12+ Best Gmail Alternatives for Personal & Business Use

Emails play a large role in our work life. They transformed and evolved long range communication into something that can be done in seconds. Today the amount of information we are sending and receiving through our emails can be overwhelming.

If there is too much data for you to handle, then you need some good tools help you out and make your work more efficient. Email clients keep striving to bring their users the best experience and be better than their competition. Thanks to this, there are a many email clients available.

Gmail has been around for quite some time and since then it has been one of the most used email services. It has got a lot of updates since its release and eventually its interface became more simplified and user friendly, which brought some changes. A lot of people love it and of course, there are people who can’t stand it.

There are many users who would complain that this new interface isn’t user friendly and the compose button is just so buggy and bothersome sometimes. If you have more than one Gmail account, you can only view one (in a single tab).

Gmail also doesn’t offer any way to import accounts from any other mail services you previously used. But the most problematic thing is the fact that Google scans each of your email messages. Google does this so that advertisers can target the users better and display ads which are more relevant to them.

This might be considered a complete disrespect and invasion of privacy.

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These reasons are more than enough to move away from Gmail and try out something new and something better.

In this article we will help you find the email service that best serves your needs.

Mail.com is a free email service that lets you choose from more than 200 domains. You can choose each domain depending on your profession (@content-writer.com), hobbies (@carlover.com), and sports (@ footballplayer.com).

Mail.com also provides unlimited email storage, an antivirus scan, spam filters, a mail collector, mobile service, calendar integration and 50MB attachments. It also has a Mail Collector feature that enables you to receive and send messages to all of you external email services within your Mail.com account. It has support for Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail.


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The best email service for any hardcore Microsoft user. It also brings some great Office Web Applications and SkyDrive with it. You can import all of your emails from Windows Mail, Windows Live mail or Outlook Express. You can also use it to send and receive emails from other email accounts.

Outlook has a deep social integration that lets you import your Facebook contacts for ease of access and to chat with them through the Messaging feature. You can access and publish all of your Facebook statuses, photos or videos and view your friends’ updates too.

Storage space is basically unlimited and will automatically increase when you need it.


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Inbox.com is an amazing feature packed email client that offers 5GB storage for email and attachment sizes of 50MB. It also has a photo module that enables you to easily store, share and organize all of your photos.

Among its many features, there is an integrated Organizer that can help you in boosting your productivity and it also includes a task manager, calendar and reminders. To add even more functionality, you can use the Notes feature to create lists, record ideas and to-dos.

Inbox automatically scans all of your messages for spam, spyware and viruses, keeping your privacy protected all the time. You can also install the Inbox.com toolbar if you want to have email notifications on your desktop.

Zimbra is a popular choice not only because it has a much desired tabbed interface, but because it can handle your Facebook and Twitter accounts too. Its interface looks a bit outdated but it packs a lot of functionality. The great amounts of features that Zimbra offers, requires a more advanced interface for you to be able to use them properly. It supports offline work as well.

Yandex offers a free @yandex.com address and a simplistic interface that adds some joy into browsing through your emails. You get 3GB of storage on your Yandex Disk, which can be extended to 7GB by doing a few simple things like installing the Windows application, uploading a few files and referring a friend to the service. Yandex is most popular in Russia and also has support in 9 languages that include English.

Yandex also lets you import all your emails with using POP or IMAP. Apps for the iOS and Android are also available for download.

Yahoo Mail

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Yahoo was once a horrible mail client but it has come a long way in its development and became much more modern. It can be accessed on your computer or mobile device, from basically any email client that supports POP.

Your storage is unlimited and you can import contacts from Facebook, Outlook, Gmail and others. Yahoo’s spam protection got upgraded greatly and SSL encryption is also available, but it has to be turned on manually.

Thanks to Yahoo Messenger, chatting with friends can also be done while you read through your email and you can send and receive SMS messages too.

GMX is a great alternative to Gmail. You can get a free email account that offers very similar features as Gmail, expect your email address will use @gmx.com or @gmx.de domain. There is no limitation on how many emails you can store in your account, but there is a 50MB attachment size cap. If you need to send larger files, you can use their FileStorage feature.

Incoming emails to your GMX accounts are scanned for viruses and trojans and advanced spam filers are applied to help you prevent receiving unwanted messages.

Did you know that you can use Facebook to send and receive external emails? We all know that you can send a message to your friends or other Facebook users with the Facebook Messenger, but it is also possible to send emails to external email addresses such as Gmail, Yahoo or others.

Sending messages to external emails works exactly the same as sending private messages on Facebook with the little difference that you will need to enter the email address you want to send the email to and not your friend’s name. You can also send group messages, view conversation history or mark spam massages.

Zoho Mail

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If you need an email address that works with your own domain, than Zoho is you the service you need. With the free version you can host one domain and create up to 5 email addresses with 5GB space for each account. For hosting multiple domains you will need to upgrade to their paid service, which starts at $2 / month and offers a lot more features than the free version.

The Zoho email service supports POP as well IMAP. It can be used on any device and also on third party email clients. You can also fetch mail from external email addresses into your Zoho Mail accounts via POP.

Husmail is a great ad-free email service that offers 25GB storage, email encryption and supports POP and IMAP. You can use Husmail via your browser, it has apps for wide range of mobile devices such as Android, iOS and Blackberry, or you can use it via third party email clients.

Your free email account will use the domain @hushmail.com, but if you need custom email address, you will have to upgrade the plan.

The only downside of this email service provider is that in order to keep your free email account active, you need to login at least once a week, which can be a hassle especially if you go on vacation.

Tutanota is a simple, secure email service based in Germany. It provides end-to-end encryption to email sent between Tutanota email accounts.

The free account offers 1GB email storage with @tutanota.com email account. The premium plan that costs €1 monthly allows adding your custom domain and have up to 5 email accounts. Customization of your inbox is also allowed with the paid plan. If you need more storage for larger files, you can purchase additional space of up to 1TB.

AOL is one of the oldest and probably most popular free email service providers and alternative to Gmail. With AOL you can have a free email account with unlimited email storage and option to choose between multiple email domains (@love.com, @ygm.com, @games.com).

With AOL  messages are encrypted and scanned for viruses as well against spam. Their messaging app allows you to quickly send messages to your friends.

The 25MB file size on attachment can be a downside if you need to send larger files.

iCloud Mail

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The iCloud Mail service is well known among iOS and Mac users. You can use this service if you have an Apple ID and you can access your email via the application from your iPhone or iPad. You can also get access to your iCloud email from a PC or Android device by using a web browser and accessing the icloud.com url.

The service provides 5GB email storage and maximum 20MB sized files are allowed for upload. It allows you to sync data between different Apple devices. This email service offers high security and privacy to your emails.

Overall it is a great Gmail alternative however there are few downsides as well. You can’t import email accounts from other clients and can’t organize your emails in folders.

Fastmail offers a simple, easy to use interface with minimalist design along with a great email service. The company uses sophisticated anti-spam filters to keep your inbox spam-free and offers similar features to Gmail. Their search system allows you to quickly find the messages you want and browse through your emails quickly. You can pin important messages and these will appear at the top of your inbox.

You can access your email account via a web browser or you can use their app. Syncing or sharing calendars with other devices such as tablets, mobile or PC or with other accounts is also possible.

Their email app is available for all platforms and supports two-factor authentication as well.


This concludes the list of the best email clients in our opinion. You can see that there are many places you can migrate to if you had enough of Gmail. Many of these clients pack tons features and functionality and that is the reason why each of them is backed by millions of users. There are still many clients out there that we haven’t covered but I’m sure that one of these will fit your needs perfectly!

We hope you have found the information you were looking for and hope to see you again!


Useful Email Clients

While there were some confusions between email services and email clients, we updated this article and separated them. Below you can find a collection of email clients, that you can use with some of the above mentioned email services.

em Client

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em Client’s simple interface puts much greater focus on functionality and ease of access than an endless number of features. You can add a number of email accounts, but the free version is limited to only 2. A unique feature is the Skype integration, enabling you to chat through your client.

It also has support for Exchange, iCloud, Gmail and Outlook.com. Features like integrated calendaring, touch controls, contacts and fast searching make it a really powerful tool.

Inky is most famous for its intuitive design. It is probably the best looking Gmail alternative out there. It also has mobile clients available and you can sync all of your settings between them through cloud. Setting up and using different email accounts is a walk in the park and you do not have to tinker around too much.


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An interesting email client that presents emails in a unique yet simple way. Each of your emails is highlighted as their own title and you have them split by contacts. It also supports multiple accounts and supports any filter you could think of. It is made for Windows 10 machines and tablets so the interface is designed for touchscreens, rather than a mouse and a keyboard. You can have two accounts with the free version.

Mailbird Lite

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Mailbird Lite is a feature packed communication platform that can be extended by various apps. You can add scheduling, file syncing, chatting and team working.

After you download Mailbird, you’ll have access to the pro version for 30 days. Once the trial period is done and you choose not to pay for the pro, your client will be reverted to the free version which has its own restrictions.

Free users won’t get features like speed reading, previews of attachments, email snoozing, but this client still does an excellent job. It is optimized for speed, looks great and you can use up to three email accounts.


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The people who brought you the famous Firefox web browser, have created Thunderbird a few years ago and they have maintained it ever since. It is a standard IMAP and Pop mail client which you can setup for basically any email address you would like to, including a Gmail account.

It’s open source and free to use. People love it for the simplicity and functionality it offers. You can also set up a Gmail account with Thunderbird pretty easily by signing in with your Gmail credentials and setting Thunderbird to use IMAP.

This cross-platform email client is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Opera Mail

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Opera Mail comes with the beloved Opera web browser and it’s really easy to set up with just about any email provider. The only thing that isn’t too good about Opera Mail is that it is integrated into the browsing experience.

Opera Mail can be used inside of the Opera web browser and also supports offline use. Great search capabilities make it easy to look anything up and the attachments section allows you to access all of your attachments in the same place.


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