5 Best Cheap cPanel Hosting Providers

cPanel is the most popular and powerful admin control panel available on the market. Over the years this tool has become an essential part of every website owner. The cPanel software allows you to set up full automation of almost every single aspect of your website. This can be achieved on both the client side and the server side in a very beginner friendly and quick manner.

This is our top list of best budget cPanel hosting providers:

Company Price From Money Back
inmotion cheap cpanel business host
$3.49 / mo
bluehost cheap cpanel hosting
$3.95 / mo
hostgator professional cpanel hosting
$3.95 / mo
1and1 mywebsite
$4.95 / mo
justhost cheap cPanel hosting
$3.95 / mo

When we talk about cPanel hosting, we are actually referring to services relevant to the posting that are powered with the cPanel control panel software. Hosting solutions that are available for the cPanel tool allow you to have full control and oversight over most, if not all aspects of managing your own website. The cPanel tool is particularly useful in helping you quickly and easily set up databases in order to manage files, set up email accounts as well as server-side installation of software applications.

What is cPanel? – Detailed Overview of cPanel Web Hosting Control Panel Software

You will absolutely love how complicated and advanced tasks related to website management can be made easy, quick and fully automated with the help of cPanel hosting solutions for your website. All the complicated tasks are made very simple due to the huge power that the cPanel control panel tool utilizes in a very simple and beginner friendly interface.

How to Choose the Best cPanel Hosting?

There are tons of different cPanel hosting providers currently available on the market. They all provide various different packages with various different features and options at different prices. And although some of the packages are multipurpose, there are many custom packages that are specifically designed for special website needs. This can make the process of choosing the right cPanel hosting provider a very arduous and complicated task.

It’s important that as your first step you identify the short and long-term plans for your website in order to correctly assess and identify the needs of your website that will have to be covered by the cPanel hosting provider that you end up choosing. In this article, we will be assuming that you are only now starting up on your new journey towards a successful website and therefore have a small budget for hosting. This is where the shared cPanel hosting plans and packages come into play.

Shared hosting plans are by far the cheapest and best budget options available on the market. Hosting providers manage to offer these low prices by splitting hosting servers into many smaller parts that are then used to provide shared hosting for many different customers. These shared cPanel hosting plans and packages are ideal when you’re beginning on your journey towards a successful website; however, if your website grows large enough in the future, you will have to start looking for more advanced hosting plans.

Some key aspects that determine whether a cPanel hosting package is good or not include the ability to view and generate reports about several different website statistics directly through the front-end of the website. Also, having the ability to activate and use FrontPage and other property extensions and plug-ins automatically on a timer is a very useful and important feature that you would like your cPanel hosting provider to have.

One of the greatest strengths to the cPanel admin tool is the ability to fully automate almost all tasks that are connected to server administration. You need to make sure that your cPanel hosting provider has all the necessary features and options that allow you to easily and quickly set up automatic upgrades. There are also very important website tasks like MySQL database systems, the Web server itself and PHP programming. This is particularly useful for beginners that don’t have a lot of experience with coding knowledge that is needed for these tasks.

Another important aspect of any cPanel hosting provider that you need to be careful about is the web host manager software. You need to make sure this important application is built into the package, as it allows you to have full ability and control over the management and creation of web hosting accounts on your Web server. This will also allow you to allocate specific features towards your potential customers.

Finally, it is very important to note that file cPanel features and options that your hosting provider provides to you are powerful and extensive, but you shouldn’t forget the importance of user-friendliness and ease of access that this panel tool provides to its users. Now, let’s go ahead and review some of the best shared cPanel hosting packages available currently on the market.

inmotion hosting best business cpanel hosting

The next shared cPanel hosting provider that we will be looking at comes from InMotion. With every shared hosting package they provide you with an extended version of the cPanel control panel tool alongside many other useful features, tools and options for your website. They also offer you a free SSD drive as well as a free domain that you can use for your website.

The InMotion shared hosting packages are able to offer you unlimited bandwidth, an unlimited number of email accounts as well as unmetered and unregulated disc space, email storage as well as monthly allotted transfers. This makes this particular hosting provider one of the best options available on the market for new website owners that need a hosting provider that can fit all of their needs.

With the shared cPanel hosting environment that this provider offers you will have the full ability to easily manage and install important frameworks and software for your websites. Features include content management systems, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many more. You also have the ability to quickly and easily set up shopping carts, your very own online shop, management systems for your content and more.

Out of all of the extensive features that the cPanel tool has to offer you, some key features and options are related to domain management, such as parked domains, subdomains and management of domain redirection. Additional cPanel features that are included with the InMotion shared cPanel hosting package are email forwarders, spam filtering, management and setup for files and file transfer protocols, password-protected directories and more.

In case you need help or encounter any issue with the InMotion hosting provider, you can contact the customer support team at any time either through online chat or phone. And in addition to the extensive online documentation and tutorials available for all customers, there is also very powerful malware protection software that is used.

bluehost best professional cpanel hosting

No article about the best and the cheapest hosting providers is ever finished or complete without mentioning BlueHost. BlueHost has for a very long time been the largest and most trusted hosting provider in the entire world. They offer tons of different packages for different website needs, but in the context of this particular article we will be focusing on the shared cPanel hosting packages that they have to offer.

Despite offering very cheap and affordable shared hosting packages, BlueHost is still able to provide tons of different useful and powerful features, tools and options that come with the hosting service. The full support and compatibility with the addition of the cPanel tool allows for tons of flexibility and automation when it comes to tasks connected to email management and website management.

The other great aspects of the shared hosting packages that BlueHost offers are having unlimited and unmetered bandwidth as well as the ability to create and manage an unlimited number of email accounts. Additional powerful features that the shared cPanel hosting packages of BlueHost have to offer are complete control over email forwarding as well as the ability to set up automatic email responders.

As opposed to some other hosting providers out there, BlueHost will not remit your bandwidth or terminate your account in case you use up the bandwidth resources of the server that have been allotted to you through the shared hosting package. Instead, in case of excessive bandwidth usage, it is simply reassigned to a special isolated server in order to provide the best performance possible for your website.

The cPanel tool that the BlueHost shared hosting package provides is enhanced with even more additional features, tools and options that will help you set up and manage difficult website management tasks, such as emails, domains and more. And if you end up experiencing a problem or an issue with anything related to your website, the professional customer support team is available to you to answer any and all of your questions.


hostgator best cpanel web hosting

HostGator is one of the most reliable and affordable hosting providers out there. They are able to provide a very cheap shared cPanel hosting service, while at the same time providing you with tons of extensive features, powerful tools and many modification options that you can use to enrich your website. The free addition of the cPanel tool is one of the many great reasons why you should choose this particular shared hosting provider.

The shared cPanel hosting services are divided into 3 different and distinct packages. They are all quite affordable and budget-friendly at the same time containing various different additional features and tools to make your website and email management much easier. The cheapest option out of the 3-available shared cPanel hosting packages is the Hatchling Plan that can offer you a free domain for your website, while the other 2 packages offer you unlimited domains and email accounts.

In addition to the free domain and the cPanel tool, you will also get unlimited bandwidth for your website as well as unlimited disk space which are very important. Additional great features that HostGator has to offer when compared to other shared hosting providers on the market are the dedicated IP address that you can use as well as the free private SSL.

The full support and compatibility with the cPanel tool allows the HostGator hosting packages to provide you with extensive help when it comes to managing and updating your MySQL databases as well as help you with setting up a WordPress website and email hosting. There are also advanced features available like setting up and managing automatic mail forwarding as well as setting up and managing email auto responders. Finally, free automatic and regular website backups that this great hosting provider offers is another important reason why you should consider them for your hosting needs.

The guaranteed uptime that the shared HostGator cPanel hosting provider offers is one of the main proofs of their reliability and professionalism. And if you end up having any problems or issues related to your websites hosting, the customer support team will be able to help with any problem or question that you might have. (Check out the latest HostGator coupon codes if you want to buy hosting for cheaper.)

hostmonster cheap cpanel hosting provider

HostMonster is the final shared cPanel hosting provider that we have handpicked for you to consider. Not only do they offer free access to the full cPanel account control panel, they also provide you with unlimited disk storage, unlimited bandwidth as well as unlimited domain hosting for an affordable price. The addition of the powerful and easy to use drag-and-drop site builder is especially useful to new and inexperienced website creators.

The cPanel tool that is available with the shared hosting packages of HostMonster provides you with some very important features including email account forwarding, POP3 and IMAP secure email support, full access to the file transfer protocol, domain management for domains as well as subdomains, the important web file manager and many more.

In addition to all of these great features, the HostMonster shared hosting provider offers you tons of handy website scripts for free with your shared hosting package. These scripts can be used to set up message and discussion forums, set up mailing lists and opinion polls as well as install important software and frameworks for your websites such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many more.

The servers and the overall infrastructure that the HostMonster hosting provider utilizes are based on the newest and best world-class technologies. The servers guarantee uptime and optimal performance with the usage of dual quad processor servers and the specially customized Apache web server. You will also have access to nonstop network and statistic monitoring as well as regular website backups.


eHost does not accept new customers anymore and they are discontinuing their service, therefor we recommend JustHost as a good alternative for cheap cPanel hosting.

ehost best cheap cpanel hosting

Being priced at only $2.75 per month, eHost is definitely one of the cheapest and budget-friendly shared cPanel hosting providers available on the market. And although the shared cPanel packages are focused on being economical and cheap, they still provide a plethora of different useful and powerful features and options for your website. And by having full compatibility and support for the cPanel tool, they are definitely one of the top provider choices that you need to consider for your website.

eHost provides you with a free domain for your website which is really important for website owners that are tight on cash. Not only does this great shared cPanel hosting provider offer many important and powerful features related to the cPanel tool, they also offer many solutions and tools that will help you easily and quickly set up your very own WordPress website. The cPanel tool, paired up with the drag-and-drop site builder as well as the blog set up wizard makes the task of setting up your ideal website and business a very easy and simple procedure.

And if using the cPanel tool along with the website wizard wasn’t easy and simple enough for you to create and start your journey as a website administrator, eHost also provides tons of different guides and online documentation that can help you with any problem that you might encounter. Also, the cPanel tool has the ability to help you easily and quickly set up your very own online store or subscription packages for your website.

A very important aspect of any shared cPanel hosting provider that needs to be addressed carefully is definitely customer support. With eHost, you will have full 24-hour, 7 days a week constant access to the professional customer support team that can help you with any question that you might have on any issue that you might encounter. There are also some very helpful tutorials available for all customers that guide you through the process of using the cPanel tool for creating and managing your own website.


We hope that this article helped you learn and get informed about the importance and the usefulness of the amazing cPanel control panel tool. We know that choosing the right hosting provider for your specific website needs can be a very arduous and time consuming task, and we hope this article helped you identify and choose a great shared hosting provider that efficiently utilizes the cPanel tool.

The shared cPanel hosting providers that we handpicked to review for you have been specifically chosen based on many different criteria. Not only have we decided to review some of the cheapest and most budget-friendly shared hosting packages available on the market, but we made sure that all of those packages contained the most important and vital features, options and tools that will help you more easily and quickly set up and manage your very own website and business.

No matter which shared cPanel hosting provider you end up choosing from our list, you won’t end up regretting your decision.


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