9 Best BuzzSumo Alternatives – Marketing Tools to Consider

People involved in marketing all know about BuzzSumo. This excellent tool gives so much. It is perfect for finding the right, trending content, and will help you filter through ideas.

However, BuzzSumo is not flawless (for starters, it costs), but even if it is, you never should place all bets on a single horse, or put all the eggs into a single basket. Therefore, we have created this simple guide, to help you find something, if not better, than at least equally as good as BuzzSumo.

Here Are 9 BuzzSumo Alternatives

feedly best buzzsumo alternativeFeedly is very simple to use but gives you so much. This tool can be used for different purposes- as its name suggests, it is a feed collector; you can put in different RSS feeds and get constant updates from all your favorite sources. This can be useful for something as basic as daily news aggregation from your favorite magazines. But, when you dig a bit deeper, you will see a ton of different options.

Feedly lets you create collections and boards putting similar content in groups, allowing you to more comfortably view them later. Also, you can set up a filter, to clear out unwanted material. The best thing about Feedly is its great mobile app, that will let you browse through endless news feeds wherever you are.

There is a premium version that gives you some extra options (especially interactions with other popular programs and apps), but the free one is good enough for most people. We warmly recommend this excellent service, it is a great free option for the everyday user, but can be very useful even for experienced, professional marketers.

oktopost best buzzsumo alternativeUnlike Feedly, which is primarily oriented towards casual users, Oktopost designers had professionals in mind when they created this excellent service. Oktopost is B2B focused, and you will be able to see some advanced statistics about your content directly from the platform, allowing you to sort out the social impact your content makes.

Also, you will be able to categorize your favorite feeds into different groups, making it easier for you to stay notified and updated. Oktopost also works in synergy with other common services, such as HubSpot and Marketo. However, this service is not free, and to adequately use it, you will have to pay. But, there are different options and packages, and you will find something suitable for your organization.

epicbeat best buzzsumo alternativeEpicBeat is one of the most popular BuzzSumo alternatives, and there are many reasons for that. This intuitive tool allows you to curate content, and to follow your favorite social media for fresh sources easily. This tool will help find significant influencers in your field, enabling you to get new ideas all the time.

EpicBeat helps to curate your content and will give you plenty of analytics, graphs, and different filters that will allow you to browse your results easily. This is an excellent tool for finding great articles that fit your niche and is quite straightforward and easy to use.

A great thing about EpicBeat is one month long free trial, which will allow you to try it yourself, and see if it works for you. And compared to BuzzSumo, premium plans are much more affordable. Try EpicBeat; you will not get disappointed.

Social Animal

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social animal best buzzsumo alternativeAnother alternative to the popular BuzzSumo, Social Animal will attract you with its affordable pricing, and plenty of features. You will quickly search for ideas, find top articles for your keywords and niche, and obtain suitable article titles.

You can compare different pieces, getting the best model for your needs. Also, this tool has an interesting feature that will suggest the recommended article length, title length and even some insights when you should publish the article, based on the keyword you selected. These slight adjustments can mean so much in online marketing, and we love Social Animal for including them and making them easy to use.

Social Animal is an excellent search tool, and its smart functions will keep you updated daily, without the need to manually search everything all over again. As we mentioned, it has competitive prices and is well worth checking out.

hubspot best buzzsumo alternativeAnother crowd favorite, HubSpot is one of the most popular services on this list, standing neck and neck with BuzzSumo. This tool is primarily oriented towards small and medium-sized businesses.

The platform is straightforward to use, and you will start using even its advanced features in no time at all. They have a lively blog, where you will find the tips for all the hidden tricks this outstanding tool has. Also, HubSpot is known for its excellent support team. However, the one major downside to HubSpot is pricing- it is not cheap, and you will have to opt for a longer contract. But, there is a 7-day free trial, so try the service if you are interested, risk-free.


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epictrack best buzzsumo alternativeEpicTrack is a cousin to EpicBeats, as the names suggest. But, this is an enterprise-level tool, which provides so much more. This is for people who need more data and information from different social media platforms.

EpicTrack is the right option for you if you need something more than BuzzSumo. You will have an unmatched level of in-depth analytics, giving you statistics of your content reach. You will get detailed information about every piece of shared content. You will get to see how deep your material penetrates on each platform you shared it.

Two great tools, Sentiment Analysis and Mention Analysis, allow you to have an insight into the customer feedback world, giving you the overall tone of comments your readers leave, without the need to search through all the spam manually.

EpicTrack is also a useful aggregate tool, allowing you to fetch ideas from different favorite sources all over the internet. This is indeed an excellent tool to have and will provide a lot. However, it is meant for enterprise users, and therefore it is far from cheap. But, if you have a big business, you will certainly benefit from adding EpicTrack to your marketing arsenal.

Sprout Social

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sproutsocial best buzzsumo alternativeThis one is primarily focused on social media. The basic idea behind this tool is to curate and share content on different social media websites, and it does it very well. For these purposes, it is a very popular tool, and it is behind many social media marketing campaigns.

Very user-friendly, it allows seamless integration, allowing you to respond to messages and comments from a single dashboard, without the hassle of switching between multiple accounts. This makes Sprout Social an ultimate tool for communication between businesses and customers.

It has three primary functions- publishing, engagement, and analytics, which provide an excellent overview of the social media footprint you are trying to establish. Sprout Social is all about monitoring the social media; it will allow you to see the behavior of your customers and followers, giving you an opportunity to answer their needs, thus improving your online reputation.

This excellent software has a deep bag of tricks, but it will stay out of your way most of the time, allowing you to freely run your business. It will quietly observe in the back, giving you vital information only when you need it. It is a perfect tool for those who run multiple social channels and has different plans and competitive pricing to fit different budgets.

ahrefs best buzzsumo alternativeIf improving SEO is your primary concern, but you also want to track content and mentions, consider Ahrefs. This comprehensive tool keeps track of billions of links each day, which makes it an ideal option for people whose main job is link-building.  But, this is not only about tracking links; keyword planning, backlink profiles, site explorer, these are all the tools Arcrefs possesses, allowing you to find and make highly visible content that will display high in the search list.

Ahrefs is excellent in finding great content all over the Web that you can share on your social channels. However, you will not be able to share them on your social media directly; this is something you will have to do manually. But, Ahrefs more than makes up for it, as it allows an unmatched level of analytics, something SEO professionals will especially appreciate. But, this is not a useful tool for a casual or a beginner user. This level of data can only be understood and used by professionals.

Content Studio

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content studio best buzzsumo alternativeThis is a powerful tool, meant to be used for discovering, creating and managing your content around different social media platforms. Once Content Studio finds an article for you, it allows you to see the history of sharing on various social platforms, which will give you an insight if the content is likely to go viral, or not. But, Content Studio will not flood you with unnecessary articles- you can set up filters, which will make sure you only get articles you truly want.

It also has a handy composer, which will allow you to make SEO friendly articles, suggesting you relevant topics. The tool offers automation features, and also has a great analytics section, showing detailed stats of any websites, pages, or your published content.


As you can see, there are plenty of fish in the sea, when it comes to BuzzSumo alternatives, so no worries if you ever decide to look for something else. But, as we mentioned, BuzzSumo is an excellent tool, the one you will probably like, and if you haven’t already, we suggest you to try it.

However, if you decide against using it, feel free to try any of the alternatives we suggested in this article. Every software on this list is great in its own way, and will definitely help you establish your online presence. Good luck!

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