Best WordPress Anti-Spam Plugins

Since you already know what types of plugins to use to build your website up, keep it SEO friendly, manage it and add an assortment of things to it through various plugins, the time has come to finally talk about how to get rid of spam comments that bots leave on your posts.

Getting people to talk about the content that you upload is a very important thing; however, spam comments are not going to help you at all. If the comment is not relevant to the post or the topic which is discussed, not only that it doesn’t help you, but at the same time it shows other users that you either do not read the comments or you do not care about spam on your website. This can encourage others to self-promote as well, even further downgrading your site.

Thankfully there are many plugins that we can use to get rid of this problem. These plugins will go through all of the content on your site and delete the comments which are not related to the post. This can clean your site up very nicely and even reject new spam comments as they are being posted.

Antispam Bee

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With over 200,000 active installs, Antispam Bee is one of the more popular anti-spam plugins out there. There are a few unique functions to it and this is the main reason why so many people choose it over the competing plugins. With over a hundred positive reviews, you can truly trust this plugin or at least give it a try and see for yourself.

Some of the features that you will get with Antispam Bee are: allowing trusted commenters to leave any type of comments, blacklisting certain countries that you would not like to receive comments from, use public spam databases to filter certain comments and to use regular expressions.

In addition, you can also choose to either mark or delete spam comments after a certain number of days. If you choose to mark comments, you can play around with the settings to make it according to your needs, but you can also choose to instantly delete the comments once and for all.

You can also view monthly statistics, through which you can see how effective the plugin was, when it comes to deleting spam content.

Pros: You can leave the default settings, or you can also set your own rules in the plugin and it is surely going to relieve your website from spam related comments. It is also a free option when it comes to an anti-spam plugin.

Cons: In some instances, depending on the settings that you choose, Antispam Bee can be pretty harsh to users and it might delete some comments which in reality aren’t spam comments.

WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam

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The two authors behind the plugin; Red Sand Media Group and Blackhawk Cybersecurity have gathered their collective knowledge to ensure that any WordPress based website which is protected by WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam does not have any spam related comments on it. Not only that the comments which are being posted are going to be checked, but any contact forms, registration as well as trackback spam.

The reason why people choose this plugin over others is because of the user-friendly experience that it offers to the admin as well as the people who are visiting the website. While other plugins make users fill out a CAPTCHA, this one does not require this step.

If a comment is being blocked by WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam, the user will immediately get a response, telling him or her that the comment was not submitted. This way, they can easily change the comment and ensure that it is not a spam and that they are truly human. This means that there will be far less unsatisfied customers and visitors, while at the same time you can ensure the integrity of your website.

This is a free plugin and there are some amazing features that come with it. For example, the dashboard of the plugin offers a variety of support and guidance through documentation and tutorials. By simply clicking on the topic that you are interested in, you can learn more about it. At the same time it is very easy to use and the interface is very user-friendly and nice to look at.

There are various other services that it integrates with nicely as well, such as bbPress, Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7 as well as many others.

Pros: This easy-to-use and effective plugin will help you a lot when it comes to getting rid of spambots and spam related content on your website. The added functions as well as compatibility with other services ensure that you can rest easy, as the plugin will do everything that is necessary.

Cons: You might encounter a few problems if you do not set the plugin up correctly and this can cost you a lot of valuable viewership and assets.

Akismet is the most popular plugin when it comes to fighting spam on a website. The reason for this is that they have implemented many additional functions into their plugin and they have created a masterpiece which is able to help you make order on your site.

There are different packages that you can choose from when it comes to getting Akismet and depending on how much you would like to pay as well as what types of services you need, you can choose the one that suits your needs the most.

The free version of the plugin can be downloaded, but you will still need an activation code, that you can get by sighing up on the official website. This is a very simple process and you can also sigh up using your existing WordPress account as well.

Maybe the best part about the plugin is that it is community based, meaning that if you choose to mark a comment as spam, it automatically gets added to the Akismet database and all other users who use the plugin will block that particular comment or commenter from their own websites. This means that it is very hard to bypass the security that is offered by the plugin and hackers and spambots are having a hard time achieving this.

The free version is limited to 50,000 monthly checks and many features are locked, however, you can still get support through email and chat from the team behind the plugin. If you choose to purchase one of the other plans, you gain access to priority support, advanced and downloadable stats and daily content backup. The prices of these packages are not expensive, as you can get the Pro version for $5 per month, the Backup version for $9 per month or the Enterprise plan for $50 each month.

Pros: There are various functions that you will not find with other plugins and since the team behind this plugin is the team behind WordPress itself, the plugin seamlessly integrates with the default WordPress theme as well as many additional plugins.

Cons: Paying for an anti-spam plugin might not be a possibility for some people and being required to sign up and receive an activation code, even for the free version might make some people choose other plugins from the list.

Stop Spammers Spam Prevention

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Some people might not be satisfied with the other entries on the list because of the lack of options that they can use. This is not the case with Stop Spammers Spam Prevention, as there are a total of 12 pages of settings that you can tweak to your needs.

With over 20 different kinds of checks for each comment, this plugin makes sure that no spam content gets through to your site.

The plugin isn’t so ruthless either, as users who got their comments rejected can fill out a CAPTCHA to show that they are in fact human.

The plugin is also free for anybody who is interested, so this is a great chance to pick up a free alternative when it comes to filtering comments on your site.

Pros: Not only that the plugin is free and that there are various other free add-ons that you can choose to use with it, but it also comes with a large selection of settings that you can use to make it just the way you want it to be.

Cons: Some people might be overwhelmed by the amount of options that you can choose and those who would like a simple solution, there are better alternatives.


Regardless of the scale of your website, you should download and install one of these anti-spam plugins to make sure that your website looks and feel professional and that the users who come back on daily basis have a pleasant experience. It is also very good to ensure that only meaningful and helpful comments are shown on each of the posts or pages that you have on your site.

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