7 Best Cloud Storage & Backup Services

Choosing a cloud storage service can be difficult because there can be a huge difference between the features they offer. You should always consider other elements besides the available storage space. Backup opportunities are also important in order to calculate how much space certain packages grant you for a long term.

Only a few of the companies have managed to integrate a user-friendly interface and a strong security for your files at the same time. But you also want to choose a service which offers fair prices, so it’s not just about the quality, as it needs to be as beneficial as possible. There are definitely a bunch of factors to consider depending on your priorities. We tried to summarize the most important characteristics of each provider in our list of the best 7 cloud storage and backup services below.


justcloud online backup service

Although JustCloud received many complains in the past for not being transparent enough with the features they offer, today is one of the most popular cloud storage and backup service provider among individuals and small businesses. With JustCloud you can easily sync multiple devices , access, browse and backup all your files from your mobile device, share large files with friend or co-workers, and protect your important files and data.

At JustCloud you can choose from a wide range of packages, depending on your needs. If you are looking for a personal backup solution, your best bet is the “Home Plan” which includes 75GB cloud storage starting at $5.61 / month rate. For larger amount of storage space you can opt for the “Premium Plan” where you will get 250GB cloud storage starting from $6.19 a month. The “Ultimate Plan” is for those who need a big amount of space. This plan starts at $8.69 a month rate and includes 1TB cloud storage.

Customer support is available 24/7 through phone, email and live chat. For an extra $2 yearly you can get priority support. There are other extra services you can purchase such as hourly backup option, automatic video backup, increase of file size to 5GB, and more.

Accessing and managing your files is easy: installing their software to your computer or phone. They offer automatic and scheduled backup options that can be setup by the user. With drag and drop functions you can backup your files quickly and easily. You can try out JustCloud’s service for free before your purchase one of their premium plans. The free plan includes 1GB space which is optimal for storing thousands of documents or hundreds of photos.


carbonite cloud backup serviceWith Carbonite, your important data is always protected and available for sharing at any time. If you want a solid document sharing platform, you surely won’t be disappointed in this one. Since 2005, they had stored more than 500 billion files and recovered over 40 billion files as well. Carbonite places an emphasis on data safety and security, because they understand that your files can mean a lot to you. Carbonite already won several industry awards in the past few years.

Carbonite has many membership packages available for individuals and businesses as well. Package prices are ranging from $59.99 to $149.99 by person and from $269.99 to $899.99 for businesses. Of course, these are simple yearly prices so you can also pay monthly or try their stuff with a 15 day free trial. They have some nice bonuses for their packages, so it’s surely worth investing your money in each of them. Customer support is available from 8.30am to 9pm throughout the week.

You can access your files automatically whenever you install the software on your computer or mobile device. It’s required that you install the application on your computer, since it works in the background while you can enjoy all of its benefits. Just set it, and you can simply forget it.

The backup space is not limited and it’s absolutely free. It constantly backs up all files that are new or changed while you are working with your team. If you have any problem with your computer, no need to worry because all your files can be recovered in no time with Carbonite. Consider it as a great start for yourself or your small team until you get the resources for a full IT department.


sugarsync online backup serviceSugarSync is clearly among the best mobile suites with its effective document sharing capabilities. Many well-known brands have selected SugarSync as their partner to provide their customers with document storage services. Since 2008 it’s been a reliable service for millions of business users to store and share their data worldwide. Use it to make your files available in your office, on your mobile, at home and basically anywhere at any time.

This service is free if you want it for personal use. However, you only get 5GB of free space and some limitations for the amount of files you can upload. The remaining plans include a 30-day free trial for the cost of $4.99 with 30GB to $55 per month with 1000GB of storage by gradually increasing the limits with each package. Of course, you can always save some money by instantly opting for the one-year membership. The price also depends on the amount of users you buy the package for.

With the dedicated support for Android and iOS devices, and the capability of sharing and managing from anywhere, this backup service easily became a game changer in its category. It provides backup for machines with Windows, Mac and many other systems. The greatest ideas are the simplest as the quote says, and SugarSync proves it quite well. Your data will be safe and ready at all times.


idrive cloud backup serviceAt IDrive, they always give you a 5GB free space to try out their features and it’s also pretty good for a limited personal use. There are a bunch of plans available for businesses and individuals with a storage space from 250GB up to 12.5TB, and with prices ranging from $52.12 to $2249.62 yearly.

You can instantly buy them for 2 years in advance to save some money and they also have some special pricing advantages for students. Windows and Mac are the supported operating systems, and your data can always be accessed through Android, iOS devices and web browsers.

It doesn’t matter how many computers, laptops and other devices you own, you will have your important data on all of them. Your data will be available and protected at all times on one cloud account, while being accessible by every one of your devices. IDrive Express enables you to backup your data physically within a week.

They can ship you a hard drive with up to 3TB of data and then all you need to do is to locally backup or retrieve your data and send it back. It’s pretty simple, no bandwidth usage is needed and your data is secured with military-grade encryption.

IDrive allows Continuous Data Protection, meaning that your data can’t be lost thanks to the real-time backup. Earlier versions of your frequently changed files are also available. You can actually go back 10 versions of the modified files if you want. All in all, they offer lots of great features and they are getting better day by day. IDrive is easily among the best.


dropbox cloud backup serviceDropbox is easily one of the biggest and most well-known names among other cloud providers. Many people choose it because the interface is simple and user-friendly and it offers a fair pricing for everyone. Pro membership is $9.99 monthly and $15 monthly per user for businesses. That means a solid 1TB free space for personal use, and the other packages give you as much as you need.

You can use Dropbox on Mac, Windows and Linux as well. Of course, the files can be accessed from any device including Android and iOS devices, and you can share your stuff even with someone who doesn’t have a Dropbox account. This particular cloud provider is not the most useful one for enterprises because it’s rather designed for individuals and casual use.

When you share files with others, Dropbox allows you to create shareable links and set passwords and expirations on them, thus allowing you to easily manage the data accessibility. By sharing certain documents within a workgroup, everyone can join and simply work together on a particular project. The data is constantly being updated in real-time during the working process. If you just need some cloud backup and you never tried one before, Dropbox may be a good choice.

Google Drive

google drive cloud backup serviceBesides the many other useful features by Google they also have a low-cost and quite reliable cloud storage solution called Google Drive. Everyone who has a gmail account instantly has access to 15GB of free storage, and if you need another 100GB, you can get it for $1.99 a month or $23.88 a year. And that’s not even their final offer, as you can choose between various packages up to 30TB! They have excluded the Linux option, but you can use it on Mac and Windows as usual.

Unfortunately, many companies are using the data of their customers for a variety of purposes like advertising. That is the main reason their services are so low-priced. However, many students use Google Drive, for example to store their documents or presentations, and it’s also a good choice for anyone who wants it for casual use. Compared to the privacy-first apps, Google Drive is not the best for keeping your files safe and secure, but it definitely does the job for your short-term needs.


backblaze cloud backup serviceBackblaze is widely recognized among cloud backup services and has won an array of awards in the past few years. With over 200 million GB of data backed up for PC and Mac systems and over 10 billion files restored for its customers, they have surely set some high standards for themselves. The main principle of BackBlaze is simple: All data is automatically backed up at all time, regardless of the file size.

You can buy their services for some decent prices. It costs $5 per month and 50$ per year for each computer device. A 15-day trial is also available for those who want to try the features first. They store the data in their secure datacenters with biometric security and a 24-hour staff. With the two-factor authentication, another layer of security is added. All you need to do is to simply enter the 6-digit code sent to your phone.

BackBlaze guarantees constant backup from the moment you install it on your computer. It only needs Internet access and the files will be transferred even from your external drives. BackBlaze is written in a completely native code instead of Java, so it won’t slow down your internet or computer speed.


There you have it! I have enumerated one of the best free and premium cloud backup and online storage companies out there. Now go ahead, read our reviews, analyze and compare the pricing of these providers and choose the service that suits your needs and budget. If you need help choosing a cloud storage company, feel free to submit your comment down below with your requirements and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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