30 Best Free WordPress Themes for Blogs & Websites

Are you looking for a great new theme for WordPress that you can use for free of charge? You’ve come to the right place since we have prepared a list for you in which we will talk about 30 new WordPress themes for 2018.

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We know it is hard to keep up with all of the new themes for WordPress that are being created and used almost every day. That is why we have decided to help you and to give you some reference so you will know what free WordPress themes are worth taking a look at and using them, especially when you know that there are many free themes out there that simply lack the quality design or miss something in terms of functionality. That is why many decide to pay for their themes. This article will help you choose a theme that is perfect for your needs, without having to pay for it! So, we will now go straight to it and show you our list of 30 best WordPress themes you can use free of charge:

indie free wordpress theme

If you are looking for a user-friendly theme to use for your blog or a website, Indie is the way to go. It has many elegant modules and a breathtaking header picture. This theme is primarily a platform for your blog because it has a blog feed that is in the center of attention on the homepage.

You can use the header area to provide some information about your business and you can even insert your logo. There are many custom menus, colors and headers you can choose from and it is a very responsive theme as well which provides a great viewing experience for visitors that use smartphones or tablets.

2. MH Purity Lite

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mh purity lite free wordpress theme

This theme is very similar to premium themes, but with one main difference – you can use it for free! However, if you ever decide to make your business even more visible and increase your profile, you can always switch to the paid version.

This particular theme works best for magazines since it has contemporary and clean modules that allow you to insert lots of content to your homepage. MH Purity Lite allows you to create an energetic website that is well-suited for news since it allows you to incorporate small thumbnail pictures that stimulate visitors to keep on clicking.

3. Delivery Lite

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delivery lite free wordpress theme

This is another theme that is great for magazines, but only if you are interested in creating a tech magazine. Same with our previous entry, you can also upgrade your version to the paid one if you think your company might benefit from it.

You can upload a logo of your business and it will be shown on the top left part of your website. There are also many widgets, custom menus and you can even use search bar if you want to assist your visitors in navigating through your website.

cannyon free wordpress theme

This is a theme for those that want to create an amazing visual experience for their visitors since it has a header that overlay the text that is very eye-catching. Underneath it, there is a white section where you can post information about your business, as well as featuring posts.

There are many buttons that link to various social media platforms and these buttons have a very interesting and attractive design that draws more visitors to use them for sharing your content.

5. Storefront

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storefront free wordpress theme

If you are looking for a theme that will help you sell your products online, Storefront is the perfect choice for you, especially if you plan on using WooCommerce because it was designed by WooThemes. You will have a wide choice of colors and layouts so you can personalize your web store, but you will also be able to use many widget options that can help you maintain a clear design.

Another great advantage is the fact that Storefront is a very responsive theme, so you will be able to sell your products to a wider audience, not just to visitors that have a PC or laptop. Language options can also help you reach a wider audience and potential clients.

6. GK Portfolio

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gk portfolio free wordpress theme

This theme has a very straightforward design that is much alike to interfaces that come from Apple. It is a very elegant theme that has a grid-based design, perfect for creating a portfolio or for giving out links to your newest blog posts.

There are also many animations that add some additional effects, but you will also be able to select a personalized background or color for your theme that also provides a great level of functionality so you won’t have to tamper with the source code.

7. True North

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truenorth free wordpress theme

This theme provides a perfect mix of clean and contemporary, while also manages to provide solid portfolio tools. There is a wonderful header and a section in which you can offer some basic information about your company on your homepage. The portfolio is done in a grid format and offers many breathtaking thumbnail pictures, but also links to your most popular content.

This one of a kind theme has a completely responsive design, which is also extremely SEO friendly so you will always have a great presence on search engines.

virtue free wordpress theme

If you want to create a business site that is beautiful and modern, Virtue has many options that will enable you to do this. It has a strong design that is very responsive, which means that your visitors that use devices like smartphones and tablets will have no problem to enjoy the beauty of your website.

Since it is primarily a theme for companies and firms looking to sell their products online, this theme can be integrated with WooCommerce so you can easily begin offering your products for sale.

There are many custom headers and menus that are available to you which can help you get the look you want for your website. Also, there is translation options integrated, which allows you to reach a wider and more diverse audience.

spacious free wordpress theme

As the name of this theme suggests, Spacious has a lot of space for your content. In addition to this, it also has an engaging and clear layout that makes it one of the best options among new WordPress themes that are available for free.

This theme has a completely responsive layout which makes it a perfect option for portfolios, blogs and online stores. There are many kinds of blog displays offered, along with numerous widget sections. There are translation features so you can reach even those that speak a different language.

10. Enlightenment

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enlightenment free wordpress theme

This is another contemporary and clean theme that provides a lot of space for your content and that allows it to be in the center of attention. You can create different layouts for different parts of your website if you want to be creative and provide your visitors a design that breaks the usual monotony some other designs have.

If you want to display any image on your homepage there is a fast way to do it thanks to the featured photo header. This theme also provides comment sections, translation options and sticky posts, along with everything else a great solution for your company must have.

alizee free wordpress theme

This theme can give you a lot of options if you are looking for a solution based on grids since it allows you to create anything from portfolios to image galleries. It is much alike Pinterest in terms of design and style and it is a very responsive theme that looks great on smaller devices. Parallax header provides a specific and wonderful effect that keeps your visitors focused on the beauty of your site and makes them want to see more.

One very unique feature that Alizee has to offer is toggle-able options for your sidebar or social menu on your homepage. This enables you to choose the number of columns you want to present and you can enrich those columns with anything you want thanks to custom widgets that are available to you.

make free wordpress theme

This theme presents a very modern layout with a big header section that can be used for promotional banners or photos of your most recent products. Make is integrated with social media which allows your visitors to share any content they like. Also, the design of this theme is totally responsive, making it a great sight to see even on tablets and smartphones.

Anything you like to change can be personalized with this theme; colors, fonts, layouts, logos, etc. It is also integrated with WooCommerce making it a perfect design for those that want to sell their products online.

rocked free wordpress theme

When it comes to free WordPress themes, Rocked is one of the best and most attractive options you can go with. This theme offers you color options, pre-created blocks, but it also allows you to upload logos and favicons which make it a perfect solution for corporate users.

There are also many widgets that allow you to include additional modules in which you can include testimonials or services, or anything else as well. Google Fonts that is integrated with this theme allows you to choose among 600 fonts, which allows you to get creative and make your website completely unique.

talon free wordpress theme

Talon is pretty great and has many amazing options, especially when you know that it is a free WordPress theme. The biggest part of your homepage will be a sizable header, but this header operates as a slider, or static photo, so you will have a lot of freedom to customize your design with it. Next to this, you will get a text that overlays this header photo and a very user-friendly menu.

This theme also enables you to create profiles of your employees, since it has a Meet the Team module integrated on the homepage. You can add testimonials and portfolios as well, but you can also use theme features to enhance and change colors and fonts.

modern free wordpress theme

As you have probably guessed from the name of this WordPress theme, it is very, very modern. It is created to operate as a blog or portfolio and it has a custom background that provides a soothing sight for your visitors, while the grid-based design enables you to share links to your recent or most popular posts.

Another great thing about this theme is the responsiveness that allows your readers to visit your website on the move, on their phones or tablets. You can select the number of columns you wish to present, but you can also personalize colors, menus and header and make your Modern theme just the way you have envisioned it.

radiate free wordpress theme

This theme has received many commendable reviews and not without a reason. It offers a smooth layout with many white sectors for your content. The header section enables you to upload a large photo. The design below the header is based on grids and it is perfect for sharing links to your posts or for creating a portfolio website.

In addition to all this, Radiate offers you translation options so you can reach a wider audience, regardless of the language your visitors speak. You can also utilize sticky posts, threaded comments and select the number of columns you would like to display on your homepage.

17. Perfetta

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perfetta free wordpress theme

This theme is a clean and specialized platform that is ideal for any type of food blog or company. It has big photos and a wonderful feed for publishing your best recipes. This design has only one column that enables your audience to comment or go through your content without having to navigate through your site.

This straightforward and simple design is what many businesses desire. There are also translation options that allow visitors that speak different languages to communicate in the comment section, although they all speak one same language after all – gourmet.

albar free wordpress theme

If you are looking for a free WordPress theme that can help you create a fantastic and attractive design for an online store, portfolio or company, this is the theme for you. This theme is integrated with a lot of commonly used plugins, but the real benefit that you can utilize is the WooCommerce integration, especially if you plan to sell products on your website.

You will not have any problems in arranging your custom menu since it has a very simple setup and this theme also offers translation options so you can reach a wider public and potential prospects.

ignite free wordpress theme

This theme is a good choice if you are looking for a free WordPress theme because it has a very creative design, it has many colors to choose from and interesting social media buttons for visitors to share your content.

The primary use of this theme is to create and operate a blog because it has a blog feed design that can help you raise the number of views. You can also customize the design by adding additional sidebars, widgets and many other features. It is also a very responsive theme, which means that your audience can read your blog posts from smaller devices like phones and tablets.

20. Eighties

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eighties free wordpress theme

If you want your content to be in the center of attention, then Eighties is the right theme for you. This theme has a wonderful feed design in which your content is practically the only thing your visitors can discover on your homepage. One interesting thing that Eighties offer that most other themes don’t have is the sidebars and menu that are only visible when visitors want to see them.

The header sector is very responsive, but also very large so it can cover the majority of your screen. It also has overlaying text option if you want to provide some information about your site or if you want to promote some other company or website.

vega free wordpress theme

This WordPress theme looks like a premium one, but it is available free of charge. It has a minimalistic, eye-catching layout that can be used both as a business website or a blog. This theme tries, and succeeds, in presenting a clean layout in which you can display any information for your visitors to see. That means that you won’t have to go through many settings in order to customize your design.

What is interesting about Vega is the fact that you can choose whether you want your website to be presented in one page or in multiple pages. There is also an animation that allows you to get creative with your design, as well as many color selections that allow you to brand your website the way you like.

22. InstantWP

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instantwp free wordpress theme

This is a very innovative theme that also utilizes a big header with overlaying text in which you can talk about your company or website. This minimalistic theme works best for showcasing portfolios, but it also has tools that allow you to create a great blog that will be able to have an instant presence on the Internet.

One big benefit that comes with using InstantWP is the options panel that is very, very straightforward and simple, which means that you don’t have to have advanced tech skills if you want to design your website using this theme. The layout is also completely responsive.

23. JustWrite

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justwrite free wordpress theme

I guess you aren’t wondering what JustWrite is all about. Yes, it is all about writing. This free WordPress theme has tools and options that allow you to create a clean and simple atmosphere in which you will be able to display your written content, which means that it works well with both magazines and blogs.

You can get creative with custom headers and colors, but you can also utilize many custom widgets that work well if you want to place content into the sidebar or footer sections. There is also translation option so your blog or magazine can be understood by the wider audience, but it also has a responsive design which can also enable you to have more followers and visitors.

patus free wordpress theme

This theme isn’t as popular as some other free WordPress themes that we have covered so far, but that only means that it wasn’t discovered by the bigger audience; yet.

Patus has a lot of white space in which you can introduce your content and it has a very clean design. It is ideal for a blog because it has a blog feed that is placed on the left side of the screen. It also has a simple navigational menu on the top. There are also many widgets inserted into this theme that allow you to use tools like calendars, blog posts, social media buttons and a lot more.

onetone free wordpress theme

This is a perfect theme for those companies that want to get creative with their design. It has a one-page design that allows HD photos to be inserted into the header section, but you can also add a video here if you want to, as well as overlaying text.

It has multiple social media buttons that can help you raise your presence on these social platforms. You can also upload your logo and favicon in no time.

26. Resolution

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resolution free wordpress theme

This is a theme that supports a design which is ideal for magazines, but you can also insert limitless sidebars so you can include as many widgets as you like. These custom widgets provide you with a great freedom when it comes to designing your theme the way you have envisioned.

You can also customize your menu which serves to help your visitors navigate your website. There is also a featured images option and these photos are taken directly from your blog posts. Also, there is a translation option that allows foreigners to read your magazine or blog as well.

everal free wordpress theme

This is a pretty solid option if you are looking for a free WordPress theme that has a very responsive layout and allows you to customize your design. It has a contemporary and clean layout which also supports translation options.

However, the biggest advantage Everal has is the overall design which includes a big header section and slider buttons that allow visitors to look for other content on your site. It has a blog feed that is showcased on the homepage and you can use many widgets on the sidebars.

28. Pinnacle

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pinnacle free wordpress theme

This theme has a professional design that offers multiple styles and settings. The layout is also extremely responsive, so your website will look beautiful even on smaller devices. It also supports WooCommers integration which is very useful if you plan to sell your products on your website.

This all means that Pinnacle is an ideal theme for companies, web stores, portfolios, but also for personal blogs. Also, you will be able to choose among many custom colors, menus and headers.

estore free wordpress theme

As the name itself says, eStore is a free WordPress theme created primarily for web stores. This theme has many functions and provides you with a great amount of freedom and flexibility when you are designing your website.

It has options that allow you to include more than one language, or currency, but you can also put ads, sell memberships or just simply display various categories and products on your homepage. Another interesting option is the ability to allow your past clients to review your product.

auberge free wordpress theme

This is another WordPress theme that is very responsive and has retina ready settings that allow your visitors to enjoy the beauty of your website regardless of the device they use. This theme primarily works well for coffee shops, but you can customize it to look great for any kind of blog, or even food business.

You can also customize your colors, but there are many other useful features, like threaded comments and numerous column alternatives. One of the nicest things about this theme is the header slideshow, which works perfectly if you want to display your products or photos of your store.

So here you have our list of 30 best WordPress themes that you can download and use for free for any of your projects. If you want to keep your website in good hand, we recommend choosing BlueHost for hosting your WordPress site. They are currently running a special deal, offering their WordPress optimized hosting plan for only $3.95 / month (instead of $7.99). Good luck!

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