5 Best Dedicated Server Hosting Australia

As an administrator of a large website or one that welcomes significant traffic, you require a hosting manager that is reliable and speedy. In an age where most people interact a lot on online platforms, you need a site that will not go down at crucial moments. While shared hosting is affordable for most website-owners, dedicated hosting offers the most control and flexibility. Your website will have its own server in a dedicated hosting platform coupled with RAM, storage, and bandwidth allocations. The leading dedicated server hosting providers in Australia include:

1. WP Hosting


WP Hosting

WP Hosting makes use of high-performing servers to deliver quality services to web administrators. It has three packages with the Dedicated Basic starting at $89/month. This plan allocates 2 CPU Cores, 2GB memory, 40GB SDD storage, and unlimited data transfer. The Dedicated Advanced plan starts at $149 a month with 4 CPU cores, 4GB memory, and 80GB SSD storage.

The Dedicated Extreme package starts at $299/month with 8 CPU cores, 8GB memory, and 160GB SSD storage. All the packages offer access to the Australian Data Centre where you will find information addressing any network latency and data sovereignty queries you may have.

WP Hosting has specific hosting plans for WordPress. The Startup package is perfect for beginners as you get 5GB SSD storage at $19/month. The Business plan provides 10GB SSD storage at $29/month while the Corporate category provides 20GB SSD storage for $49/month. The developers and engineers at WP Hosting have extensively studied the WordPress systems so that your concerns will be addressed to your satisfaction. You can access these experts through live chat, phone, and email.

This team is 100% Australian, and every developer you speak to is local because there is always a danger that something will get lost in translation when interacting with a foreign individual. The WordPress packages include “Always on” DDOS protection, and regular virus scans keep your site free of threats. WP Hosting will additionally move your already-running WordPress site to their hosting service with no downtime.


2. Dream IT Host


Dream IT

DreamIT Host began operating in 2014 with an aim to be a web host known for its exceptional value, high performance, and extraordinary service. The company has three affordable options. The Essentials plan starts at AUD 4.95/month where you get 5GB storage, 2GB memory, and 100 maximum hourly emails. The Economy web hosting starts at AUD 9.95/month with 15GB storage, 4GB memory, and 150 maximum hourly emails. The Business plan starts at AUD 19.95/month with 50GB storage, 6GB memory, and 300 maximum hourly emails.

All of the plans feature unlimited email accounts and bandwidth, and ten addon domains. The dedicates servers are powered by cPanel, CloudLinux, and LiteSpeed.LiteSpeed is incredibly fast which is why websites on the platform load very fast. The new web servers on DreamIT are supplied with NVMe which is 12 times faster than an SSD server.

There are more than 400 apps designed to work well with DreamIT including WordPress, Magento, and Drupal. Running a reliable website is essential so that you do not lose out on potential buyers or visitors. The network’s 99.95% uptime guarantee ensures that your website is always up.

The servers are further optimized to work well with high-traffic websites which is especially ideal for e-commerce platforms. The support team has its base in Melbourne, and they are quick to respond and assist with any queries. The server hardware is situated and hosted in Australia which means that Aussie websites will experience the highest performance rates.


3. Streamline Servers


Streamline Servers

Streamline Servers was launched in 2007 with a vision to offer innovative services in the web hosting industry. The firm’s products range from game, voice, dedicated, VPS servers, affiliate marketing, and web hosting. Their dedicated servers are available to web owners in Australia, Singapore, and New Zealand.

Clients are served by numerous data centers in Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney. Their servers are powered by Intel and range in prices. The basic plan in Sydney, for example, starts at $80/month and offers 8GB RAM, 250GB SSD, and 3000GB. The network is DDOS protected which means that all packets destined for your website are scanned for threats in real-time.

The knowledgeable staff is available 24/7. Streamline Services further offers automatic provisioning where your server will be automatically provisioned in the subsequent 15 minutes after payment. The servers have user-friendly interfaces to enable full control for their clients. You will be able to evaluate your data usage and automate operating systems installations.


4. Digital Pacific


Digital Pacific

Digital Pacific began operating in 2000 as a carbon-neutral web host in Australia. From its base in Sydney, the company focuses on customer satisfaction and quality services. Their values including establishing fulfilling and long-term relationships with clients, providing intuitive hosting products at value prices, and understanding customer needs.

The company’s 15 years of experience makes it exceptionally knowledgeable in the Australian web hosting market. It has a foolproof backup system which saves your email files, website, and database three times a day. The firm makes use of Dell hardware and its mirrored drives boost server-reliability.

The firm offers shared, dedicated, and VPS hosting. The dedicated plans start at $99, and you are eligible for rapid setup and support, and the latest Dell hardware. Digital Pacific’s main server center is in Sydney. Digital Pacific is, by all means, a standard web host and it offers enough resources for a small site.

The lack of WordPress dedicated hosting is a disadvantage to many web owners who run their websites on the platform. Their downtimes and uptimes are quite standard too and would not be ideal for sites with high traffic. If you are environmental-conscious however, you will appreciate how clean and green the network is.


5. SiteGround



SiteGround has no servers in Australia, but they have data centers in Singapore which offer strong performance, uptime, and connection. The firm’s uptime of 99.99% has been luring in a steady stream of web administrators. It is so confident on this guarantee that it promises compensation if their servers fall short of this uptime.

The Entry plan begins at $269/month with 4 CPU cores, 8 CPU threads, 16GB RAM, and 480GB SSD. The Power package starts at $349/month with an upgraded 32GB RAM and 960GB SSD. The Super Power web host is priced at $729/month has 12 CPU cores and 64GB RAM.

SiteGround is optimized for WordPress, and the expert support team will help with your concerns. Web owners will also appreciate how easy it is to integrate WooCommerce. The firm guarantees zero hold time in both live chat and phone interactions. Their management panel is simple enough for even the novice to navigate and use.


How to Choose a Dedicated Server?

If you are looking for an excellent dedicated web host, you will need to evaluate several important considerations including:

Performance Requirements

How many servers would adequately serve your requirements? How many visitors do you expect? You can generally select the number of cores and processors in a server. The number will be dependent on the applications you are running. Another consideration is the core’s performance defined in clock speed (MHz). The vendor of the software or the team managing the application is better suited to suggest the ideal processor or the number of cores.

The more cores a CPU has, and the faster it is, the more RAM options are available to an administrator. If you are uncertain about your RAM requirements, opt for a package that allows additional RAM.

When it comes to hard drives, your best bet is a RAID set-up which protects your site from the vulnerabilities of a single hard drive. Your system will still run until you install a hard drive replacement although it will exhibit some performance loss. You have more hard drive options with a large server. SATA drives provide high volume, but the performance is fairly low. SAS performs better than SATA but is more expensive and has a lower capacity. SAS has been replaced by SSD which performs 50 to 100 times better than SATA.

Scalability of the Application

You will need to consider how well your application scales. Some applications prove to be difficult to scale to numerous devices. Ensuring that a database is running on several servers is challenging because it needs to be synchronized over the servers. It would even prove to be easier to switch to a server with more RAM, storage, and processing capacity.

Effect of Downtime

You should evaluate the business impact of any downtime of your server. You may not share your allocated resources in a dedicated hosting plan, but there is more often than not a single location of failure in one server. If you are running an e-commerce platform, any downtime may prove to be costly as your customers may abandon your site or develop a negative image of your business.

Network Quality

Most hosting providers give you the choice of selecting the location of your server. The nearer a data center is, the faster the data delivery. The hardware and software quality will also determine loading speeds.

When You need a Dedicated Server?

The benefits of a dedicated server far outweigh those of shared web hosting. You may be wondering if you would reap the maximum benefits of dedicated server hosting. Below is a guiding outline:

  • Size of your company: Dedicated hosting works best with medium to large companies. There is more information being stored and transferred compared to a small company. If your venture has progressed to the point where you receive numbers in six figures, it may be time to upgrade to a dedicated plan. High traffic can trigger service outages which can be disastrous to your brand.
  • Page load times: You have around 2 seconds to make an impression. Many platforms are garnering for user attention on the internet which has made visitors impatient and accustomed to high speeds. If you find that your site loads slowly or there are frequent delays, it is time to consider a dedicated server. Search engines also rank speedy sites favorably.
  • The sensitivity of information: In shared hosting, several sites share a server. If there is a security breach on another website, chances are that the threat will find its way to your platform. The database on your site will subsequently be compromised. This risk is particularly prominent in e-commerce stores where the information is sensitive including credit card details and addresses. Such stores would need the upgraded security features that come with dedicated hosting.
  • When you are more seasoned: The success of a site on a hosting plan depends entirely on the efforts of the administrator. An unmanaged server depends on the web owner for maintenance, and you will need to know more about server systems than a beginner. There is a managed option, however, where a team provided by the host manager will help with setup.

Benefits of Using a Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is an entire machine just for your website. The benefits that come with this arrangement are:

Control and Customization

With a dedicated server, you have the allowance to add the applications you want. You can, therefore, optimize your site to work in the way that works best with your niche. From the hardware specifications to the operating system and allowance, you have full control over your website. You can update or shut your site at any time without worrying about other users.

Tighter Security

Shared hosting makes your site vulnerable to the questionable activities of other users. This risk is non-existent on dedicated hosting as you have a server to yourself. You can install multiple security layers that protect your content. Dedicated hosting plans also have upgraded security features to those in shared hosting.

Reliable Performance

Dedicated hosting is ideal for web administrators who want stable and reliable performance. With this plan, you are allocated various resources for your server only. As long as you remain within these limits, your site will perform efficiently. You can also use additional add-
ons like plugins to boost performance.


There are billions of visitors online who are particular about the quality of content, load speeds, and functionality of various platforms. It is vital therefore that websites offer a premium user experience. Dedicated hosting presents a host of advantages for web owners including high performance, better security, control, flexibility, and transparency. Websites in Australia can choose between the various providers with data centers in cities like Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth.


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