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Learning coding is no longer a task of dedicated teachers coming to for your home tuition. Technology has expanded its parameters and used internet as its platform to spread knowledge across the globe. Through internet, several coding academies have created their online presence to teach free coding courses from newbies to experienced web developers. These academies offer courses on a multitude of languages and accommodate all levels of learning with the help of online lectures, video tutorials, slides, and downloadable content. It doesn’t matter if you have never coded in your life, or you already know coding and plan to polish your skills, these free courses can help you become a qualified coder who can size prospects in the web development industry.

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#1 Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp is amongst the best camps out there. This academia is one of the most productive and resourceful leafing platforms. It not only allows free code lessons for users all across the world, but also allows students to exercise their coding skills on real time live projects from nonprofit organizations. This helps the students reinforce their coding concepts while assisting NGOs with their tasks and operations. It is an excellent place to acquire valuable coding knowledge and skills, especially if your aim to build a credible portfolio for your professional career. Notable organizations value the experience developers have in other organizations as means to grade a good position in web development firms.

#2 Coursera


Coursera has a unique way of providing coding classes for free. It allows you to take classes from certified and accredited academies, schools and universities such as Hopkins, Duke and Wesleyan that offer a wide range of coding and computer science courses accepted all around the world. Coursera connects you with the top teaching crème with top recognition for getting better career options for your future endeavors. The basic courses are free of cost, but if you intend step up a notch for advanced learning you will have to pay for classes.

#3 CodeAcademy

Another popular free coding resource is CodeAcademy. It offers a vast variety of courses in several prominent languages such as HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, Ruby, Python and PHP etc. These courses are taught with implementation practices so students can get their experience on different programs and sites. Aside from the teaching fundamentals, CodeAcademy also offers different courses for practical assessment in live website projects, learning Git, getting knowledge and using SQL, and completing tasks with Angualr and Sass. It’s a knowledge rich place with a lots of quality courses for students.

#4 Udemy


Udemy is ranked among the top and highly resourceful academies for free code learning. It opens doors to nearly 40,000 courses in different subjects. It has a track record for one of the best educational benchmarks and producing great students from its courses. The courses are registered and provide a full scale curriculum to web development languages. However, it has a similar policy for advance courses. Users will have to pay for courses involving complex coding especially for non-introductory courses.

#5 Hub Spot Design Certification

This is not for every student, but for those who have already some experience regarding website development and can code in CSS and HTML languages. It’s basically a two-part course certification which is completely free. The first part involves 6 different videos featured by Hubspot professors, while the second part is all about submitting a stylized template as a practicum. You can be certified once you pass a 70 question test on a 90-minute clock.

You can also use the Hubspot designer forum to gain further knowledge about the courses and coding. The topics basically cover Landing pages, building blogs, templates and about Hubspot. Since it’s a free course, it gives an excellent opportunity to web developers for getting their website started and establish a startup.

#6 Khan Academy

khan academy

Like many academies offering courses to hundreds of subjects, Khan Academy also makes up for one of the most quality learning platforms online. They offer courses on subjects you might never have even heard about, but their coding courses are quite exceptional in the online community. You can start from the basics and them opt for higher learning about web development languages, explore their potential and implement your coding knowledge on your own projects. It gives you a credible experience and helps you prepare for setting foot top tier software organizations.

#7 HTML5 Rocks

Associated with Google, HTML5 Rocks gets millions of students who learn free coding on the internet. It offers free tutorials, slides, other form of contents customized with specific courses according to the preferences of the learners. Its an ideal platform for zero starters as well as those code learners who have already have knowledge of the basics and wish to expand their expertise of web development with better coding practices. Since it’s a project of Google, the resources are well managed and looked after to avoid any inconsistencies.

#8 Code Avengers

code avengers

Code Avengers is a universal place for all sorts of coding talents to unleash their potential through learning and practical implementation on real time projects from all around world. It covers courses on different coding languages with complete contents for interactive learning and code empowerment. It features challenges, a community to connect with, hacks and quality tests with lots of other helpful tricks that are often sidelined in even paid courses. You can view the lectures and download the content through links, while you can also open channels to contact with teachers and get in-depth knowledge about the advanced coding. This involves paid membership which is not very expensive considered the value of their coding courses.

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#9 is basically focused towards new learners. It combined lectures, tutorials and graphical presentations and visual content to help kids understand coding and how it can be used for web development. Most lectures are covered on JavaScript and Python.

Final Thoughts

Although there are many coding academies teaching free courses on the internet, we have grouped the best and the most trusted in this article. You can choose from this list of coding resources we have provided to pick a course that can build your skills according to preferences.

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