10 Domain Suggestion Tools for Finding the Best Domain Name

Usually, people use their own creativity and desires to create a domain name that suits their website, but often they don’t realize that they come with unusual domain names that aren’t the best choice and also they don’t know that there are a lot of domain suggestion tools for finding the best domain name with additional features.

The best domain suggestion tools for finding the best domain name depending your online activity, but also helping you to create a new brand are:

Lean Domain Search

lean-domain-searchLean Domain Search suggestion tool for web domain names helps you to find the proper domain for your website using a search engine where you can enter a word your domain name to include. There are also more than 30 most popular suggestions available and if your suggestion is getting popular you will find it in the list. After you wrote the word you can sort results after popularity, length or alphabetical but also after term filters such as domains starting with the search term, ending with the search term or all results.

The engine shows you the number of available domains with the word you entered having thousands of suggestions so for the term “house” you get 733 results, all domains having the .com extension. The results are categorized after colors: green meaning that they are available for registration, red that are already registered and yellow are the favorite’s ones.

You can mark a domain as a favorite one and you can check its availability instantly with the availability checker tool from the website. On the bottom right of the results page, you can find also statistics regarding your term so in this case, “house” is the 51st most popular topic on the internet by domain count followed by “gold” at 52 and “ad” at 50.

This suggestion tool lets you copy the list to the clipboard and also to see your own search history. You can even read other testimonials regarding this tools on the testimonials page from SEOMOZ, TNW and so on.


name-boyYou can use Nameboy for finding the proper domain name for your website using primary keywords such a city name and secondary keywords such as a describing word. Both keywords are added in separate fields and the secondary one is optional, while for the first one you have the option to use hyphens and rhyme if you want.

At the results page you get a notice that only letters, numbers, and hyphens are allowed in domain names and also you get a legend so for the red results you know that the domain is taken, but still you can make an offer or a back order, for the white results you need to check availability, for blue ones you need to register them from namemedia.com and the green ones are available you just need to check the box and click add these names to cart to purchase for only $15. The domains have various extensions such as .com, .net, .org and .info.

You can use the New Search button for a new search and you can even register the selected domain from the tool creating an account and adding it in your domain cart.

You can also renew domains going on the primary menu of the website at the Renew Domain where you will be sent to pay the renewal taxes.

There are also available some beta tools such as Radio Test which finds sound-alike words and phrases and Gen that generates English sounding new words.

Name Mesh

name-meshName Mesh tool has a rainbow design with different colors and advice such as green where you can read about checking availability for the most common tlds, light green to check alternatives, orange for checking availability for the new gtlds, red where you can check some SEO advice, pink where you are advised to create short domain names, violet is saying to you to use fun and creative techniques for the domain names, dark blue and light blue are both about popular tlds and popular suffixes.

Above these devices and legend colors, you can find different testimonials from other users that are website owners, web programmers, web designers, website managers and so on.

This tool also uses a search engine where you can enter your suggestive keyword or group of keywords such as music videos, let it be and so on, there are more than 6 million words and more than 20 generators.

You also get a tip where you read about how the search is working best such as using 2 or 3 domain keywords separated by space.

The results page reveals you the reset settings if you set different options such as the extensions: .com, .io, .co, and .net; registrar name companies: GoDaddy, BlueHost, United Domains, iwantmyname, 1and1, Domain.com, NameCheap or 123-reg.co.uk. You can also hide registered domain or set the max length or even to mark a domain as favorite.

This tool has an additional feature for Startup Names generating the best names for your type of business.

Name Tumbler

With this tools you can use a keyword and combine it with adjectives, basic words, animals, buildings, places, business nouns, business verbs, common objects, words ending in different suffixes such as –er, ers, ess, full, ing, ism, ist, less, or, ors, ous, compound words, computer terms, countries, country codes, financial terms, fields of study, food related, large US cities, last names, nationalities, nouns, sports, games, state abbreviations, states, top English words or verbs. Also, you can set the search to begin or end with the written keyword but also if you want to use hyphens and if you are searching specific extensions such as .com, .asia, .ws, .net and so on.

At the results page, you will see various suggestive domains and you can copy paste them into your clipboard and then check their availability using a registrar from the list such as Uniregistry, Domain.com, Dotster.com, MyDomain.com or Register.com.

This tool doesn’t offer basic options such as setting a domain as favorite or checking the availability without going to a register website.


impossibilityImpossibility has a responsive web design website where you can check domain names in a similar way like Name Tumbler adding at the end or at the beginning of your keywords 4, 5 or 6 letter adjectives, nouns or verbs, even mixing them if you really want that.

There is a comment page where you can write your own feedback about this tool and there is also an FAQ section.

At the results page, you will get an error if you didn’t enter letters and numbers only so space, dashes, and other special symbols aren’t allowed. You can see each domain if is available and you even have links for GoDaddy and NameCheap to register the domain you want.

This tools offers only around 20 results and it is buggy so if you didn’t enter a word you can get an error but you also need to refresh the page in order to work, the same problems appear if you write some numbers or a group of words separated by space or other symbols.

Name Station

name-stationName Station is a tool where you can find great domains using keywords and having instant availability check. You can either use the standard search where you just enter keywords or you can use the advanced search that puts at your disposal 2 lists from where you can choose either popular prefixes, top 1000 keywords and so on but also the extension if you want to shorten names, hyphens, languages and so on. In this case, you need to create an account or login with Facebook and you can also start a name contest for a public domain name.

Having an account you have access to an advanced dashboard with domains, name contests that costs $35, keywords and people tabs at your disposal. However there are 2 account plans, one basic free trial where you can just look up 10 domains daily with each name generator and 20 domains per page and the pro one-time payment that costs $24 for 60 days and has features such as unlimited domain lookups, 200 domains per page, combine over 200 wordlists, keyword suggestions, 18 name generators.

For each available domain, you have a link to register it at GoDaddy and other interesting options.

Name Stall

name-stallAt NameStall, you can find another popular tool for finding the best domain name that has a search engine where you can either write a keyword, select 3 or 4 letter combination, use dictionary word and so on. You can choose the extension: .com, .net, .org or .info, use hyphens, numbers, two or three words, or see brandable names.

The results page shows you if domains are taken or free for all four extensions but also other domain related details.

You can use this tool for Whois queries but also for advanced domain name search if you create an account subscribing monthly for $10 or yearly for $100.

Domain Puzzler

domain-puzzlerWith Domain Puzzler  you can see an advanced search with different extensions such as .com, .net, .org, .se, .nu, .dk, .es, .uk.net, .eu, .me, .biz, .mobi, .info, .tv, .uk, .uk.com and so on. You have a support chat in case you need it and you can go for the easy search or advanced search where you combine your selected domain names with other words, magic search where selected domains names will be combined with popular words or page rank search.

At every type of search, you can use comma and space to separate the words and your selected domains will be compared with each other.

At the results page, you will see only 10 domains with the available or unavailable status and Google Page rank. You can buy the available one using the cart or you can favorite and share them by sending an email to yourself or a person.


dotomatorWith Dot-o-mator, you can either find domain naming tips or use an app for iPhone, or an online version for Web 2.0 Name Generator. You can mix beginnings and endings using words, simple colors, fancy colors, games, tech, tiny, web 2.0 words lists for the beginning part or crops, houses, boats, cars and so on for ending lists combining them in one domain. You can use multiple words in the same time to get multiple results.

In the case you use your words you can see only a few results and to see them you need to enter in a separate page of the tool where you get additional information about the domain. In the results page, you have status as available or taken and a scratch box where you can write your domain name list.


wordoidWith Wordoid you can create high, medium or low-quality words in English, Spanish, French, Italian or German, beginning, containing or ending with a word you write and having from 5 to 15 characters length.

The tool offers you results with .com and .net extensions that you can favorite and pin them but you need to sign in with your Facebook or Google Account, also, you can buy them using the specific buttons.

Which Tool is Your Favorite?

Probably there are several more domain suggestion tool out there that worth mentioning, but I choose to present the top that I like the most. Obviously I only use one or two from these tools, but it is always good to have alternatives.

Which domain name suggestion tool is your favorite? Please let me know in the comments!


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