The 10 Probably Most Useful Free Add-Ons for Google Docs

We have recently written an article about Google Docs Essential. In case you do not know something about Google Docs, read the article to get into the mood of exploring the world of Google Docs. Google Docs is not only about creating simple documents, but you can also use it for professional purpose, since the program is equipped with all the tools you need and you may not even be aware of this. Moreover, there are hundreds of them and third-party add-ons can become your best friends and you can discover the world of additional features with them. With the help of these tools, Google Docs can be an above-average product. Read the next list to learn to use Google Docs in a more efficient way and become a professional user of it.

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Table of Contents

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It is advisable to attach a Table of Contents to a longer document that you have written. On one hand, it helps you find the precious parts easily. On the other hand, you can see the structure of the created document in whole, which gives you a broader perspective of your work. The Table of Contents add-on makes it possible to create not only a simple content list, but it also allows you to add direct links. The add-on appears on the right side and you can quickly reach the desired parts. The only thing you have to do is to form the document properly to make it suitable for applying add-ons. Then you need to add the proper headings.

SAS Writing Reviser

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google docs sas writing reviser addonSAS Writing Reviser helps you revise your documents easier and more efficiently. It is not about fixing grammar mistakes, but rather finding the perfect phrases. Basically it gives you suggestions and in order to use those phrases, you need to understand the grammar structures very well. It is essential to mention that the program has good command of English, meaning that it can simply handle passive structure, transitions or repeated words. You can even check the most frequently used words in the document and use something instead of them, if needed. SAS Writing Reviser can surely repair your essay.

Highlight Tool

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google docs highlight toolGoogle Docs has its own highlighter, which is simple to handle, but wouldn’t it be great if you could label these highlights or group them? The Highlight Tool gives you these options and makes your work smoother. Furthermore, there is another really great feature that you can choose, to export these highlighted contents to a chosen document. This is how you can create a document based on the highlighted text and you filter the unimportant information at the same time. A special library folder (Highlights Library) is created for the very purpose of storing the highlighted data. Finally, if you feel like sharing the highlighted information with someone, you can do so with the help of this program.


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google docs translate toolIf you decide to read a text in a chosen language, it can easily happen that you find an unknown word in the document. For this purpose, Google created a tool for you. The program is based on Google Translate and it is able to recognize the language automatically. The second step is to offer you translations in the supported languages. It only takes some clicks and you have the result. Think of another situation, where you write a document in another chosen language, but you are not sure whether you used the proper word. You no longer need any dictionary site to check it, because the Translate add-on makes this process quicker. It is as easy as it seems. If you choose the ‘translate’ option by clicking on it, you can see the highlighted text in the right side. Moreover, you can decide to replace the given text with the translated content.

As a weak spot, it is important to mention that the program supports 5 languages and no more. Only English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese are the options, even though Google Translate can cope with 100 languages, it is somehow not supported by the system. The other issue can be the reliability of the program, which developed a lot recently, but programmers still have much to do.

Pupil Pref

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google docs pupil pref addonBelieve it or not, Professor Arnold Wilkins carried out a research, which had an astounding result about our eyes. There are some background colours, which make it easier to work on a text, because our pupils adapt to it easier than to the simple black and white background. Pupil Pref add-on was created for this purpose. It might sound unbelievable at first, but if you give it a chance, it can change your view about writing and reading. It offers 16 different colours and you can try all of them, one after the other. Just give it some time to reach the positive effect and if you decide not to use them, you can click on ‘Remove Colour’ button. The listed colours are light ones, but you can also choose to change to something darker by using the original program of Google Docs (background colour changer).


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google docs docsecrets addonYou may have the idea of hiding information for a special person or group or you just have some confidential information that can only be revealed for the chosen ones. Think of a password, any type of ID or sensitive data. This content will only be revealed for those who use the same program and know the password to unlock it. DocSecrets embeds encrypted content inside of the document, which seems like a glitch for those who do not have the program.

Once you choose the right place for the encrypted data, you can write the real content in the right sidebar. Finally, you can add a special colour for hiding it. Be careful with the password and try not to forget it, since the loss of password can result in losing the encrypted data, which is no longer restorable.

Wolfram Alpha!

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google docs wolfram alpha addonIn case you need some computation power, you will be very happy with Wolfram Alpha. With this computation based program, you get a built-in search engine in the right sidebar. You can check data, such as size, distance, radius or any computable ones. When you handle technical documents frequently, it can be a very useful tool. If you wish to get information about the Moon, it shows distances, orbital period, etc. All in all, it is quick and a useful add-on for those who get into contact with science and technical documents often.


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google docs eznotification toolEzNotifications can come in handy when you work on a document with several co-workers or writers. The Add-on informs you about all the changes it recorded in a time period you set. You can choose to get notification only once a day or every hour. If it detects a bigger change, for instance change in the title of the document, it sends you a special notification right away. Although the program is in its beta phase, it already has very useful options, like the ability to choose to be the owner of the document (called ‘Owner options’) and set if the others get notifications about the changes or not. So far it has been free to use the add-on, but this feature is not toll-free.

Extensis Fonts

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google docs extensis fontsIf you wish to have colourful letters and words and you do not want to do it the difficult Google Docs way, Choose Extensis Fonts. You can enter the world of abundance, since it offers you more than 1,200 fonts and the program runs smoothly with a few clicks. Fonts can be viewed based on certain categories, like date, alphabetical order or popularity.

Lucidchart Diagrams

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google docs lucidchart diagramsYou can see that there are the overly detailed documents when someone presents his/her idea and the simple ones. It is able to create multiple charts and maps, which can not only help you in organizing your ideas, but it works as a scale of proficiency. Templates can be opened through the Lucidchart editor, in case you need any help. It is also allowed to edit these prepared figures and charts. Of course these templates are extremely useful and this is the reason why you need to pay if you like the program. The diagrams are available through Google Drive.

Add-ons are not malicious, pointless programs, since they can boost the quality of you work as well. SAS Writing Reviser can serve you well, when you need a more complicated phrase to prove your suitability for a project, work or elsewhere.

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