15 Best Dropbox Alternatives – For Storing Your Files in the Cloud

Cloud storage services like Dropbox are a great medium to store and safeguard your data. Physical mediums like hard disks and USB drives can crash or get lost, the cloud, however, is impervious to such misfortunes. Some cloud storage services are free up to a certain limit (e.g. the Dropbox Basic account is free and includes 2 GB free storage), others are paid only.

For when Dropbox just doesn’t cut it anymore or you’re looking to try something new, here are the 15 best Dropbox alternatives the web has to offer:

Google Drive

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Starting you off with 15 GB of free storage, Google Drive is one of the most widely recognized and used cloud storage services. You can store any file, access your account from any device, and share files and folders or collaborate on files with others.

Should you need it, you can purchase a larger cloud storage plan with prices kicking off at $1.99 per month for 100 GB.

One Drive

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A product of Microsoft, OneDrive comes pre-installed on Windows 10, and it’s compatible with PC, Mac, and Android devices. You can share files and collaborate with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote whether from your desktop, mobile device or on the web.

The OneDrive Basic plan includes 5 GB free storage, while paid options start at $1.99/month for 50 GB.

Amazon Drive

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With 5 GB for free on its Digital Storage plan, Amazon Drive offers secure storage for files, photos, and videos. Amazon offers unlimited photo storage and 5 GB for videos for free for every Amazon Prime member. If you want to upgrade your account, paid options only include yearly plans with costs starting at $11.99/year for the 100 GB Amazon Digital Storage plan.

pcloud dropbox alternative

pCloud counts as a newcomer to the cloud storage industry. It was founded in 2013, and today it prides itself with a customer base over 7 million users. pCloud offers 20 GB free storage upon sign up, and one of its great features is that is doesn’t take up actual HDD space on your PC.

You can access your pCloud stored files from any device and take advantage of the collaborative features offered with each account. pCloud also offers file security through encryption. Premium accounts start at $4.99/month for 500 GB storage, with the option to pay monthly, yearly or a one-time fee.

Box is another great Dropbox alternative that is geared towards business users in particular. One of its greatest strengths lies in the fact that it seamlessly integrates with thousands of apps including Slack, Microsoft Office 365, GoogleApps, etc. Box is also strong in collaborative, file sharing, security, and project management tools.

Box offers individual plans and business plans, with a free 10 GB storage, 250 MB file upload version for individual users, and a 2-weeks free trial for business users. Upgrade options for individuals include the Personal Pro plan for $8/month for 100 GB.


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SpiderOak is a file security-oriented cloud backup and storage service, offering end-to-end encryption while your files are in transit to or at rest on their servers, and file sharing services with self-destructive links. Their Point In Time Recovery feature comes handy in ransomware attacks, helping restore files to their state before an attack.

SpiderOak does not have a free version, instead it offers a 21-day free trial, and 4 pricing tiers with the lowest costing $5/month for 100 GB.


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mediafire dropbox alternative

MediaFire helps you store, share, access, and collaborate on your files in a simple and efficient manner. They offer up to 10 GB free with up to 4 GB/file size limit, and there is a possibility to extend your free storage up to 50 GB with bonuses.

You can use MediaFire on any device (Blackberry, Windows, iPhone, Apple TV, etc.), easily organize your files with MediaFire’s intuitive file manager, send one-time links, and perform multiple uploads at once. Upgrade options start at $5/month or $3.75/month if billed annually for 1 TB storage.

CloudMe features both consumer and business accounts. The Free version account is limited to 3 GB storage and maximum file size of 150 MB. Consumers can upgrade to a Support plan, which costs only $1/month and provides 10 GB storage, or larger plans with up to 500 GB storage.

In terms of features CloudMe offers collaboration, backup, syncing, music streaming, sharing, and camera roll features.

sync dropbox alternative

Sync is another noteworthy alternative to Dropbox offering end-to-end encryption, automatic backups and sync, secure file sharing, collaboration features, and data privacy compliance with US and Canadian legislation.

Sync offers mobile app and desktop apps for major operating systems. The free account comes with 5 GB storage, while premium accounts can get you up to 2 TB storage.

Based on the same principle as Google Drive, iCloud is an in-built service of Apple products, allowing you to back up all your photos, emails, and files. While iCloud is an Apple product, it also has an app for Windows PCs. iCloud automatically backs up your devices and free storage is limited to 5 GB.

Team Drive

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Founded in 2001, Team Drive counts as one of the veterans of cloud storage services. It offers you the option to choose between using your own server or using the TeamDrive cloud, or even using both in parallel.

TeamDrive saves an encrypted backup copy of your files, so in case they go missing, you can restore them from the backup. This storage service offers collaboration features, being suitable both for individual use and for companies. The free account includes only 2 GB storage.

mega dropbox alternative

Mega offers a generous 50 GB storage space with its free account. Besides the free plan, there are 4 other upgrade options, the cheapest being $4.99/month, and it offers 200 GB storage.

Abundant storage is not the only great feature about this Dropbox alternative, as Mega comes with powerful mobile and desktop apps, end-to-end encryption, live encrypted backup (real-time file sync and versioning), and secure collaboration tools.


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FlipDrive is an easy-to-use cloud storage service that allows you to store, share, organize, and back-up all your data. The Lifetime Free account comes with 10 GB storage and a 25 MB file size limit. Other plans feature either a 1 GB file size limit or no file size limit.

With premium plans users can set folder permission, send direct links, and use built-in apps for backing up contacts, photos and bookmarks.


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JumpShare stands out from other Dropbox alternatives through its screenshot capture and screen recording features. It also supports over 200 file formats that you can view online, whether these are docs, videos, presentations or other files. JumpShare has apps for all major platforms, and features file versioning, password protection, self-destruct feature, and other advanced sharing options.

To enjoy all the benefits of JumpShare (unlimited file size, 1 TB storage, etc.) upgrade to the Plus version, which costs $9.99/month or $99/year.

Degoo is a Swedish cloud storage service with simple and clear interface. It offers 100 GB free storage on Android and a two-weeks free trial version with 2000 GB free storage. Paid options start from as low as €1/month. Degoo uses ultra-secure 256 128-bit AES encryption, replicates backups for security, offers streaming support, and lets you choose the files you want to back up.

If you don’t particularly enjoy using Dropbox or you’re not happy with its price or features, you have plenty of options and alternatives to find a cloud storage service that fits like a glove.

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