5 Best Free Website Builders for Beginners

If you want to build a website, nobody will tell you that you have to learn coding. Even someone without any coding knowledge can build a pretty decent website. Some features and design patterns do require extensive coding knowledge to be implemented, improved and optimized. But if a simple website and some basic functionality is all you want, than you can build it yourself with the use of a website builder.

Website builders allow you to construct websites without having to do any of the coding. Just by using drag and drop tools inside a “what you see is what you get” editor, you can simply put together a pretty amazing website.

Such website builders are designed to be incredibly easy to use, so you can get the hang of them if you know how to use a mouse and keyboard. You simply drag certain elements, icons, buttons, banners, images and so on and compose your website like you would paint a picture on a canvas.

With some Content Management Systems, you don’t even have to do that much. You can simply use a template to create the design you want. Speaking of which, we differentiate two kinds of website builders, those that work online and those that work offline.

Offline and Online Website Builders

Though our main focus here will be on online website builders, it’s useful to know about offline website builders as well.

Offline Website Builders

Offline builders are website building software that you have to download and install to your PC. Any website you create will be saved on your computer’s hard disks and will have to be uploaded once your website is ready to go.

You don’t have to have an internet connection to work with these builders, you just have to have it when you upload your site and that’s it. They also don’t require any technical skills or coding experience for you to make them work. But you’ll have to pay for a web hosting service, because they usually don’t offer one.


  • You have a lot more flexibility in hosting your site
  • You can work on your website even when you’re offline
  • They aren’t as dependable as online service providers
  • They aren’t affected by your internet speed

Online Website Builders

Before I go into details, please consider the following list of 5 best online website builders that you can use for free:

Company Premium Plans From Try
weebly.com website builder free
$4.00 / mo
wix.com free website builder
$5.00 / mo
websitebuilder.com free trial
$5.38 / mo
mozello free website builder
$7.00 / mo
$7.13 / mo

Usually, online website builders can only be used with an internet connection, as the name suggest. They work on a provider’s server and you can use them through your browser window (Firefox, Chrome or Safari). A lot of website builder services also provide web hosting for your site, so all you have to do is build your site and enjoy it.

Most online website builders come with thousands of pre made templates, that come with various elements and content already built into them. All you have to do is a bit of customization and you’ll have yourself a website!


  • A lot of online website builders are completely free
  • You don’t have to install anything
  • You don’t have to buy any software
  • You can work on your website remotely, from any computer
  • You don’t have to update the software
  • Online builders offer web hosting services too

Although offline website builders are great too, we prefer to use online services, because they are much better and offer more benefits.

Best Free Online Website Builders

These are the 5 free website builders that make things seriously comprehensive for beginners, which is why we liked them the most.

weebly free website builder

Weebly has been around for quite some time and has proven to be one of the fastest growing brands among website builders. Weebly is an all-inclusive program that provides its users with everything they need to get their website up and running. It allows users to build and manage their entire website in a single platform. You can also leverage its great marketing capabilities. All of these would be handled separately in most cases but Weebly made things incredibly convenient.

Every design element and functionality within Weebly works really efficiently. They create a very simple drag and drop system. This website builder can go head to head with major platforms such as WordPress and Wix.

Weebly is incredibly popular and has created more than 40 million websites so it has a lot going for it. Let’s see how you can use it!

weebly free plan

You can create a 10 page website with 500 MB of storage completely for free. But your site will feature Weebly ads, but it’s still a really generous offer.

If you like the platform and want to get more out of it, you can start using Weebly’s Starter pack for $8 per month. It will remove the branding and ads from your website, provide you with unlimited storage space and you’ll also get your own custom domain name. If you want to build an online store, you can do so, but only with 10 products, which isn’t as generous as the rest of the offer. If you only want to use your website for displaying content for your visitors, you can use the Content Plan for only $4 per month.

The free version of Weebly is quite limited and there are a lot of “premium” elements that you have to pay to use. But you’re a lot better off with using Weebly, than hiring a programmer. You can create your own website and get it up and running for a few dollars, while hiring a developer would cost hundreds.

Your website will also be mobile friendly, although it’s important to mention that you can’t do much editing on the mobile version.

Weebly is absolutely perfect for those non-tech savvy people and it will serve them well through every task involved in building and managing a website.

wix free website builder

Wix is also one of the most well-known players among website builders, as they are currently hosting more than 90 million websites. They provide some very professional-looking and visually impressive layouts that are excellent for restaurants, small businesses, professionals, freelancers, photographers and so on. Each of the websites is optimized for mobile devices.

Building websites, editing images or adding a blog can be done with a few clicks. It’s just like using Word or any other text editing software. You can choose from hundreds of good looking templates and change your website’s entire design in a matter of minutes.

Wix isn’t anything fancy but it is really functional. You can also edit your website’s SEO data, to make it match search engines such as Google and Bing.

When it comes to adding features such as comments or other common functionalities, you just have to go to the Wix app market and get it.

wix free plan

You just have to have an active email address and you can start using Wix right away. Though you can build a website for free, but most of the useful features and cool looking designs are paid for. So, to make the best out of it, you’re better off with a premium account.

There are a number of premium accounts you can use and you can either go with the starter for $5 / month or go all the way for the VIP account for $25 / month. With the VIP account, you’re going to get a domain name, 20GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth and a professional web developer to look through your site. If you need support, you won’t have to wait more than a few minutes for one of Wix’s experts to reach out to you.

In our opinion, Wix is the most fully featured and the most reasonably priced online website builder. They offer the most detailed set of features and the most convenient user-interface. It’s no wonder they managed to make more than 90 million users happy!


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websitebuilder com free account

It’s easy to think that WebsiteBuilder.com is just a comprehensive name, made to show up on top of search queries, but it has proven to be so much more. In reality, the site offers a load of comprehensive website building tools that are easy to use for every beginner.

It also provides free domain names, a simple website creation process and a free business email. But it is also littered with some annoying upsells and a pretty vague description of what actually you’re paying for. So, the company behind it is pretty much into making a decent buck on this software.

You can’t do too much with a free account, other than starting a website, selecting one out of 100 templates and setting a site category. After that your website is ready for a preview and you’ll have to pay for any other feature.

websitebuilder com free plan

For example, to modify the mobile version of your site or to add a PayPal button, you have to upgrade to a premium plan. You’ll definitely bump into plenty of upsells no matter where your pointer goes.

If you want to create an online store, you’ll have to go for the eCommerce plan and pay $17.95 / month. This also includes domain registration and hosting costs, but it’s still a pretty hefty price to pay.

You might come across plenty of discounts but you’ll soon find out that they require you to sign a 2 year contract, which is quite a heavy price if you haven’t even worked much with the software before.

Although WebsiteBuilder.com is really trying to get you to buy plenty its stuff, its tools are pretty decent. It is plain and simple with many page-elements you can choose from. There are plenty of pop ups and messages that help you save work and grasp a better understanding of how everything functions.

Every necessary element of your new website is at your fingertips. You can add images, text, navigation elements or videos with a single click. You can add widgets such as music players, maps, social links and other useful stuff just as easily.

Everything is made as simply as possible, so you don’t have to touch anything else but the user interface. After just two hours of clicking, we managed to create a pretty good looking website, with all the elements we wanted.

The software has a lot speaking for it when it’s time to handle images. You can either upload your own or select from plenty of stock photography. Once you’ve finished working, you can rest assured that all your files and folders are stored on WebsiteBuilder.com’s servers.

Handling images is very easy. You can bring them to the foreground or push them to the background, rotate them or twist them any way you like through the comprehensive toolbar.

Overall, WebsiteBuilder.com is a very decent website building software, but it sure demands a hefty price. Those who can pay it, will be more than satisfied with the thorough and easy to use service they get!

mozello free website builder

Mozello made its debut in 2015 and has been walking a steady path to success ever since. It is a minimalist tool that provides anyone with the possibility of creating a good looking website with all of the right key features in place. Mozello helps them follow a very simplistic design pattern that helps users push out professional looking web designs each and every time.

To put Mozello simply, it is an absolutely simplistic program that lets you rearrange your entire website with a few clicks, but you can only use the presents they have provided. That’s good enough in our case.

To get started with using Mozello, all you need to do is provide an email, a password, a desired URL name and select a website type from their list. After that, you just have to choose a template and your website will be up and running.

Once the initial phase is finished, you can get straight down to editing your website with the website builder.

Mozello is different from other website builders, because it doesn’t have any drag and drop tools. You can rearrange your website’s content by switching between layout styles and designs, which is quite convenient. But you don’t have complete control over the layout, because you don’t have access to each of the individual elements. These restrictions are both convenient and limiting.

There is a huge library of themes you can choose from and each of them is quite professional looking. Even from a more tech-savvy perspective, these website layouts look really gorgeous. Premium users can even customize them a bit, by adding code to the head section.

Mozello also provides a complimentary customer support for their users. They also have a FAQ page that provides users with the answers they’re looking for.

Mozello can be used for free. You can build a website and publish it for free, but it will be on a subdomain, like website.mozello.com and your site will also have advertisements. But it’s still very much worth using Mozello’s free account.

To top it off, you can even use eCommerce features and sell 10 items on a free account too. The free account will also provide you with 0.5 GB storage and marketing features. This makes Mozello the most worthwhile freemium website builder we’ve reviewed.

mozello free plan

The premium plan costs $7 / month if paid annually, or $9 / month if paid quarterly. You get everything you would want with the free account and a whole lot more. For starters, you can connect your Mozello site to your own domain or register a fresh domain for free. You also get 50 GB of storage space and your online store can hold 30 items.

There’s also the Premium Plus plan which costs $14 / month if paid annually or $17 / month if paid on a quarterly basis. With it you get everything mentioned above, but your storage space and the number of items you can sell will be unlimited.

Overall, I’ve found Mozello to be the best on this list because it’s incredibly simple to use and gives respect to free users with a good quality service.

duda free website builder

Duda makes it pretty easy for any type of user to make a fully responsive website that complies with the highest standards. Duda is one of the best companies in the world that specialize in mobile websites. Their website builder will help you in creating amazing multilingual websites and in personalizing them to fit your unique style and needs. It’s a great platform for people who wish to build their own website without putting too much work into developing it.

Although this list is about free website builder’s I wouldn’t call Duda a free website building software. Sure, you can try it out for free, during its trial period, but if you want to use the whole range of features Duda offers, it will cost some money. But Duda makes it worthwhile with an awesome deal, offering a plan for life, without any monthly fees or strings attached.

Duda provides a powerful site analytics tool, various eCommerce tools and social media integration. It also handles languages in an amazing fashion. You can add any language to your site and have your website’s entire content translated to the language of your choosing, through Google Translate.

But be careful. If you used Google translate, then you know that it can sometimes come up with some really strange sentences.

If you run a store, you can add personalized events to your website through the InSite events button. You can show special offers, discounts or give notifications to a user if he/she is near your store.

duda free plan

You can create a blog in a few clicks, manage its looks with a few more and you’ve made yourself an outstanding blog in less than half an hour. The platform uses Facebook commenting system, so it doesn’t have a system of its own, but using Facebook comments is much more beneficial in my opinion. The interface also offers basic SEO settings.

In short, this system offers great customized features, modern and professional looking designs, along with the creation of multilingual website. Using it is simple and clutter free, so I can wholeheartedly recommend it.


Well, there you have it! These are the magic platforms that can turn any non-tech savvy person into the creators of their own website. Mozello offers quite a lot of features for free, so it’s your best option if you don’t want to spend any money, but if you’re willing to spend a few bucks on your site, than it’s worth checking out any of these builders. They make website building a simple, easy and fun process!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through these reviews and that we’ll see you again in the upcoming ones soon!

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