Best Affiliate Marketing Niches

So you want to be ahead of the game and catch the latest trend in 2018? It is indeed a competitive market out there and you need to do everything you can to get ahead of the curve. Choosing your affiliate marketing niche is one thing that will help you get there. In fact, it is one of your most important skills as an online marketer. Of course, other things like having high quality content, high quality email communication and optimizing your site for higher conversion rates are also important.

In actuality, no book can teach you how to choose the right niche for yourself. Sure, there are plenty of ever-green niches that you can make money off throughout the entire year, but they aren’t necessarily what you need to jump into. Why? Because you’ll perform much better with something you love and have a personal connection to. This is something you can establish in very little time and very little practice. You don’t even have to be an expert at the topic if you record the “blogger’s journey”.

Also, if you’re looking at the niche market, the one that has the least amount of competition might not be the one you should opt for. This is because if there is no competition in the market, it is likely that there aren’t too many buyers in the market either. Also, if the market isn’t big enough, you won’t have enough products to promote and review either. As an affiliate marketer and blogger, you’ll need enough products to compare and show off in order to keep your wheel rolling.

The Best Strategy For Choosing Your Niche

The best and most logical strategy for choosing the right niche is to go to large, proven and profitable markets. Don’t let the competition scare you, because it only means that the market is very lucrative. It shouldn’t be as scary when you consider that most of your competitors lack the marketing knowledge and the understanding of the audience that is necessary to tap into the market’s potential.

Evergreen Niches

A lot of changes can happen very fast in the online world. But there are numerous comprehensive niches that stay afloat and popular among the crowd. This is mainly because they are important and people will never lose interest in the topics they’re built upon. If you haven’t started working within these niches yet, it’s time to think about it.

These classic niches offer solutions to some of the most common problems people have and will have. They are based around challenges that people faced a decade ago and will face a decade from now. This is why it can be a goldmine, because you have plenty of people searching for such solutions and plenty of resources to provide such solutions.

But you have to be very specific about how you approach each of these niches. This means even if you’re working with a niche that has already proven to be good. Being too general will not be too effective in targeting your audience. It might even result in failure.

Instead, focus on one or multiple sub-niches within your main niche. It allows you to narrow down your audience and have a much more specific approach to each of your topics. For example, you can write posts like “best supplements for increasing testosterone” which would be written for men, obviously. And the more specific you can get about what you offer and to whom, the better.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t eventually expand into a broader Men’s Health or Workout category. You can start out with a small sub-niche and work your way up from there. You can then add another sub-niche that matches well with your previous one. You could then build yourself up to a large Workout niche.

The Top Evergreen Niches

Here are some of the niches that were here at the internet’s debut and they probably won’t go anywhere until the world ends.

Online Marketing

As a blogger and an online marketer, you don’t have to pretend that you’re an expert at any subject. In fact, people are much more attracted to the honest opinions of an amateur. You can let them follow your “journey” as you learn, improve and give the opinion of an honest enthusiast.  Sharing your own experiences is the most powerful thing you can do.

So, you can just start your blog, vlog in any other category you want.  Show your audience what’s working for you and what isn’t. What has been producing your results as a marketer or as an enthusiast and have discussions with them.

One of the greatest things about online marketing is that you can always do it on the side. No matter what kind of niche you’re working in, you’ll have to do online marketing to some extent. So if you have the time, why not share it with others as well? For example, if you have come across a Keyword Research tool that you just fell in love with, why not send out an email to your list and have them know about it too?

Health and Wellness

As long as humans are living and breathing on this planet, they’ll have to attend to their health. Which is why this is the most profitable niche in the whole world. One of the reasons behind that is the fact that it is also composed of a huge array of sub-niches as well. It can be about like fitness, workout plans, nutrition, yoga, spirituality, psychology and so on.

There are plenty of digital and physical products around all of these niches, more than you could ever handle. So there is a lot of money to be made.

But the problem with it is that it can’t be too well targeted. Since everyone cares about their health, you’re targeting everyone, which is impossible. So you should be very particular about which sub-niche you choose in Health. Go with the one you’re knowledgeable in.

Weight Loss and Fitness

Weight loss and fitness is one of the many sub-niches of Health and Wellness. It also has its own set of sub-niches, because different people have different reasons for losing weight. They come at it from varying angles, so you can’t just target people who are looking for ways to lose weight. Once again, if you’re too general in your approach, you risk not making an impact on your audience.

If you’re looking to build a business and your online presence on “weight loss” than you risk being way too general for most people, which can eventually drive them away. Some people will be looking to get results through diet plans, while others will be seeking to lose weight fast through workouts.

Self-Improvement and Motivation

Plenty of people don’t see the potential in the “Self-Improvement” and “Motivation” niche, because they fail to realize that every living person on earth needs to focus on self-improvement and motivation as well. There is a lot of unique value you can offer in these niches like helping people kick their procrastination habit or lead a more fulfilling life. You can sell books, courses and all sorts of other materials as well. This niche is very lucrative in offers and you have a lot of flexibility in how you approach it.

Building Muscle

Working out is getting more popular every year. This niche is actually related to many other niches on this list, but the people looking for it have a completely different motivation. Building muscle mass is connected with “weight loss, “nutrition”, “dieting” and with “health and wellness” above all. There will definitely be a large overlap in the kind of information and advice you share with your audience.

Your main task will be to identify the core motivation of people who are looking for muscle-building advice and target them. It will probably be men between the age of 17 and 35 who are interested in improving their appearance. A lot of them are doing it to attract women and become more confident.

You don’t necessarily have to bombard them with emails like “Here’s how you build serious muscle”, but be mindful of the kind of image you create within people. People who want to build muscle are not the same as people who want to improve their health or look for workout advice. They’ll want the quickest way to build and maintain muscle. You can have a separate list for people who are looking to build muscle and a different list for people who are looking to better their health or build their charisma.

Dating Advice

Speaking of charisma, dating advice is the next big thing. Dating isn’t an easy task for most people, which is why they need guidance. If you want this niche to work for you, you’ll have to be genuine and somewhat of an expert in dating advice, or at least find an expert in dating. If done right, this can definitely be one of the most profitable niches on the market.

Even if you’re not an expert but very interested in learning about this topic, you can still build your online presence around it. You can write about your own dating journey, your successes and downfalls. What helped you along the way and what didn’t. What kind of women or men you like to approach. Anything that can help your audience improve their dating game can be very successful.

Improving Sex

As long as there are humans on this planet, sex is going to be a big thing. They will think about it, talk about it and spend plenty of money on it too. This niche has been growing since the debut of the internet and it shows no signs of stopping now. Couples are becoming more and more willing to experiment with new things and take certain steps to improve their sexual experience. This means that they are definitely willing to pay for tips as well.

Promising Niches in 2018

This year is full of hot trends that are making an uprising as people are coming up with new technologies which bring about more complexities in our world.


I could have easily put gaming in the evergreen category as well, but gaming is constantly growing so it deserves its place here. This is mostly true because it has been explosive as an affiliate marketing niche and a way to make money. We have a massive selection in games too, because games are available for just about every device and demographic out there. We have also seen the rise of e-sports, which has made a lot of professional gamers into stars. People get to treat gaming as a career, which is a never before seen occurrence. There are plenty of affiliate programs that you can choose from when you’re looking to promote something. You can make commissions of selling streaming services to gamers, gaming gear or even games themselves.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality hasn’t exploded yet but it has been on the market for plenty of years now and steadily growing ever since. Right now, every large company is investing in the niche, creating their own virtual reality gadgets and applications, so there is a lot to look forward to. Being an affiliate, you can profit a great deal from this niche because it has plenty of potential and a lot of room for expansion. Even if you’re not familiar with virtual reality, you can easily find plenty of info on the web that you can learn from.


Nootropics just exploded and it’s gaining a lot of traction right now. It’s a niche that’s based around brain-power-boosting supplements and methods. As you would expect, a lot of people are interested in them, because such supplements offer high levels of concentration and allow people to study longer and perform better. Now, it’s hard to say which pills actually have an effect on the workings of the brain and which one offers placebo effect, but it’s a huge niche that you can grind down on.

3D Printing

Printing objects made its entrance a few years ago and it isn’t something that will leave the market. It’s the perfect opportunity for affiliate marketers because the commissions are pretty big and there are a lot of enthusiasts out there. Most 3D printers are in the hands of university laboratories or private enthusiasts right now. But more and more people are joining the fun and eventually, even the average person will want to have a simple 3D printing device in their home. If you jump on this and manage to capitalize on it, then you can expect to see some high profits sooner than you think.


Affiliate marketing continues to be fruitful in 2018, but there is a lot of grinding to be done. Whether you go with an evergreen niche or one of the new flowering niches, you can definitely make some good money if you put the work in and do it right. I hope you have enjoyed reading through this article and that we helped you learn something new today.


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