their uptime above 99.9%, making InterServer an absolutely reliable provider. In case you experience any downtime, they immediately give your money back. Besides Java, they support plenty of other programming languages that can come in handy for developers. Many of them will be already installed once you join one of their plans. You also get root access to the server, meaning that you can add install and configure software whenever you want.

6. iPage

ipage-best-java-hostingThis is surely one of the best deals you can find on the Web as iPage not only provides affordable plans, but they are also recognized as one of the best Java hosting providers in the industry. Of course, like most of the Java-based providers, this one also supports the programming language with powerful VPS and dedicated hosting plans. On top of that, you get pre-installed JSP scripts so that you can focus on your work as soon as possible.

There are plenty of user reviews so far that praise iPage as one of the best options for Java-based websites and applications. You can always try out their Basic VPS plan for $19.99 per month and see how their service works out for you, then scale up to the plan that perfectly fits your needs. It comes with a 1-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, and 40 GB disk space and 1TB bandwidth. All three VPS plans include a cPanel control panel, managed support and you can also ask for server root access at any time.

Their low costs might confuse you, but iPage has a great reputation when it comes to web hosting performance. If you need more than their strongest VPS plans, you can go for a dedicated plan. The Starter plan costs only $119.99 per month with a 2-core CPU, 4GB of RAM, 500GB disk space and 5TB bandwidth. Both the VPS and dedicated plans are highly flexible and come with tons of features that can help you grow. Plans at iPage can be scaled up whenever you feel like your website or app needs more horsepower.

7. LiquidWeb

liquidweb-best-java-hostingLiquidWeb is created for developers and businesses that need a powerful Java hosting solution that is not necessarily cheap. The higher price also means that their team is ready to help you with everything to make your work easier. There is a wide range of features and supported software available in all of their hosting plans. LiquidWeb is highly recommended for those who want to work seamlessly on complex Java-based websites.

They have a helpful tech support team that is ready to help you fix problems. You can also contact them if you are not sure which one of their web hosting plans fits your needs the most. They will power your websites and applications with the latest hardware, storing your data on high-speed SSD hard drives. It doesn’t matter if your website is based on Java or any other programming language, your visitors will experience the same high-speed load times.

The top-notch performance provided by LiquidWeb will help you to get ahead of your competition and greatly improve your SEO rankings. You can choose from five dedicated and VPS hosting plans that guarantee a great performance for Java websites and applications. They allow you to switch to a more powerful plan if necessary, or to ask for a custom solution that perfectly fits your business.

The prices for their cloud VPS plans start at $59 per month, which grants you 40GB SSD, 2GB of RAM, 5 TB of bandwidth and a 2-core CPU. If you want a dedicated server, you can get one for as low as $199 per month with Intel Xeon CPU 4-core CPU, 16GB of RAM, 500GB SSD and 5TB bandwidth. Of course, cPanel and Plesk is included in all plans.

8. SiteGround

siteground-best-java-hostingSiteGround is well-known as one of the most versatile web hosting providers right now. They have powerful solutions for businesses, developers and individuals as well. However, when it comes to Java hosting, this is one of the companies that offer the least amount of choices. If you want Java to be included in the package, you have to pick one of their dedicated server plans.

Once you sign up to one of their dedicated plans, they give you root access and you can completely set up Java for your work. There will be no pre-installed tools, scripts or anything like that. Also, if you want their tech support team to help you with Java, you will need to pay an additional price for the service. Their hosting plans cost more than the average Java hosting plan in the market even if you don’t need their extra services.

Is it worth it? If you want a reliable web hosting service that provides your website with top-notch performance, it surely does. They are not focused on Java hosting, yet they still allow you to install everything you want. On top of that, you get an extensive amount of features. Their web hosting plans rely on the latest hardware.

In case you run into any problem regarding the hosting service or your website, you can contact them at any time through phone, email or chat. Their Entry dedicated costs $269 per month and you get Intel Xeon 4-core CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 480GB SSD and 10TB bandwidth.

9. FatCow

fatcow-best-java-hostingFatCow is popular among all kinds of businesses and individuals, but also among those who want reliable Java hosting. They don’t offer web hosting plans that are specifically optimized for Java, but it is one of the programming languages supported in their VPS and dedicated plans. In fact, you will have JSP pre-installed on the server once you sign up to one of the two alternatives, so you can quickly start working on your first application.

Joining a FatCow hosting plan comes with tons of benefits. You get cPanel which lets you easily manage your website and hosting plan and root access to the server. In case your website demands more power, you can scale up the performance immediately. Besides these, you get plenty of pre-installed scripts, useful features for your cPanel, unlimited domains, FTP accounts and MySQL databases.

As usual, you will start the plan with a free domain registration. They have a support team ready to answer your questions and fix your problems 24/7 that users are quite satisfied with so far. The Basic VPS plan with a single-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, 40GB storage and 1TB bandwidth costs only $19.99 per month.

If you would rather choose a dedicated server, you can go for their Startup plan for $119.99 per month with a 2-core CPU, 4GB of RAM, and 500 GB storage and 5TB bandwidth. This one is highly recommended for small, but quickly growing businesses that need a reliable plan for long-term. You can try out their service and if you are not satisfied, you can get your money back in the first month.

10. DreamHost

dreamhost-best-java-hostingA high variety of businesses and individuals choose DreamHost when they search for high-quality web hosting for their website. Their service relies on the latest hardware and software technology, enabling you to have a seamless experience working on your Java website. As stated by DreamHost, Java comes pre-installed on all of their servers.

However, if you want all the features to be available, then you will need to configure them by choosing one of their dedicated or VPS plans. You can set up Java Servlets on dedicated and VPS plans, while JSP and Tomcat will only work on dedicated plans. Each DreamHost plan gives you an abundance of features and tools that can help you get online quickly and effectively.

They store all the website and application data on SSD hard drives, keeping the performance at the highest possible level. There are 4 different VPS plans to choose from. Their Basic plan costs only $13.75 per month, which is certainly one of the cheapest VPS plans you can find. The package includes 1GB of RAM, 30GB storage, unlimited bandwidth and domains.

With the VPS plans, you get a beginner-friendly control panel, RAM and storage that can be extended at any time and 1-click SSL. If you need a dedicated server, their prices start at $169 per month. Their dedicated plans include DDoS protection, full root access, RAID 1 storage, server monitoring and more. Since DreamHost is highly confident in their services, they guarantee a 100% uptime. Their VPS hosting plans are ready to power websites and applications of all sizes.

11. Hostinger

hostinger-best-java-hostingHostinger is surely among the web hosting providers that offer powerful plans for cheap prices. If you want to be cost-effective, you should consider to sign up to one of their shared or VPS plans. However, keep in mind that only their VPS plans support Java Applets or JSP, while their shared plans only support JavaScript. Still, you will have plenty of options considering that Hostinger offers 6 different VPS hosting plans.

Each of the plans is designed to give you the maximum value for the price. Their VPS plans are based on Linux servers and give you full SSH root like a dedicated server. If you compare it to the most shared web hosting prices on the Web, it turns out that Hostinger has almost the same prices set for their VPS plans. The first plan costs only $8.16 per month and it comes with 20GB SSD, 1GB of RAM, 2.4 GHz CPU and 1TB bandwidth.

You can scale it up to 8GB of RAM, 160GB SSD, 6TB bandwidth and 14.4 GHz CPU, which costs $65.56 per month. These are unbeatable prices, and each plan gives you tons of useful features as well. Their support team is always there when you need help, trying their best even if you signed up for an unmanaged plan. Everything related to their infrastructure and web hosting service can be asked 24/7 via live chat. Hostinger makes sure that you can restore your data whenever necessary, allowing you to create and manage backups through your cPanel.

12. TMD Hosting

tmdhosting-best-java-hostingAt TMD Hosting, you can find a few options for all types of web hosting solutions for affordable prices. If you want a reliable Java hosting provider, you can’t go wrong with this one. You only need to pick the plan that provides enough resources for your website and you can start working with Java. The TMD hosting plans that mostly benefit Java users are their VPS hosting solutions.

If you choose a VPS plan, you get Tomcat virtual hosting that runs on SSD hard drives. In addition, the data will be stored in a separate environment on their servers, ensuring that your website runs at lightning speed. You can choose from five different VPS plans depending on the performance you want. As your website grows, you might start to overuse the resources. This problem can easily be fixed as they let you switch to the next plan at any time.

With every VPS plan, you get a domain name for free. TMD Hosting is specialized in fully managed VPS plans, meaning that you don’t need to worry about updates or any other technical stuff included in the package. As many of its competitors, this provider also gives you the cPanel control panel once you sign up. When it comes to data safety, you can either set up the backups for yourself or ask their support team to do so.

At TDM Hosting, you can get a VPS for as low as $19.97 per month with 40GB SSD, 3TB bandwidth, 2-core CPU, 2GB of DDR4 RAM and lots of useful features.

13. Host1Plus

host1plus-best-java-hostingAlthough Host1Plus is not considered as one of the biggest names in the web hosting industry, it has some really powerful plans to offer. Once you start using their services, you will realize how much they focus on providing full-featured and reliable web hosting. Among their extras, they also offer affordable Java hosting with their VPS plans.

If you want reliable Java hosting while saving some money, you should definitely pick one of their plans for long term. You can get a small discount even if you pick a VPS plan for more than 3 months. If you decide to stick with their service for 24 months, you can get the maximum discount of 20%. Their VPS packages start with the Amber plan that costs only $15.00 per month.

This comes with a 2-core CPU, 2GB of RAM, and 40 GB disk space and 1TB bandwidth. Their VPS plans can be scaled up to the Gold plan which costs $66.00 per month, or you can also create your own, custom web hosting plan. Every business has different needs, you only need to click on the Chat Now option and put together your new plan with their staff.

However, you can never go wrong with their Bronze plan which is their most popular plan right now. It offers a 2-core CPU, 4GB of RAM, 60GB disk space and 1TB bandwidth. This is usually enough for businesses and you can always scale it up if you want. Host1Plus allows you to keep track of the resources you use and get alerts in case you are pushing the limits.

14. GreenGeeks

greengeeks-best-java-hostingGreenGeeks is the web hosting company that powers all the websites and applications with wind energy. If you want a strong hosting plan for your Java-based website and protect the environment at the same time, you should definitely check out what they have to offer. Green energy is not only great for their marketing, but the same idea can boost your traffic as well.

With their 30-day money back guarantee, you will have plenty of time to figure out whether their services are good enough for you or not. When it comes to VPS and dedicated server plans, you will have numerous choices. There are 5 different VPS plans to choose from, starting with the 1GB RAM plan that costs $39.95. This one includes a 25GB SSD storage, 1TB bandwidth and a 4-core CPU.

If you choose a GreenGeeks VPS plan, you get the popular cPanel control panel with WHM, nightly backups and free migration in case you already have a website. Their quick provision guarantees that once you sign up to their plan, it will be up and running in a minute. If you want a dedicated server, you can choose from 4 plans.

The price for their Entry Server is only $169 per month with Intel Atom 330, 2GB DDR3, 500GB SATA, 10TB transfer and 5 IP addresses. If you are not sure which dedicated server suits your needs the most, you can always contact their experts via phone or chat and ask for a suggestion. In case you need to upgrade either your dedicated server or VPS, you can do it at any time.

15. FastComet

fastcomet-best-java-hostingFastComet has great reputation as one of the most reliable and beginner-friendly web hosting providers out there. It is ready to provide top-notch performance for your Java-based websites and applications. In fact, they are striving to get better each year and the user reviews speak for themselves. Right now, they have over 10,000 satisfied customers in 70 countries. They are not only great in powering websites, but you can also register domain names using their site.

At FastComet, you can choose between two backup options. They can either create backups weekly or daily to secure your data. According to the provider and tons of user feedback, they are successfully keeping their server uptime above 99.99% which is quite impressive if you compare it to other providers. This is definitely great for anyone who wants to start a business website with one of their plans.

FastComet offers cPanel as well, the best tool for managing your domains, hosting and accounts. You can simply download the phone app and fully control your web hosting service from anywhere. They have a strong customer support team that is ready to respond quickly at any time. You can contact them via live chat, phone, ticket system and email.

Their cheapest cloud VPS plan costs $59.95 per month and includes a 2.50 GHz CPU, 2GB of RAM, 50GB SSD and 2TB bandwidth. Then, if you start to run out of resources, you can upgrade through 3 more levels. If you want a dedicated server instead, you can try out their first plan which costs $139 per month. It includes a 4-core Intel Xeon CPU, 8GB of RAM, 160GB SSD and 5TB bandwidth. Of course, these also include cPanel in the package.


I really hope, that from these top Java hosting companies you were able to find at least one which will suitable for your needs and budget. If you have any experience with some of these companies listed on this page, or any other Java hosting provider and want to share your thoughts, please leave a comment below.

Also leave a comment below, if you still have any question regarding these providers.


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