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If you have already set up your online shop using some of our previous articles in this series, such as the best PayPal and ad management plugin lists, you can take the next big step and offer various coupon codes to your customers. This can be very beneficial, especially if you want to offer lower prices to some of your most loyal users.

Creating coupons might sound like a hard and time-consuming thing, but this is not the case, especially if you download and use one of the many coupon code plugins or themes. With some of these tools, you can create simple or complex coupons in only a few minutes. They are highly customizable and you can enter any discount amount. This is a great way of showing your appreciation and it allows your customers to receive your products or services at a lower price.

The list will contain free as well as premium plugins and themes and depending on how much money you would like to invest into this, you can choose the most suitable application for your WordPress based website. Once you are done with the list, you will be able to utilize any of the choices on your own virtual store.

Coupine WordPress Plugin

coupinewp wordpress coupon plugin

This is a premium plugin that does not have a free version. This means that you will have to purchase the plugin to use it. Thankfully, the development team who has created the plugin allows you to look at some demonstration websites which show off the features of the COUPINE WordPress Plugin.

This is a highly customizable, SEO optimized plugin which is easy to setup and use. There are some amazing features in the plugin, such as the Live Customizer, which allows you to make changes to your coupons and see them in real time. You will get a preview of how your coupon looks like and you can make changes according to this.

As you can see from the demonstration, each coupon has a separate page where users can read more about what is being offered. The plugin also has a built-in one-click copy mechanism which is very convenient and makes it easier for viewers to use the newly created discounts.

You are able to embed coupons into your pages or posts using shortcodes. This allows you to literally use them anywhere you want, thus giving you the ability to show them off more often or use coupons on pages which feature that particular item or service. Your viewers will be more than happy to use these codes, as everybody loves a discount!

The settings page has various useful options that you can set, such as how many coupons should be shown on each page, if related coupons should be displayed, how many of these related coupons should be shown as well as numerous other things. Looking through this page and examining everything is the first thing that you should do. You can even add an affiliate disclaimer as well!

The plugin is regularly being updated and if you purchase a license, you will be eligible for priority support. If you have any problems with the plugin, the team behind the application will do everything that they can to resolve your issues.

Pros: This is one of the best plugins that you can find when it comes to coupon creation. Not only that it is highly customizable but if you are an affiliate, you can make a nice amount of money with it as well.

Cons: Unfortunately, you will need to purchase the plugin to use it, as there is no free version. The COUPINE WordPress Plugin currently costs $44, but oddly enough, you can enter a coupon code to receive a discount on the final price.

Currently Offline: (Sorry I just realize that this WordPress plugin is unavailable at the moment – hopefully the developer will put it online again very soon)

Coupon Creator WP Plugin

popup coupon creator wordpress plugin

This is another plugin for coupon creation, but this time, the author, Brian offers a free version as well as a paid one. This is great, as before you make a purchase, you are able to try the plugin out and see if it is what you are looking for. The plugin currently has over 10,000 active installs and it has an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, which means that it deserves your attention.

The plugin allows you to create any number of coupons to display them in posts and on your website. You can choose between various preset themes or you can even choose to upload your very own image and use that instead. You can easily insert your previously created and configured coupons using shortcodes.

The plugin comes in a free and a premium version. The Pro version has many features which are not included in the free one and it is worth purchasing a yearly subscription if you need a good plugin for coupon creation. Currently, if you want a Pro license, you will have to pay $34 for one website, $99 for up to 4 sites and $299 for an unlimited amount of websites. All of these licenses are valid for one calendar year. Once they expire, you will have to renew your subscription and pay the price once again.

Some of the features which come with the Pro version are: the ability to make bulk changes to all of your existing coupons, set an expiration date, various other shortcodes, a filter bar which allows your users to search through the available coupons by categories or tags as well as more in-depth coupon customization options.

Pros: Even with the free version, you can create your very own coupons and display them on your site or posts. You can customize each of these coupons in various ways and create them to look exactly the way you want.

Cons: All of the Pro licenses expire after a year, so even if you purchase the most expensive and feature-rich plan, you will have to pay the same price again, once it expires.

More Info / Download

WordPress Coupon Widget

wordpress coupon widget

If you do not wish to insert separate coupons into your posts or pages, but would rather use a widget instead, this plugin might be the perfect tool for you!

The plugin is not very popular and it hasn’t been updated in over two years, but it is still an amazingly simple solution if you want to present a discount code on the sidebar of your website. The author, Rajat Garg has developed this plugin to be easy-to-use and easy to set up as well. It is also completely free and there are no locked features either.

The settings page allows you to change the coupon name, the color of the tab, text, border, background and the coupon itself. There are not many options to play around with, so you are not going to feel lost or confused. Simply configure the perfect coupon, with the desired discount amount, change the colors around so it fits into your website flawlessly and save the settings.

Once you are done with the configuration, you can access the coupon from the Widgets page and insert it into the desired location. Even if your viewers scroll down on certain pages, the coupon will follow them and constantly prompt them to use it.

You will need to get a API key to use the widget and if you enter your email address into the settings page, you can check how many clicks your coupon received. This is a very important step, as you will want to know how effective it really is and if you need to change anything about it.

Pros: You won’t find a simpler solution if you are looking for a way to create a widget for your coupon code. Setting the plugin up can be done in under a minute and once you embed it into your sidebar, it will be there until you remove it. It is also completely free and you never have to purchase a Pro version.

Cons: The plugin lacks support and it hasn’t been updated in a while. In addition, people who want to offer multiple coupons won’t be able to do that with this tool.

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Wrap up

There you have it; some of the best options when it comes to creating coupons for your website. If you wish to offer your viewers amazing discounts, this is the simplest way to achieve this. With the available plugins, you can easily fulfill your goals and present cheaper alternatives for the products or services that you are offering.

Some of the plugins are free, while others required you to instantly purchase a license. Look into each of them, try the free ones out and decide if they are something that you need. Hopefully, once you try some of them out, you will be able to present your audience with stylish discount coupons that blend in with your website perfectly!

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